Thieves and Liars

By PaBurke

Summary: A possible explanation for where Mary's father is.

A/N: My beta and I think Mary's father is in WITSEC, but what if he has a different reason for disappearing? Another one of my 'In Plain Sight' doesn't have enough crossover stories.

Universes/Spoilers: All of Highlander and Season 2 of In Plain Sight


"Aunt Amanda?"

Amanda stiffened before realizing that she shouldn't. There was only one group of people who called her that. The blonde approaching the Immortal with a stunned look on her face was obviously in that group. James liked having children and used the same blond family throughout the years to supply the sperm. Amanda didn't know how (and didn't want to know how) James managed to get his wives pregnant without them knowing that he wasn't actually the father, but he did so regularly.

Amanda smiled at the woman and held out a hand. "I don't believe we've been introduced."

The woman shook her hand, but was eyeing Amanda like a cop would. "You know who I am, Amanda."

Amanda widened her eyes with faux innocence, but the woman wasn't fooled. There were actually four of James' girls running around in this generation. Amanda was not about to guess which one this was. If she guessed wrong there would be repercussions. She cursed James' Eighteen Century mentality that dictated that his wives just had to have children.

The woman tilted her head and smiled, but Amanda was not reassured. She had seen that same smile on James' face just before he walked away with all the loot and left none for his poor teacher. "So Dad's other family does exist and you know all about it."

Mary. This too-smart woman had to be Mary; it had been decades since the last time Amanda had seen her. "Mary!" Amanda opened her arms wide and hugged the girl, just to get her off balance. "It's been so long and you've changed so much!"

"You haven't," Mary said. "Who's your plastic surgeon? I could send some work his way."

"Darling," Amanda faked hurt. "You know that I have very good genes. I know how to grow old gracefully."

"Where is Dad?"

"Mary, Dear, I haven't seen your father in ages."

"You used to work with him. You used to steal together."

"I've gone straight," Amanda insisted.

Mary snorted. "You have too much fun stealing. You would never stop." Mary had gotten very good at reading people. Amanda had to get out of this situation before Mary started pushing.

"I believe that your father is dead, my dear. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you." It was very close to the truth: James Shannon had died in federal custody and had had to give up the Shannon life so that the feds wouldn't come looking for him. The feds had never admitted that he had died which is why Mary didn't know. James had started a new life and a new family way too close to his old. He should have moved to France like Amanda had suggested.

James had never been very good at letting go of his families.

Mary smiled again and again Amanda knew that smile bode ill-will towards her. "I might believe that except for the fact that I've gotten letters and just this year, one of Dad's other daughters brought yet another letter to my mother."

Amanda was going to take James's head and that was all there was to it.

The infant idiot.

Amanda took a side step but Mary stepped with her. "So where is my dad?" she asked again.

"I look into it," Amanda told the half truth.

This time, Mary might have bought it. She stepped aside, but as Amanda was hurrying away, called out, "If anything gets stolen in this town, I'll point the cops in your direction."

Amanda didn't look back (she never did) and momentarily mourned the cancellation of her evening venture.

She was going to find her former student and then she was going to have a long talk to him.

He couldn't keep on raising such smart women as daughters, it was going to bite him in the tush again.