"Takeru! What is going on? Who are there girls?"

"I don't know, they were being attacked by PicoDevimon. Hikari-chan has being trying to wake them up, but..."

"Okay, help me out..."

"What's this...? Who's talking? What's happening...?"

She woke up.

"It's so... Dark. Oh, wait, I'm probably in a room, since this is a bed, so it's supposed to be dark... Wait, where am I?"

She sat up and looked around.

"Humn, there's light coming from the floor over there... Probably there's the door. Ok, let me put my feet on the floor and... AUCH!"

She wasn't able to get up. Her muscles hurt. Really a lot.

"Okay... Now what? Maybe... There's probably someone out there, right? Maybe I should call them for help. Whoever they are."

Her voice was hoarse when she spoke.

"Hey... Is there... Anyone out there?"

She waited for a little while...

"Humn? Did someone speak?" said an unknown voice outside the room, before the door was opened.

The girl sitting on the bed covered her eyes because of the bright light.

"Oh, I'm sorry! But I'm glad to see you woke up."

"Yeah, I... I guess I did."

She blinked, trying to see who was near the door. It looked like a girl, with long, straight purple hair, big and round glasses and a big grin on her face.

"I'm Inuoe Miyako. In case you don't know why you are here, you and your friend were found unconscious near this house."

"Me and... My friend? Unconscious? Near... Here?"

"Yeah, something like that. Oh, and another thing."


"You stink. To the bathtub. Now."

"But I can't move..."

"What do you mean, you can't move?"

Miyako approached the bed, turning the lights on in the process, making the girl close her eyes once again.

"Humn, when you move, do you get some kind of excruciating pain?"

"Yeah. Exactly. How do you know?" she asked, her eyes still closed.

"You have bruises and ecchymosis all over your arms and legs. *sigh*, this will hurt, but I'm sorry..."

"What are you going to... AUCH!"

Miyako had picked the girl up, and was carrying her to the bathroom.

"You are strong." she stated matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, I know I am, I need to be so I can beat up the bad guys."


"Nevermind. *sweatdrop*" Miyako said, before putting her down near the bathtub. "Ok, get undressed while I fetch Mimi-san for you."

She didn't had the time to ask "Who?" before Miyako sprinted out of the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

"Where exactly am I? Who are these people? What is happening?"

As she got undressed, she thought about this kind of things. She was only standing in her underwear when the door opened once again.

"Hello! This is Tachikawa Mimi, and I'm here to help you around!"

A not very tall, not that short girl with quite big breasts and long, wavy pale brown hair was smiling at the suprised girl.

"Oh my goodness, you really are in bad shape! Let's start with a bath, shall we?"

As Mimi was washing her hair, she kept asking questions.

"So, what's your name?"

"Humn... I don't know."

"You don't? Then where are you from?"

"Humn... I don't know either."

"Really? Then how old are you?"

"I... Don't know."

"What? Then what do you know?"

"Humn... Is my friend okay?"

"Oh, that other girl? Yeah, she should be, Yamato-san's with her."

"Who is Yamato?"

"Oh, right... Well, this house is mine. And since it's almost Christmas, we decided to spent the holidays over here in the mountains."

"Humn okay." said the mysterious girl, not bothering to ask exactly how many people were living in that house.

"Inoue-san, Tachikawa-san and that Yamato-san guy... That makes it three people so far."

Twenty minutes later, she was laying on a enormous bed in a room, facing down, still naked.

"You need to treat those wounds... Luckily, we have a doctor-to-be among us. Who's actually my boyfriend. Don't worry, he's not a pervert, he's really nice."

Mimi placed a towel over her buttocks before opening the door.

"Jou! You can come in!"

Since she was facing the pillow underneath her face, she couldn't see who had entered the room.

"Oh, you brought Ken-kun and Koushirou-kun to help you? Well, probably that was a better idea than bringing Taichi-san or Daisuke-kun."

"Ok... So now we have a Taichi, a Daisuke, a Ken and a Koushirou, along with a Jou. Adding to the other three people, we now have at least 8 people in here, excluding me and her..."

She noticed someone touching her bare legs.

"This isn't good... This isn't good at all." said a low voice. "What did you say your name was?"

"I don't know my name." she answered.

"Then what do you know?" asked another voice.

"Pretty much nothing... Only that I have a friend that is also in here with me."

Someone was typing something in a computer, and someone was spreading some ointment on her wounds.

"That should do it" said the first voice after about ten minutes.

The girl heard Mimi telling the guys to wait outside, and carefully raised her head.

"Are we alone now? No males around?"

"No males around! Now, let's get you something to dress..."

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