"We must… Get to them… Before they get to us..."

She was dragging her feet trought the snow, not felling her hands anymore, but felling the weight of the girl in her back in each step.

She couldn't tell east from west anymore, north from south... But she had to continue walking... To protect the girl she was holding, to protect herself, to protect the world.

"I'm... So sorry... If it wasn't for me, you would never have to pass trought this."

"Shut up."

Even without knowing where she was going to, she knew she was going in the right direction.

Or at least, she hoped so.

She was looking down, too tired to raise her head.



"Isn't that... The house?"

She raised her head, her muscles forgetting that they were tired. She looked up...

"You're right!"

The place they were looking for. Afterall, her instincts weren't so wrong. She felt tears in her eyes. Finally. They would be safe.


A rustling in the trees next to them. Inês looked there, and a pair of red eyes looked back into hers.

Without thinking twice, she started running towards the house.

The girl in her back looked back.

The small bat-like creature trew a couple of syringes in their direction.

"Inês, be careful, those are..."

She wasn't able to finish her sentence since one of the syringes hit her and the other hit her friend.

They both fell to the ground, unconscious.

The bat-like creature got closer to them...

" I really like this place, you know, Takeru-kun?"

The tall blonde smiled to her.

"Yeah... I'm glad Mimi-san invited us to spend Christmas here..."

"It's so peaceful... Nothing like Odaiba..."

"Well, the closest village is 10 miles away. And there only live about 500 people."

"Really? So far? Then what about we take a stroll around here?"


"I'm bored."

He grabbed her hand and stood up from the bench they were sitting on.

"Ok, Hikari-chan. Let's go."

She called their two digimon partners, sleeping underneath the bench, and they started to walk towards the forest, talking about what they thought people would give to eachother on Christmas.

They were laughing as Tailmon aproached them.

"Hikari. There is a digimon around."

"What? In here?"

The cat said nothing and started to run, followed by Patamon, flying after her. The two teenagers looked at eachother before starting to run after their partners.

The bat-like creature got closer to them...

"You! Stop right there!"

It turned around, and the cat was surprised by who she was looking at.

"PicoDevimon? What are you doing here?"

"What! How did you find me? This is..." the digimon looked around as he saw the two teenagers grab their D-3s. "Well, nice to see you, bye!"

"It... Disappeared." said Takeru.

"Takeru-kun! Look!"

There were two girls laying on the ground, unconscious.

"Hey, hey! Are you okay? Hey, wake up..." Hikari said, trying to wake them up.

Takeru grabbed his D-Terminal and quickly sent a message to his brother, warning the others about that situation.

So... How is it?



The same?

What should I do?