No one ever tells you, life is complicated. Everyone just expects you to carry on dealing with everything while fighting off a thousand other personal problems. In the normal world, the human world, you can get stressed about losing your job or moving house or breaking up with someone.

In my world, the real world. I couldn't even begin to tell you how much I was screwed.

For me, life was complicated; I didn't have a job, I had moved home and I had broken up with someone. So I was about as human as it could get.

I found it all too ironic considering that was the reason he left.

He wanted me to be human, live a human life style and feel human emotions. But this pain I felt…It was anything but natural.

It's been exactly four months, three days and four hours since he left me, and four months four days since we spent the night together for the first time. Our last chance as a normal passionate life

In his eyes, it could never work. My insecurities flourished through my system hoping the reason he had left wasn't that I was bad in bed. But now wasn't the time for that, I'd run out of time; surely it couldn't have been that bad considering what was left.

It had been four months exactly; when I found out I was pregnant with his child,

Well children really. I hadn't been tested or scanned, but I knew there was three of them.

For one, I could feel them, three sets of small strong arms, three sets of tiny legs, and a lot of hair by the feel of it as my stomach always seemed itchy.

It was different from a normal human pregnancy, because I would have experienced the feeling of an unknown yet to come life style. The excitement of three new babies to enjoy all by myself, showering them in the love that I needed to give them; that I wanted to give them.

But the Idea of that seemed to hurt knowing I would never get to it.

They would be half human, half vampire, or my little nudges' as I liked to call them, but in a few short hours, they would be someone else's little nudges'.

My heart couldn't take any more pain, and I knew it was slowing down on its own.

It was a fierce fight; the broken soul of a girl who had lost all emotions when he stole them away and left on her own with three children all of which she wanted so badly, and the endless pain my body had been forced through while keeping my strength up to raise them inside my frail human body.

I knew all too well what would become of me in less than a few hours; I would die. But it would be worth it, I would do it for my children because I would be giving them life, and a chance.

Reservedly and carefully, I collected my research on hybrid vampire children and one legend struck me out the most; the one that seemed the most plausible.

They would grow quickly but would become slightly weaker than what their father would be. But still too strong and fast for a human to raise them, their bodies would compensate for this by blessing my special bumps with gifts of the supernatural so that they could ward off evil and keep themselves safe. They would need round the clock care and the knowledge of how to be a vampire with human history.

I knew couldn't give birth to them the natural way, there were too many and it would cause them a lot of problems, instead I opted for the second option, the safe route, for them that is. They would rip their way out of their mother's stomach, killing the mother and giving the blood to the children as there first meal.

It was both a logical and frightening way for these children to survive. But they had too. I wasn't going to let them die, I loved them too much.

There was a plan though; I had 6 written letters one addressed to my children for when they were old enough, telling them their names and how much I already adored them, and where they could find help and family if they chose to once they were old enough to leave.

Another letter was to my best friend Jacob black telling him that if he ever came across beings looking like me or him to look out for them and tell them our stories. Another letter to Alice Cullen if the children should ever want to find their father then this would be there ticket to him. I wrote it out carefully, so that if they ever found her then they simply could hand over this letter explaining things and the rest would play itself out.

I could just imagine seeing her face when she found out he was an aunt, she would as giddy as a child on Christmas. One of the letters was to Charlie, my father telling him how much I loved him and that he shouldn't worry; Charlie had fallen ill over the last few months, and I didn't want him to catch on with what was wrong with me; due to his bad eye sight that had gradually worsened, he bought that I had just put on extra weight due to emotional eating when he left me. It seemed silly and sad all at once. But I had to protect him, he couldn't know about being a grandfather, it would kill him knowing that he couldn't be a part of their already complicated life.

The second last letter I had to think about carefully, I remember when he told me about vampire royalty called the Volturi, how they managed to obtain the vampire world and were not one to be messed with; they were my last resort to give my children a home till they were old enough to leave on their own. I hadn't heard too much about them only that Carlisle had once been with them and they were the only connection the Cullen's family I knew of and knew how to reach.

He given me a clean break, no contact, no phone, no nothing, and it was only now in the last few hours of my death I could really reflect on how stupid he was. Surely somewhere in his vampire excelled mind he must of realised that this was possible...But then again Im sure Alice would have seen it if it were meant to be.

Another legend on my babies was that after 7 years they would stop growing all together and take whatever age their fathers were depending on their gender; girls were slightly younger looking, boys were older.

They would be forever young; the beauty of a vampire. I had no idea what I was going to have I didn't care if they had 3 eyes and webbed feet I would still love them. All boys or all girls, I could imagine them all being beautiful because of their vampire family traits; I could imagine a little boy with his face and soft hair, a small girl beautiful rosy cheeks and huge fluttering butterscotch eyes. Perfect. I imagined what it would be like if my children ever met their family the shock that jasper would consume through his gift; maybe he would be the one to help my children harness their own gifts. I pictured Rosalie's face when she learnt she was an aunt, Esme and Carlisle becoming grandparents. Emmett finding out he was an uncle to triplets.

Then I imagined his face.

What I would give to live and see his reaction when he found out he was a father of 3, would he like his children? Reject them? I had no idea what he would do I could only imagine the best out of this situation. The last of the letter was to him my beloved Edward. Telling him he was a father to my wonderful children, telling him how much I cared for him, and telling him to look after them and keep an eye out for them if he would.

For me at least. He owed me that. A

As if on cue one of my little nudges' kicked me making the wind fall out of me as I continued to walk up the stairs of Volterra, if I was correct I would have 3 hours before the birth giving me enough time to explain my situation and hand them my letter.

The sun was high in the sky so there would be no vampires lurking around today, all I had to go on was a hope that they would be under the clock tower like Carlisle's portrait had shown. When you're pregnant and dying, you try to remember every slight detail that might help your children live.

It was the greatest gift of all time.

I was breathless by the time I reached the top of the tower and I could feel them stirring about in their small tight home, there wasn't enough room for the three kids; their claustrophobia sent me on edge, but I couldn't concentrate on that now.

There were no vampires around, the only figures around was a family of four, a husband, wife, son and daughter who were happily playing in the large fountain which sat in the middle of the round courtyard, and two cloaked figures standing on both side of the clock tower.

For a moment I pictured myself in the wife's place, if I had only fallen in love with a human besides a vampire and my life would have become much simpler, these children growing inside me would be much safer. But it didn't matter now, I didn't want that lifestyle. I would rather happily die and let the three babies live a full rich life style bathing in their beauty forever, than live a shallow hole of a woman who would have been lying to not only herself but the husband she chose.

I bit back the pain pushing in deeper into my heart not allowing my babies to feel it. My eyes lurked to the shadows where the two large figures stood. Their black long clocks were hard to see in the darkness and accentuated their faces; white as chalk and beautiful. One was a male around the age of 20 maybe 25 at the least, with dark chocolate coloured hair and blue-red eyes most probably caused by contacts witch were fading in the light, if they went by the same rules the Cullen's followed.


Taking a deep breath I rested one hand on my stomach and waddled over to him, the other cloaked man looked to me as well now; his eyes watching me like a hawk riddled with confusion. The two men could have been twins. Both of them portrayed the same deathly pale skin and beauty.

"Hello" I breathed to him as he eyed me up carefully

"May I help you miss?" his deep angelic voice that seemed quite threatening

"Yes you can, do you work for the Volturi?" I asked keeping my poise straight as this vampires eyes widened slightly before squinting

"Im not sure what you mean miss" he said shooting a quick glance over to his 'twin'

"im sure you do, I have to see Mr Aro, under urgent business" I whispered and he forced a small nod still in shock, probably because a heavily pregnant 19 year old girl had just came up to him and ask to see the leader of the Volturi, which no human were meant to have any contact with.

"Let me see what I can do, this way miss" he said ushering me inside the clock tower, his twin was quick on his tail as well following behind closing the huge wooden door that was open. This had to be a good thing; they would take to him and let me explain my proposition, or they would kill me; either way, I had to try for my babies.

The inside of the tower was all marble, in dark rich colours with sandy walls and high ceilings with beautiful painted portraits, obviously of vampires. it surprised me that Carlisle's face kept popping up on the ceiling immediately the tears welled in my eyes and the creeping feeling of depression began to fill my mind. I thought of never getting to see his face again, just like the rest of the family.

I followed the guards down the corridor till I came to another large door way

"Wait here sorry I didn't catch your name"

"it's Isabella, Isabella Swan" I said rubbing my stomach, for the first time he looked down to my stomach for about a second then turned quickly on his heels and disappeared gracefully through the doors

"Here sit down miss swan im sure your feet must be killing you" the other one told me pulling a chair up, I was surprised at this vampire; he must have been fairly new considering he still understood human comforts, especially when dealing with a pregnant lady.

"Thank you erm?" I said not wanting to be rude

"It's Alec miss swan, not to be rude but why are you here?" he tilted his head slightly, curiosity seeming to get the better of him. It unnerved me, he was so human.

"Erm, well to be perfectly honest they're my reason" I said stroking my stomach carefully. His eyes widened

"And why is that?" he asked shifting closer looking intrigued.

"Miss swan" the other figure called opening the door for me "Aro will see you now" he said nodding once as I got up carefully from my chair and headed inside

"Thank you" I called and he shut the door behind me. The room was the same as the corridor except everything was white and it was in a huge circular shape, almost regally set out, with four steps leading up to 3 huge chairs in which 3 men were sat, well vampires, the one who sat in the middle eyed me mischievously, his red eyes were more milky than the other two, almost like they were shielding all unwanted secrets and crimes he had committed, it frightened me. Edward never mentioned this to me before. But Carlisle had been a part of them, which meant there must be some good within them. He had long red brown hair that was tucked behind his ears showing off his well sculpted face similar to the statue of Galileo. To his left sat a snowy white haired man who held extremely similar features, yet his eyes were a more prominent red. To his right sat a black haired man who had his hair tied back out of his eyes which seemed intrigued and slightly dull.

"Hello Isabella" the leader by the looks of things had said, as he stood up and moved swiftly, gracefully he walked over to me, until he was a few feet away

"Hello sir"

"Ah no need call me Aro dear one, now how may we help you?"

"Erm, well its quite personal I know you are all vampires" I said shifting my feet feeling my child kick my hands automatically fluttered to my stomach soothing my children as Aros eyes remained curios.

"Is that so Miss swan?" he asked and I nodded.

"Yes and I need your help you see, im pregnant" my voice wavered slightly

"I can see that rather heavily as well if im correct?" he said and I nodded again.

"So what does this have to do with us?" another strangled voice said as I looked over to where the blonde headed man sat. His eyes were piercing and fearful, I felt that he didn't like my presence here in this room. He felt there was no need to converse with humans.

I was simply a cheeseburger to him.

"Oh come now Cias patience" Aro said not taking his eyes of me; they seemed to dance in an impossible childlike manor.

"But do tell us Isabella" he encouraged as I took a deep breath.

"There not human, well I mean there half human" I whispered. Aro's face looked I shock yet full of wonder, even Cias and the black haired man leaned closer in, but not standing up.

"And their other half?" Aro asked calmly

"V…Vampire" I chocked as Aro nodded

"I see, well miss swan I assume you know what happens to you then?" he said quite darkly and I nodded. I was unsure whether or not he was thinking of the same legend I was; it was clear I wasn't welcome here, and by the looks of things they didn't want to keep me.

"That's why I came here my children need a home and I couldn't think of anyone else but the royalty, I was told about you, you see, but not too much" I whispered

"I see Isabella; do you know your due date?" Aro asked and I nodded

"Today" I breathed out as he lightly patted me like I was a dog.

"There there, Miss Swan would you allow me to touch your hand, I have a gift you see which allows me to see your thoughts through touch" he said, this stung me. He had the same gift except it wasn't accessed by touch. I looked down at his open hand; it seemed too good to be true, but I had to try, I needed to make him understand, to make him see.

"Of course" I whispered placing m hand in his; I watched his eyes grew confused

"Hmmm do forgive me Miss Swan, but it seems… I cannot hear your thoughts"

"Impossible" the black haired vampire hissed.

"Erm I've been around a v...vampire who had a similar gift, he could not hear my thoughts either"

Aro looked hesitant for a second all the while remaining poised and proper, before his twitched his nose slightly in thought and spoke again.

"Then you must come Isabella, sit down and tell us your story" Aro said helping me to sit down in his chair-like thrown. And so I told them about my relationship with a vampire, and what had happened, by the end it seemed I had won over Aro but the other two vampires seemed rather hesitant

"I suppose we could accept your offer of raising the children; im sure many of the females here would enjoy that" Aro said as he looked over to Cias and the unnamed vampire.

"Come we must speak in private" he told them

"Don't worry miss swan we shall be back in a minute" he smiled before closing the huge wooden door behind him leaving me in the room alone. I was so scared, I didn't want to die but I knew I had to do it for my children. I started to breathe heavily and take in all the good pleasant memories I had left.

"You shouldn't have come here Isabella" a small male voice filled the room

"Hello?" I called out nervously, putting my hands on my stomach to protect my babies

"They will use the children, they come from powerful back grounds, and they will end up like me" the voice snarled, and then a male man stepped out from the shadows.

"Alec?" I asked as he glided over to me in less than a millisecond

"you have to listen to me, the Volturi live off power Aro senses these powers, your children will be very powerful, the perfect soldiers for him, you must leave to protect them, please Isabella listen to me." he begged the look in his red eyes seemed honest but at the same time he seemed terrified.

"Why? These men will give my children homes and take care of them, I will die soon they need a family"

"The Volturi isn't a family! they are a guard and you won't be giving your children a home, Aro will fashion them into his soldiers, they'll be puppets and he will be there master, no uncles, no fathers or mothers, they're pets to Aro I know it will happen" he said darkly

"How do you know this?" I whispered tears threatening to spill over.

"my sister, it happened to her, we were brought to the guard together both new born vampires at a very young age, my sisters gift can cause pain to every one with a simple look, while I can numb it, Aro promised us a home and a family, but he twisted Jane's mind, her once sweet nature turned evil and she was no longer the Jane I knew, she was Aro's slave just like everyone ends up, just like me" he muttered the last part showing sadness in his eyes

"Then why don't you leave?" I asked he snarled shaking his head at lightning speed causing me to jump out of my skin, nearly quite literally.

"You don't think I've tried? Aro won't let me go, he says my gift is to valuable to the 'team' " he made hand quotes when he said team

"And I couldn't leave my sister behind, evil or not she's still family" he shrugged seeming to calm down, his eyes held a solace of pain that was similar to that of a man on death row.

"But I already explained everything to them, I can''s too late" I whispered, panicking internally. Alec shook his head. I couldn't leave my babies hear, not now, never now. What had I done?

"I know a way out, I can carry you out of the tower and take you some place safe, where they won't find you or your children it will be safe, for you to raise them there" he whispered so low I almost missed it, b

"Alec, I only have hours left, the children are ready to be born, and how can I raise them? Im going to die" I tried to push the urgency but I could feel my body weaken and my voice become ever smaller.

"I can help, I can numb the pain and we can fix you up, there's more people down there, all of which I saved. Please trust me, vampire venom would fix you up after the birth, there was once a great vampire, who saved people like you from harm; his name was Carlisle Cullen, he changed his family when they were close to death, some of them closer than others. He showed me how to save someone. And I know I could do that. I could change you into a vampire, unless you wanted to die that is but we have to leave now while there distracted." He said helping me up out of the chair and moving with me quickly across the room.

"I know Carlisle, he's one of the reason Im here" I told him quietly.

Alec's eyes met mine in panic.

"He's not the father is he?"

"No! Not him…his son" I breathed out, I couldn't bare myself to say his name.

"You mustn't tell a soul that, they will hunt down the Cullen's and kill them. Each and every one of the coven. We're not meant to be with humans it's not looked upon lightly.

"I've told you" I whispered again very conscious that Vampires had sensitive hearing.

"I'l deal with it later now come on we must leave!" he said scooping me up in a bridal style, he started running through the opposite door to which the three leaders were, and quickly dropped underground down three flights of stairs, I closed my eyes not wanting to see where I was going. The wind whipped my face as buried it into Alec's stone chest and held my round stomach as if I could protect my children from the atmospheric pressure. After a while iI realised we must of stopped because the wind had stopped, but the feelings of dizziness and light headed hadn't released me yet.

Alec set me down onto my feet as I gathered in my surroundings, it was dark and strange. I noticed that there was a bed next to me.

"W...where...where am I?" I breathed out

"You're in the S.V.A. You're safe."