The red-headed first year, realizing that she is being controlled against her will by the Dark Lord of the use of a mere diary she found in her cauldron, couldn't stand to throw it away, for some stranger might find it. She couldn't bear the fact of loosing it because she likes to console all her feelings and thoughts, especially about her crush on the Boy-Who-Lived, to the diary. But little did she know, she was actually being controlled and couldn't have known since she was unconcious all the time when being under the spell. Eventually, she decided to throw the diary away in an abandoned girl's bathroom because no one could ever find it there for none goes in that facility anymore. So the diary could never control her into doing things she finds abhoring.

But upon doing the deed was an immense mistake, being oblivious on what dangers she had caused for the whole school and her crush even more. As she proudly marched off back to her dorm thinking everything was alright, the goddess of serpents made her opportunity to get the diary quickly in the girl's bathroom. The goddess smirked in triumph and readied herself to summon a useful ally to assist on her plans.

"Idiotic mortal! She didn't realize she's making my plans go on to action more smoothly,"the goddess exclaimed and let out an evil laugh that resembled to a loud hissing noise. She recited an Egyptian encantation as dark green hieroglyphics glowed on the cover of the diary. After a few more seconds, a boy around the age of sixteen, melted off from the backside of the diary.

" last! We finally meet," the goddess dropped the diary on the cold, tiled floor.

"Yes, we indeed finally have met. I am Tom Riddle also known or feared as Lord Voldemort."

"I am Wadget, goddess of serpents." two constrictors circled her ankles in affection. "And I need a little favor from you, Voldemort."

"Oh!" his eyes brightened up for a milisecond but was quickly replaced by a bored expression. "And what is this favor you speak of?"

"Ah...I need you to show me a special chamber. You are possibly the only one to have discovered it's location, am I correct?" she implied. Voldemort smirked in amusement.

"Well, you are correct! But...I must know what your oh-so important reason is."

The goddess gave him an evil grin before telling him her plans in detail.

Carter's POV

I plopped down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. My mind was wandering with every possible and even impossible answers. A god/goddess working for Apophis was my first guess. My other guessess were just random; like evil wizards with snake talking abilities. I always did have a crazy imagination every time I was exhausted. Anyways, I tried closing my eyes for a bit and listen to the noises in the dormitory. I could hear snoring from my left and a faint purring noise from my right. What really stood out from the noise was a hissing sound from the ceiling. Now that's weird I thought to myself. Maybe it's just a pipe leakage.

"But how could there be pipes in a school like this?" I whispered out loud. Suddenly, I felt the hairs of my neck standing. I froze in place, as I felt something scaly wrapping around my right


I gulped as I lifted the covers off my body and found a constrictor wrapped on my leg. Where did this come from? It started to unwrap itself and started to slither its way towards me.

I shut my eyes and felt it's scaly body slither up to my neck. I slowly reached for my sword that was on my night stand. I gripped it's hilt tightly and securely but the snake already wrapped it's scaly body around my neck.

It's trying to suffocate me! I thought beforeI instantly grabbed hold on its head and, without hesitating, beheaded it with my kopesh. I quickly unwrapped it's dead body from my neck and dedcided to hide it under my bed 'till I found a place to hide it from my room mates.

"What is that dying animal smell?" I woke up from the shouts of one of my room mates. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and focused them on one of the red-headed twins. I think it was George who was shouting.

Wait! Dead animal smell? Uh-oh! That must be from the snake last night.

"Oh...It's just nothing, really," I commented and went out of my bed.

"Nothing huh? Bet you're hiding something, Kane!" he grinned and went over to my bed. He was on all fours as he peeked under my bed.

"No!" I shouted and tried to push him off. Unfortunately, he held his ground.

"Bloody hell! Why do you have a dead snake under your bed?" he stood up and brushed off some grime from his forearms. I didn't want to tell him anything but he seemed to be impressed by the dead snake and not freaking out about it.

"Uh...I'll tell you later, okay? I need to change first and head over to the Great Hall for some breakfast." I slipped on my school robes and placed my wand in my back pocket.

I haven't seen Sadie at breakfast. I tried asking Hermione but she said she hadn't seen her. I shrugged it off and thought maybe she overslept.

I sat down beside Hermione to ask her if she saw Sadie, once again. She said she did see her at Potions class but she seemed to look tired and stressed out with another Slytherin girl as her new Potions partner.

"I wonder what she's all stressed out for," Ron interrupted, wiping grease off his cheeks with the use of his robe sleeve. Hermione scrunched up her nose in disgust after which, rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"It's just the Potions essay we have."

"Can't you think about something else other than homework?" Ron took a sip from his cup. "I mean she might be stressed out for another reason. Like a boyfriend or family troubles."

Hermione scoffed at Ron's remark before standing up from the table and walked away upset while clutching her Potions book. Ron frowned and poked his eggs half-heartedly. I sighed and turned my attention to the Slytherin table and found Sadie eating her lunch. I noticed that she had dark circles under her eyes and looked exhausted. A girl with auburn hair, who sat beside her, was talking to her. She looked like she was tiring out Sadie with all her jabbering. I tried to wave at Sadie but she didn't seem to notice. Instead, she weakly stabbed her fork at the eggs while listening to the her friend.

Stares both from the Gryffindor and Slytherin tables settled on my walking figure. I suddenly felt uncomfortable from all their stares. I tried my effort to ignore all of them as I stood behind my sister.

"And that Tom-" the girl stopped in mid-sentence as soon as she saw me.


She turned around and gave me a relieved expression. Up close, I could see more of her beaten face. Dark circles formed under the bags of her eyes, her face seemed to become much paler than before and her eyes were light red from lack of sleep. "Carter! Finally, we need to talk to you,"she stood up along with her friend from the bench.

"This is Nekhabed-" Sadie tried to say before Ariana cut her off "-Protector of the royal Egyptian line."

After a few introductions, Sadie and Nekhabed explained the plans they had to do to save the entire world from being swallowed by Apophis or maybe Voldemort but he isn't that much trouble at the moment...yet.

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