Fablehaven: The Enchantment of the Mermaid Whisperers

Chapter 27

The fresh grass waved in the rising sun like green flames. The air was cool and crisp with the coming of fall and the leaves were beginning to turn various shades of blazing orange, red and brown. Kendra sat on the back porch, a cup of warm hot chocolate in her hand and a soft jacket wrapped tightly around her. A content sigh escaped her lips and she settled into one of the pair of wicker chairs.

Meanwhile, Seth towered over the edge of the pool, a pool net in his hands, skimming the surface. A slight breeze blew the top of the water and he shivered. Of course he had a light jacket on, but he had neglected the zipper.

"Kendra," Seth called over his shoulder as he finished up with the pool, "did Grandma and Grandpa say if I had anymore chores?"

Kendra thought for a moment, "Yeah they did," she finally remembered, "they want you to fix the door to the attic, its' hinges are loose."

She felt relaxed and fresh and spoke calmly. That day was a good day, after all, they were back at Fablehaven, Seth was safe, Hermia was gone and it was beautiful outside.

When they got back, of course everyone was all happiness and tears. But, Seth didn't get off the hook just because he was safe. Along with Kendra's continued grounding from her last escapade, Seth was required to fix anything askew in the house(relieving the Brownie's of their job for a while), do everyone's laundry, work with Dale and Warren on projects concerning the reserve and milk Viola when needed…for two whole months.

The thought made Kendra smile, Seth working like a man. Her chores were almost up, and she definitely wouldn't be missing them!

As Seth trudged into the house, letting the screen smack the doorframe behind him, Kendra closed her eyes and took a sip of her tepid hot chocolate.

"Mind sharing?" A warm voice asked from beside her.

Startled, Kendra began to violently choke on her chocolaty treat, "Bracken!" Cough, "What are you," Cough, "doing here?" Cough, cough.

Bracken laughed, "Calm down Kendra," he placed his hand on her shoulder and immediately the coughing stopped, "I didn't mean to scare you!"

"It's alright, what are you doing here?" Kendra blushed as she gently set down her mug and pulled her jacket tighter around her.

Taking notice, Bracken slipped his arm around her shoulders, "Oh I was just in the neighborhood…felt like stopping by. If I do recall correctly I have a surprise for you." He wiggled his eyebrows in a playful manner.

Kendra laughed, "And what would that be?"

"You'll see." He said mysteriously as he took her by the hand and yanked her out of her chair. Down the porch steps, through the yard, past the edge of the forest and deep into the brush, Bracken dragged Kendra behind him as they ran, never releasing her hand. As they ran, Kendra really looked at Bracken for the first time since he had popped in.

He was wearing a black vest with a white long sleeve shirt underneath and a pair of dark grey jeans. His sandy blonde hair was its' usual swish and he was still tan as ever.

Abruptly, Bracken came to a halt and Kendra ran right smack into his back. The two crashed to the leafy ground with a crackling thud. Kendra lifted her head, bewildered and dizzy, to find him staring up at her, his crystal eyes giving her a knowing look.

"Sorry," she muttered sheepishly, her face turning bright red.

He smiled, "It's all good."

As he began to help her up, Kendra felt cool metal being pressed into her palm. Puzzled, she took a cursory glance at her hand. In it lay a small key, about one third of her pinky in size. The surface was a dull silver color, the focal point being the bottom where the key fit into the lock. Intricate metal designs looped and twisted in impossible fashions, making it appear as an orb rather than the usual key bottom.

"What is this?" Kendra questioned, her brow furrowing in confusion.

Slowly, Bracken bent down and scooped up a fairly large rock. It was simple, a bit ugly even, but Bracken seemed to know something special about it that she didn't.

"Why don't you try fitting that key into this rock?" He asked knowingly, a mischievous look settled on his face.

Kendra looked at him like he was stark-raving-mad, but, with her eyebrows furrowed, she tried the impossible. The moment the metal connected with the unattractive rock, the key was sucked right out of Kendra's hand and through the rough surface. Kendra jumped back in surprise, and then found her bewildered eyes staring at Bracken for an explanation. A slight breeze picked up, blowing Kendra's blonde hair around her face.

Bracken laughed, "It's alright, after you, my lady."

Suddenly the scarlet red, dull yellow, earth brown and bright orange leaves began to swirl around their feet. The swirling became faster until the two were engulfed in a cocoon of autumn. Kendra spun gradually around in awe, taking in every beautiful moment.

At a steady pace, the leaves dissipated and she found herself standing on wide stone steps in front of a very large, magnificent door.

"Bracken," Kendra questioned warily, "where are we?"

He smiled, "We are at my home, the Fairy Realm."

She almost fainted at those words, the Fairy Realm?! Finally, she thought, she was actually here! Excitement rapidly worked its way through her body until a smile was glowing on her face.

"B-But why are we here?" She stammered.

"Because," Bracken leaned closer to Kendra and spoke softer, "it's finally done."

Without being able to inquire an explanation, Bracken had tugged Kendra through the wide-set doors. They traveled through the large throne room, the never-ending hallway and ended at another large door with intricate metal loops and swirls.

"Bracken, what is this?" Kendra questioned softly, afraid of his answer.

His left hand lifted to eye level, still carrying the unattractive rock in it. He tossed it into the air a few times, paused for a moment then abruptly hurled the stone at the glass door.

Kendra panicked, "Bracken!" but before she could continue, the door melted away right before her eyes. Behind the magnificent door was something even more magnificent. The greenest grass Kendra had ever seen spilled over onto the floor at her feet and above was the bluest sky she had ever seen. Disregarding caution, she steeped through the threshold in awe.

"Kendra," Bracken murmured happily in her ear, "this is all yours. This is your surprise. This…this is your personal paradise."

Slowly, he moved around Kendra and picked up the key that had resurfaced from the rock. "Just for you," he whispered as his beautiful eyes smothered her own.

Gavin stood on the edge of the yard, staring curiously into the bottomless forest. A slight breeze blew his coal black hair around his tan face. Something had been nagging his mind all day, something unexplainable. Everything had appeared to be fine after he stabbed Hermia and had come back to Fablehaven, but it wasn't. He had a feeling, deep down, that something big was happening; something horribly wrong. A cloud passed slowly over the diluted sun and light was vacated from the chilled yard.

A dull, irritating pain began to form in Gavin's fingertips, toes and the back of his head. He angrily flexed his fingers and toes to make the ache vanish, as he had been doing all morning, but the pain was persistent. He furrowed his eyebrows and shoved his aching hands into his coat pockets.

Just as he was about to turn around and head back to the house, some invisible force shoved Gavin on his shoulder blades. It had shoved him enough so that he had gone into the beginning of the forest. Panic rose inside him and he pushed against the pull. It was no use. The force yanked on Gavin again and deeper into the forest he traveled. As the vicious pull continued to drag him to an unknown destination, the pain gradually sharpened, then spread up his legs, up his arms and throughout his head. It yanked him at a diagonal path, skillfully avoiding the dying trees and accounting for his flailing arms.

Gavin's eyes squeezed tight in agony and a hollow scream escaped his throat. He threw his own body to the leaf covered ground and dug his fingers into the hard soil in hope that it would give him a bit of traction. The pull never ceased. Pressure pulsed in his skull and sinuses, almost too much to bear.

Another scream built from his throat as he was dragged out into a large, yellow field. The scream began very human sounding, but gradually turned to something dark, something inhuman…something monster.

Tears began to escape his sandy eyes as the cloudy blue sky turned to black.

Snow sat lightly on Seth's small bed as he excitedly showed her every inch of his small room. The comforter was soft under her small hands and the room was almost uncomfortably warm. Her eyes peered at everything she had never seen before, slightly tuning Seth out. The was a large black box that produced moving pictures at the touch of a button, a small white box on the wall outside his room that made the house go colder or warmer, a pear shaped glass bulb that made light when connected to a post on his dresser and a rectangle shaped switch that turned the light on! The whole of it all was extremely overwhelming and a sickness began to form in Snow's stomach. She had to leave, get some air.

She raced from the room, burst through the kitchen and onto the porch. Forgetting about the thick, decorative square on the floor (was it a…a rug?), her foot caught beneath it and her small frame came crashing to the porch. Snow grit her teeth and grabbed her head as a dull throbbing began to form in her forehead. A sigh of pain escaped her teeth as Seth appeared beside her.

"Snow, what's wrong? Are you alright?" Seth asked worriedly.

"Seth," she gasped as she sat up, "what's happening to me? What's wrong with my head it hurts so badly! And what's this?"

She hastily held her finger up for Seth to examine. A tiny sliver of wood was forced into her pale skin. Confusion twisted her insides and gnawed at her mind.

Seth laughed, "Snow, it's okay; you just hit your head and got a splinter. The splinter probably came from when you fell onto the wood. You'll be alright."

He gently kissed her finger and stood to help her up. She accepted his hand and almost immediately flew into her panicked, rushed explanation.

"This is too much, all of it! This whole new culture, new customs and new technology…Seth I can't handle it all! I don't know what I'm going to do! I miss the simplicity of home. I miss my friends. I miss my shell. I can't do this, Seth, I just can't! I-"

Before she could continue any further, Seth had her wrapped tightly in his arms.

"It's alright." He whispered into her dark black hair.

At first she was surprised, but as the shock faded she hooked her arms around Seth's larger body.

"I know." She whispered back. Her eyes opened slightly as a breeze blew by and she noticed a cup of hot chocolate resting on the arm of the whicker chairs, still steaming hot.

The gazebo was calm and cool that morning. It reminded Robin of home, back in Wyrmroost. His feet made light tapping noises on the boardwalk as he pondered what exactly had happened. He was only a few thoughts in before he found himself running right into a tiny red-headed body.

Abcd let out a light scream before falling backward onto the wooden planks.

"Abcd!" Robin shouted as if it would stop her from falling. Hastily, he reached his hand down to help her up.

Abcd laughed, "It's ok Robin, I'm not made of glass."

Her voice was like music in his ears, why couldn't he get up the courage to make her his?

"S-so…" Did he just stutter? Oh, boy…

"So?" She inquired, "What's on your mind?"

Thankful for the distraction, Robin sighed, "I was just thinking about my old life, back at Wyrmroost."

She smiled comfortingly, "Tell me about it." She asked softly as she hooked her arm through his.

Though it was chilly outside, Robin could feel sweat beading on his forehead. Why was he so nervous?

"Actually, Abcd," he choked out, "there's something else I need to tell you. You see I-"

But before he could finish his confession, a scream shot through the air. It started off very human then morphed into something else. The sound was full of agony and pain and…monstrosity.

Kaydence paced back and forth across the stone floor of his strategy room. The day was beginning to warm in Indonesia, and Kaydence angrily threw off his smothering jacket. Anger coarsed through him and his large fists involuntarily slammed down on the thick wood table. How could Hermia be defeated? She was so strong, so powerful! He had built her up along with their father, how could she let him down like this?

His fire orange skin flared to life and his cheek scales tightened. Light glimmers had probably formed on his cheek bones but he completely ignored it. He brushed his shoulder length brown hair out of his eyes and stormed out of the room.

"Julias!" his deep voice erupted through the stone walls.

"In the map room!" Julias called back.

As Kaydence thrust the door open and sat down in a large wood chair; over-exaggerating every move he made.

"What's your issue?" Julias inquired as he studied a map intensely. His black, reptilian eyes raked the surface of the map as his autumn colored hand ran through his cropped blonde hair.

Kaydence paused for a moment, channeling all his anger into the words, "Hermia is dead."

Immediately Julias dropped the map and his eyes shot to Kaydence, "What?"

Kaydence sat forward intensely, "She was lynched by the future dragon ruler, stabbed in the stomach I believe. If I recall correctly, she did poison the mermaid pond and obtain the power of mermaid whisperer. I had the feeling that she was going to die even if she hadn't been stabbed. When I found her body it had been charred from the power of all three talents sharing space inside her. She was bound to combust."

Kaydence sat back and tilted the heavy chair as he let the news sink into Julias. At first, Julias' eyes fell back to the map in denial, then lifted once again in fury and vengeance.

"How do we retaliate?" Julias asked in a hard tone.

Kaydence smile an evil smile, "Here's my plan. We retrieve the six fabled blades, including the Vasilis from those stupid Sorenson kids, and take over both the magical world and the world of the puny humans. It's brilliant!"

"I like it." Julias smiled as well. "When do we start?"

"Now." Kaydence replied, evil written deep into his face.

Coincidentally, a light wind blew outside the window…

The End

For now…

I believe all you wonderful fans deserve...a sequel maybe? Maybe even a trilogy! Keep a look out for the beginning of the sequel: The Curse of the Fabled Swords. All new mission, same old characters, let the puzzle begin...


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