"S.V.A?" I breathed again waiting for my vision to stop blurring

"Salvare, Valaroso Association, Its Italian for the Valiant Protection Association. It's a safe place from the Volturi. We've been here over 25 years without a problem. No one will find you here, not even Demetri and he's the world's best tracker. Your safe" he said as I finally looked around the room. It was regal again, like before; gold high marble walls and wooden shiny oak floors covered the spacious room's surface area and the bed I was sitting was covered in thick satin purple covers and small throw pillows. There were pictures, surrounded by huge golden eccentric frames, of random flowers on the wall: roses, lilacs it made the room more open and free.

"Wow, how many vampires live here?" I asked my head still turning left and right in awe of the place.

"at the minute about 12 and I come to visit every now and again, this underground mansion is for them to come and go but some of them only leave once or twice every two years; the Volturi are after them, just like they will be after you now, I am not lying when I say your children will have power, I can sense it myself it's like a shield around your stomach where the children are, I think they will become very great." Alec said and I smiled towards him, he met my eyes for a fraction of a second; his eyes soft and meaningful. I knew I could trust Alec, in the back of my mind I was feeling the pressure of going into hiding, but if others had done it, then so could I. Nerves seem to wash out of me and for the first time in a long time, I felt content.

"Thank you for this, for everything" I whispered.

That's when it happened

All of a sudden a large stabbing sensation clouded over most of my body and twisted in my stomach. My body moved in a strange way; my back seemed to become more flexible and suddenly a large snap filled the air and shattered through my body. I could feel hot blistering pain burning through my back and down to my stomach.

My eyes caught my stomach in a flurry. It didn't seem real; as I laid down I could see it bubbling like a pot of boiling water my skin turning a blue purple and then violent red.

There was no more room anymore, my babies wanted out.

Alec was there in an instant, leaning over me and working around the stomach, his hands kept flat either side as he watched the bubbling ripple through me.

I screamed out in pain as I got my breath back but it only hurt me even further.

Alec started shouting certain names into the air and then there were four new people in the room; all women. I couldn't notice much but I did catch a glimpse of one girl; she ran through with what looked like small knifes and scalpels.

"Girls you're gonna have to help me here I don't know what Im doing, she's got three babies on the way." Alecs voice was quick but understandable as I felt my eyes on their own accord roll into the back of my head and stay shut.

All I could do was feel and hear; the pain began to worsen as one of my senses shut down and I couldn't scream out anymore; my voice had disappeared.

Unfortunately I could feel everything; cold hands that were digging in what must have been under layer of my muscles before she reached something.

By then I couldn't feel my hands or legs anymore; I couldn't move.

Then there was nothing; I couldn't open my eyes or move, all I could feel and hear was the ripping sound of my own skin and the scolding flesh wound that followed with it.

I was in agony; I couldn't describe it any other than if someone was individually taking time to pull each of my organs out one at a time.

Then there was a new sound in the air and a new feeling. I could hear three tiny little gasps that I could only register as the babies.

I wanted to see them. I wanted to open my eyes to will my eyes open but I couldn't.

Where are they? Let me see

I wanted to ask but I couldn't, I was in too much trouble right now as it was.

"Take them…let me finish this. Thank you girls" Alec's voice registered as calming which meant that was a good thing. There were no complications and I was still here. In agonising white pain

I tried to scream again but it wasn't possible; was this what dying was like? The feeling of drowning in my own blood? Not being able to call for help? Did I have to let this happen.

A new sensation entered my body as I felt another sharp slicing sensation, only it was much worse.

Teeth, I thought; I had felt this before, a long time ago, but nothing compared to the violent reaction it gave me. Where they sliced through my stomach they left a burn.

Then another bite, and another bite and another bite.

I had four bites all burning at the same time. It was hot; bearable, but this was only the start.

Then the heat rose again, another notch, still bearable just a little more uncomfortable. Again the heat rose and this time it was too much, like grabbing the wrong end of a hair curler and not letting go. It was a natural reaction that anyone would have wanted to move away from the pain. To drop the curling stick and let the burn subside.

But it wasn't possible.

If it was even possible the fire again started up, burning and hissing and blazing through me, my stomach which had been cut open and exposed to the air must have been closed up because the fire was tearing through fixing my broken wound and bones.

There was another noise. Another satisfying crack of my spine which I could of started screaming and shrieking and thrashing but I couldn't move. There was no escape from it.

It could of been days, weeks, months, or years that I was burning, forever in a never ending fire that flew through my veins singing and burning. I hadn't gotten used to it; it seemed I wouldn't ever get used to it. So I tried to stay quiet thinking about my children. Although it didn't numb the pain, it reminded me that hopefully soon I would be awake and with them, and then our happily ever after could start here.

I also thought of Charlie in that moment. How much I would miss him, how much I loved him and my mother dearly.

I knew it was for the best and if I was able to cry I would have. But I couldn't. So internally I did.

I said good bye to my past life.

In my mind I imagined wrapping my arms around my mother, Phil, Charlie, billy, Jacob and any other human companion I had.

That Bella was gone now; I had to forget that life, if not for myself then for my babies.

It was the best thing I could do.

Suddenly, the tips of my fingers felt cold; it took me by surprise as I moved my hand and wiggled the very ends of them as best as I could. Was this it? Was it over?

Then slowly, piece by piece my body came back to me, first my hands then my arms and then my legs; the pain numbing and seizing in my veins as the cool air hit the surface of my skin. Once it had reached my chest; it seemed to get hotter as impossible as it seemed and my breathing fastened with it. I made a hissing sound out loud, which was good. I couldn't hear it, but I could feel it. I could feel my vocals release from the back of my throat and If anything It was worth the pain.

My soon to be gone heart beat raced in my ears clouding over every other sound in the room and all of a sudden.

It stopped. I gasped involuntary unprepared for it; but it had gone. The pain had gone, everything was gone.

It was done.

I moved around slowly getting a feel for my new impossibly real muscles and bones, everything seemed to be sharper; my movements smoother and quicker.

I kept my eyes closed as I tuned in on my new hearing.

There seemed to a slight hushed sound in the air, and I could feel the presence of a person to the left of me.

But that didn't really concern me; it was the sound of 3 fluttering heart beats that did. It wasn't my own, I didn't have one now, and as far I was aware no one else did down here. But they were there, and strong.

My children

My eyes flew open in a smooth quick motion; even that felt foreign, in the most marvellous way. Everything was so much clearer and sharper, more defined. Carefully I sat up aware of my surroundings, everything seemed to be brand new, and the bed I was on felt feathered and soft. Without being able to help myself; I scrunched my new hands under it ripping the material there as easy as if it were paper.

"It all seems new doesn't it?" The voice took me off guard as I flew backwards and instinctually crouched down onto the floor beside me; my feet landing perfectly in place like a ballerina spinning.

I registered all small specks of air around me before I straightened myself up and look towards where the voice had come from.

"Alec" I sighed in relief as I saw him. Then I noticed my new voice, like bells ironically.

"Well well Miss Isabella, you look stunning" he smirked at me as I took a deep breath. I could see every perfect line of his face, every inch of impeccable smooth skin. It was odd.

"Thank you Alec" I said my voice still seemed unsettling to me.

"Welcome to the vampire world Miss Swan" he said.

For a few more moments I continued to grace my bearings enjoying the new eyes and ears so much so.

But then I remembered something serious.

"My Children" I asked panic lacing in my voice as Alec sat down beside me. I could remember what Alec had said about the Volturi wanting them for soldiers.

Where were they?

"All three of them are fine, 2 boys and one girl. the women in the house have been looking after them for the last past three days, I have to say they are very unique all of them, but before you see them, you might want to drink this. And we'l take it from there" he told me, holding a huge bowl of red liquid, if almost instantly I seem to register the burn in the back of my throat as it set on fire.

I took the bowl in my hands and without hesitation, drank it down. I knew it was blood. The taste should have been all wrong but it wasn't, it was good almost as good as sinking my teeth into roast chicken dinner or slurping a hot bowl of tomato soup on a winter's day, but as I thought it nothing like that seemed to appetite me, in fact, it put me off my blood. Almost instantly my throat seized the hot fire and I felt better. It returns to being a slight dull ache but I could handle that.

"Better safe than sorry, the children are after all half human" he chuckled

"Can I see them now?" I asked voice wavered in its new bell like chime.

"Let's just test your strength first Bella, your extremely strong, maybe you should get it out of your system before hand."

I was disappointed of course, but I knew he was right.

I sighed "Then can I see them?"

Alec smiled and nodded before I turned on my heels and dove on the bed behind me again.

I noticed how it was still stained and smelt of blood.

It was a strange sensation; I knew it was my own, yet it was appetising to me. I shoved that thought to the back of my mind and my hands began ripping the bed into small manageable pieces. I tore through the sheets like paper and kicked my legs and ripped through every inch of bed frame I could lay my hands on.

I felt strong and free, and I loved it.

The bed came apart under my hands like soft cream cake.

Alec was right, it did give me a better feeling of the power I had,

When I finished I stepped back looking satisfied at my mess. I nodded smiling happily before I turned on my heels and spun round to face Alce.

His face was amused.

"Had enough?"

He knew that I hadn't, I think deep down I knew that too, but I wanted something much more than a few broken bed frames.

"My Children" I stated in my new voice which did seem to be growing on me.

"Of course come with me Isabella" Alec said opening the door and gesturing me to step out.

I walked out of the room I was in and followed Alec down a small corridor. I couldn't help myself as I took in my surroundings again with new eyes, the theme seemed to follow through the building, as tall shimmering statues and arches flooded most of the stair well which lay on my right.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see and hear Alec give a small chuckle at myself as he lead me down another corridor. Then up a set of stairs and to a large white door where I could hear small fluttering heart beats and soft coos from three or four women. Alec knocked once then opened the door, poking his head in.

"Isabella is awake" Alec said and the girls all sighed and groaned,

"You'll get to help raise them don't worry, but they are her children" Alec laughed as suddenly I could understand why and what he was saying.

The females in that room were caring for my babies.

"Your mommy's awake" I heard one of the girls call to my children, I didn't know which one. All of a sudden I was nervous and jealous all in one instant, but the emotions were just as fresh as everything else today, and strong. Alec put a hand on my back and guided me in slowly never taking his eyes off my reaction. My mind automatically knew this was because he didn't want me to snap at my children. I was so clever as a vampire.

The first thing I noticed was that this room was different; it wasn't all marble and grand, but a soft cream colour on the walls and a dark red carpet where two of the girls sat one of them crouched over something, another girl was stood with her back facing me looking over her shoulder smiling. And the last girl sat in a rocking chair against the wall with something in her arms.

Slowly the girl in the arm chair got up smiling at me, the girl with her back to me turned round and one of the girls stood up with another bundle in her arms. I walked in hesitantly and looked to all the girls as they crowed round me,

Then I see them. I see a little boy first, in the arms of a girl with orange hair.

My son

His eyes seemed to capture mine in an instant and hold them in place as they shone magnificent and gleaming bright emerald green, his black hair must of been from Charlie, thick and glossy, in the same shape as Edwards; in some ways if Edward was a child, this could have been his twin but in some ways he reminded me of Emmett; a small naughty little glint sat in his eyes.

As impossible as it was I tore my eyes away from him for a second and over to the next girl, and there in her arms was another little boy; my next son, he had my hair colour, a soft and dark chocolate brown with big eyes that seemed to match. Like my old eyes and his smile seemed to remind me of Carlisle although I knew it was impossible. It was his expression, soft and careful, yet impossibly beautiful.

With one last breath I moved onto my last child; a small tiny little bundle that was my only daughter. And she was beautiful; her eyes were a golden liquid colour, the exact same shade as his used to be,

I noticed that everyone in the Cullen family all had different shade of gold, but my daughters and Edwards shade seemed identical, her hair was Edward's colour as well, copper brown and fell in loose ringlets and waves past her shoulders.

It was impossible, I knew it was but my heart began beating again in time to each of their own. I felt all the sadness and heart break over the last few weeks disappear and here was the result.

3 beautiful shining precious pieces of life that I was put in place to protect, that was my sole purpose now, to love and guide them.

It's all I wanted.

My eyes danced over them again; they all looked to be three or four months but I knew they were only days old, must be the growth acceleration. All of them a cream pale but with rosy cheeks, they must of had a small amount of blood running threw them. All of them, incredibly good looking, a thing they inherited from there vampire side. But their human side seemed to make them even more perfect, the pink cheeks and flowing heart beats made them healthy, which made me happy.

"They've been asking for you for the whole entire day" The girl with my daughter said as I smiled to her, she looked kind faced with her porcelain skin and orange eyes?

I tried not to concentrate on that now as I looked down at my little girl.

"Im Christine by the way welcome." she said as my daughter reached for me at the same time as my two sons.

Everyone chuckled slightly in the room; it was such a human moment.

"Sit down it'll be easier to hold them" she said as I went over to the rocking chair and held my arms out, my black haired boy was tucked into my left side and my brown haired boy on my right, my daughter was laid on my stomach looking up and smiling at me.

Again I couldn't contain the joy I felt as each individual face of my babies stared up at me like I was a gleaming new light. I started to cry, as well as I could for being a vampire.

"Do we have names for them?" a black haired girl asked.

"Well I did have some names picked out" I said touching each of their faces individually. Their soft baby skin seemed a little stronger than other babies Id held before; at least half of them were as strong as I was.

"For my daughter, I like renesmee, it's a mixture of her grandmother's names and I had a bunch of middle names to with it that all are part of her family as well, I feel like it's important to include them" it felt strange saying things like my daughter, or my son but I was happy to say them, it was a new world that I was heading into excited and as prepared as I could.

"What are they?" Christine asked

"Well, her full name would have to be Renesmee, Emilie Carlie Jalice Cullen" the girls look impressed

"it's a mixture of her grandparents and aunts and uncles names it's a little long I know but.."

"but it's wonderful, a one of a kind for a one of a kind girl" the black haired girl smiled

"Im Gemma, I smiled at her kindly appreciating what she said.

"and your boys?" a ginger haired girl piped up

"im Georgie since everyone's doing names" she beamed

I looked down and thought, I did have names picked out but which one.

"well for my little black haired boy I like the name Damien, he seems to have a cheeky look about him so Damien seems to fit, plus he has another set of middle names, I like Damien hale Mcartney Brandon Cullen" all the real last names of his aunts and uncles

"Very powerful name, and your last boy?" Gemma nodded at the other girls who all seemed to like it too.

"I like Mathew, Jacob, Charlie Cullen" I said, my father had to be in there somewhere and so did Jacob, both men meant the world to me and now they would both mean the world to me again in a new little boy.

" Very royal names for very royal children" Alec smiled to me as I smiled back to him

"Thank you for everything Alec, I owe you so much, thank you for saving my family"

"Don't mention it Isabella" he smiled

"oh please call me Bella, I hate Isabella" I said to all the girls and Alec,

"Okay Bella" they beamed as I looked down at my angels again, Damien Mathew and Renesmee.

My children.

I never thought I would be able to meet them, but right now I couldn't be happier. I was scared beyond belief since I had never raised a baby before, never mind three and what about the Volturi? I didn't know what to do.

But looking down on their faces seemed to reassure me that everything would be okay…