Bellas POV

"Hello Jacob" I smiled to him calmly. I could already see the fear in his eyes.

I had known from the minute he looked at renesmee i needed to speak with him. Which lead us to where we were now. Stood oppisite each other over the river border between forks and la push.

Jacob on his side.

Me on my own.

"Erm hey bells" he chuckled nervously rubbing the side of his neck. He grinned like a child that had been caught red handed in the cookie jar; innocently and fearful.

"So..." I said my hand making a circle motion as i laughed a little at his discomfort.

"Your gonna make me say it arent you?" Jacob mutterd stubbornly before smiling a little looking like he was lost in thought.

"Oh Jake, the last time we hung out wasnt it you who made me nervous?" I laughed at his hostile behaivor, at the mention of us he breathed out a long breath before sticking his tongue out at me.

"Put that away, if edward catches that near our daughter again hel kill you" I couldnt help but giggle again as he blushed a deep red.

"Yeah erm...listen bella about that..."

"Calm down Jake, im not like Edward...well i am i suppose, but im not going to kill you if you ever date her or kiss her again, your well suited for each other. And youve imprinted havent you?" I asked him as shocked registerd on his face

"Er...Ye...yeah i have shes...shes amazing bella, nessie is...oh wow shes so..."

"Yeah yeah jake i got it okay?" Waving my hand in the air while shaking my head a little. I didnt need to know what was going on in his head. I just needed to know where it was.

"Jake...has edward spoken to you about..." I stopped myself from speaking when i heard the low mumble of a growl in his throat

"Yes" he mutterd low, his lips pursed like he had been sucking on a lemon.

"he cant have been that bad" I told him comfortingly, jake rolled his eyes.

"Youd be surprised, he loves Nessie soo much, im pretty sure the guy would rip a tree out of the ground if she cut her little finger on its branch by accident." He told me as i giggled.

"That does sound about right" I sighed my thoughts drifting to edward perfect face...he was so wounderful...

I wasnt sure how long i was stood there but somewhere in my edward filled glazed over mind i was sure someone had just joined Jacob and myself.

"Bella?" A low deep gruff voice called to me, it wasnt Jacobs now, but a voice i reconised from a long time ago, it was like a faint memory in the back of my head, pushing its way forward.

I breathed in sharp remembering where i had heard that voice before.

"Sam?" I called out my head flicking upwards again as he now stood next to Jacob.

He looked feirce, more fierce than i remembered. But then again i suppose i would as well. Vampires and werewolves were complicated. Natural born enemys that were friends as humans. Complicated indeed.

"Its er...been a while..." he said rubbing the side of his neck. I could tell he felt aqward. It was obvious

"Yeah it has" i smiled a little to him weirily

"You look...different" he chocked out as i nodded understandingly. I knew it would ber hard for him to accept. the vampire girl was now an actual vampire mother.

"And you havent changed at all" I told him shrugging a little, he laughed nervously again. Thats when the awquard silence kicked in.

"You understand the rules of the treaty yes?" he said after a few minutes as i nodded to him

"Of corse"

"Good, sorry Bella its just i need to clear it up as alpha and all that..erm nessie okay?" he asked again as i pulled my eye brows together confused. why would he care?

"Pack minds bella, shes my imprint, she atomatically becomes like a sister to the pack" Jacob spoke up answering my silent question proud as sam nodded.

"Oh! id...forgotten that" i said in a slow voice. How could i forgotten about the packs mind?

"Dont worry bells, your memory will be refreshed" Jake chuckled to me as i smiled to him

"I missed you" i told him laughing a little.

"I missed you too, and im glad your back now, Nessie missed her mother soo much and i missed my best friend" There was no romantic tone to his voice now towards me. Renesmee had created a balance between me and Jacob. One i had craved for more than blood when i was pregnant. He was my best friend and nothing more, the love between us brother and sister just like it should be. Nothing was going to change that.

Finally! I was so proud of my baby girl, even if it wasnt intentional she had done something i had never been able to do and it was amazing. Right now, i was very glad he imprinted on her. The worlds most perfect inhuman couple. I smiled to myself remembering i had the worlds most handsome sweetest, loving, giving vampire waiting for me at home. And knowing one day renesmee would have all that aswell. It made my heart grow 3 times its normal size.

I felt human again.

Sighing i looked back to Jacob who looked back to me amused

"Wanting to get back to a certian vampire daddy bells?" He chuckled as i stuck my tongue out at him in return. Sam light gruff laughter also bellowed in my ears and i was thankful he was understanding.

"Thank you sam, for everything youve done and yes, Renesmee is healthy and well" I smiled to him as he breathed out a little bit more in relief a small smile on his face too.

"Thanks bella, now if youl excuse me, my imprint would like me to cook tonight" Sam smiled at the word imprint before he turned on his feet and a few seconds later i could hear the heavy thudding of paws.

"So I guess il see nessie later right?"

"Of corse Jake, were not going to stop you seeing her, dont worry Renesmee isnt the only one who has Edward wrapped around her fingers, il try and let her stay out for a few more hours than usual, how long do you two normally sit and talk here?"

"Erm...from about 11 at night say 4 in the morning when Jasper would come for her and take her to get some sleep."

"Il keep him busy" I winked to Jacob once as he smirked to me

"Its good to have you back" he laughed at me as i chuckled too

"Its good to be back, we have alot to catch up on mister!" I scolded him playfully as he snickerd

"Il see you round bells" He called before turning on his heels and just like sam, diving into the air.

"Be good!" i called after him hearing him howl in. Rolling my eyes, i turned on my heels heading back to my new home. With my family. For my new future.

And i couldnt wait for my happy ever after to begin.

Damiens POV

For some reason, my entire body was aching for me to run. Just run and keep running. Out of my new room. Out of this house and out into the forest.

She consumed my every thought and it annoyed me to my core. I was burning up. Every fibre of my body iched to see her. To make one more snotty remark to her. To scoff at her attempts to growl at me.

I found it sexy when she did...

"ARGH SHIT!" I groaned out loud my head going into my hands now as i sat down on my new black leather sofa.

My room was alot like renesmees, a mini apartment really only with out all the girlie white things, steps and a piano. Instead when you walked into my room through the main doors (which were both double doors like reds room with D and C on the front) you were greeted by dark golds, blacks and a wall coverd in windows. The floor was the same colour as reds with a huge golden Mat covering most of it. Of corse, there was a huge plasma screen Tv and of corse there was the huge bed like reds only with out the canopy. Everything in here either black or gold. And it was great.

Dads music collection filled most of the wall oppisite the windows and huge surround sound speakers sat next to it aswell. The silver standing out against the golden wall there.

There was a large glass coffie table a meter or so away from the Tv and on the other side of it at least a few feet away was a huge black sofa that sat in an L shape against the Windows.


Like i said the rest of the room was the same. The bathroom in the same layout only everything a black or gold. And of corse, for obvious reasons, mine and Reds wardrobe were different. Matts room, which i had stumbled apon first was the same as mine really only there were more intelligent things like Chess boards and books to read in his room as well as the tv and colour choice which was a dark brown and muddy beige. I got surround sound speakers, an xbox and the largest collection of games for it i have ever seen. Something im sure Emmett had to do with.

But my thoughts were too occupied with her right now to even think about the games. Argh!

"Damein?" Dads voice called his hand knocking on the door twice softly. I sighed.

"Come in dad" I knew he would of heard my thoughts. He always did.

"Your right there son" See?

"Damien how long is your constant battle with your self going to go on?" he asked me appologetically. I growled at him as he laughed a little. He moved forward now slowly slumping down beside me leaning back onto the sofa. I sighed again putting my head in my hands and crouching over my knees. Dads cool hand rubbed my back a little.

"Its okay to be confused" he told me quietly as i fought back the urge to growl at him again. What good would that do?

Infact what was sitting here doing anyway? This was only making me more miserable...

"Go on" he told me happily before i shot up and was out the house in no time.

Like i said. Running was the thing i wanted to do and right now, all i wanted to do was run to her.

Well accidently come across her if i could. I was now moving at a human fast walking pace up the river side, my eyes scanning for the wolf i wanted to see. However she wasnt there.

My body felt like i was going to explode with all this anticipation.

"Argh!" I heard a light melodic voice call from the oppisite side of the river. Her accent smooth and suttle. Beautiful even.

"Leah?" i called out now as suddenly she stumbled out from the trees barefoot in those tiny shorts and vest top.

"Graceful" i commented sarcastically as she stumbled again. She just growled at me.

"I see you got home in one peice then?" she said, her tone sounded bored. But i could tell she was far from it.

"Of corse, didnt know you cared so much" I answerd back copying her voice. She groaned

"Your so childish"

"You love it" i chuckled as she rolled her eyes at me, then after a minute of silence, they met mine.

And i could feel all the urgancy running forward in them as my own ran to her too. I stared trying to push all those acsess feelings away. My body ached for me to run again.

Not from her.

But to her.

My arms ached for me to hold her, they felt so light like they were going to float away if i didnt hold her. My sense of smell seemed to cut off and my body was panting. I wanted her. And from the looks of it. So did she.

Taking a quick sharp breath threw my teeth, my body moved at vampire speed blurring at the same time hers did, both of us running into the river in sync before i grabbed her and pulled her into my arms.

Oh god it felt good. Every inch of her perfect tall body pressed against mine. My hands wound round her waist. It felt like hot silk before running up her back and into that soft hair.

Damn she even smelt amazing as i groaned my head buring into her neck inhaling her scent before moving it up so my cheek was pressed against hers. She sighed. Her arms were around my neck. One of her hands in my hair while the other holding my head in place.

"God ive missed you" i breathed out unwillingly. I couldnt help but inhale her scent again sighing when i could taste it on my tongue. She was even more beautiful up close.

It was unlike anything i had ever experianced before. Holding her was like holding the most precious item the world have ever known. I didnt want to let go. Ever.

"I missed you so much, Oh wow! your soo Warm!" I loved the fact that she groaned out the word warm pushing her self closer to me with her eyes closed.

It was like my mind disconnected from my body in those short seconds and nothing else seemed to matter anymore.

Then her eyes opened. And both of us reeled back in shock.

Woah, woah, woah, what the hell was i doing? Leahs face changed from a look of content to a shocked frightened angry face. Her eyes feirce.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING! GET OFF ME!" She scrieched removing her hands from around my head and pushing me backwards a few steps before throwing a punch at my face.

Wow she had a good right hook on her.

"Ouch!" I groaned out rubbing the side of my jaw after her fist connected creating a crunching sound just to the left of my chin, then i felt her hands push my shoulders firmly and i was under the water a few seconds later as leah bailed away from me huffing and pushing till she was standing on her side of the border again.

I pulled my self out onto my side coughing and sputtering up the water i had just swallowed. I turned round to face her

"BITCH!" i yelled to her rubbing my jaw again.

"YOU ASKED FOR IT!" she snapped back her wet black hair dancing like soft ink.

"I didnt ask for anything, you were the one who threw yourself at me!" I growled to her, knowing i was saying all the wrong words

"Oh what ever, like id throw my self at a leech, discusting filthy bloodsucking creatures!" She yelled at a fast tone her body shaking.

"and werewolves arent! tell me leah, when your in your wolf form what do you eat when you go out Vampire hunting huh? I dont think youd eat live dear if you had the choice would you? You do it to survive. AND IM ONLY HALF OF ONE! GOD! what is your problem?"

"MY PROBLEM IS YOU!" I had to admit, it hurt a little to argue with her like this.

"THEN STAY AWAY FROM ME! STOP sending me sly little remarks whenever im hunting. STOP staring down at my family like their shit. JUST STAY THE FUCK AWAY!"



"I DONT KNOW WHY" she whined falling to her knees she was shaking quivering with anger. Tears laced her eyes now

"First sam, now this" she said to her self taking a deep breath knowing if she phased they would all see her thoughts. She had it rough i had to admit, the only girl in the pack, no privacy, no nothing. But the worst part was she hid most of her thoughts from me too. And of corse it was understandable she would be a bitch.

"Leah" i said softly to her getting her to look up at me. I could tell she was going to be reluctant as she grinded her jaw sharply and looked up at me in an angry quick manner.

I smirked a little to her before raising my hand into the air and shooting a small pea size flame up into the tree above her, luckily i aimed just right and my flame hit the branch i was after and as it hit the tree, a white flower fell off gracefully sauntering down and into her hand.

She looked down at the small white petalled object and smiled a little hesitantly at it, her long fingers gently brushing over it once. She looked back up at me with a soft expression

"Very clever" She said in an amused sarcastic tone

"I try" i shrugged as she rolled her eyes.

"Well, i dont accept pity gifts" she said her nose raised into the air looking away from me. She still kept hold of the flower though. I smirked to her knowing all was forgiven as she caught my eye for a second and i swear i seen a little bit of blush brush across her cheeks.

"So you wont want my extra special surprise later on tonight then" i chuckled as she rolled her eyes getting the hidden dirty joke

"No thanks, itd be too small"

"How would you know?" i smirked winking at her as she growled playfully

"Because it matches the size of your brain" she said tilting her head to the side and copyin my smirk, this time i rolled my eyes.

"What ever lee lee"

"STOP calling me that" she seethed as i chuckled

"it suits you"

"So does being a bitch, dont mean i like it"

"I do" I smiled and she growled again

"What ever kid, im off got some grown up work to do, im sure your daddy wants you home, dinners ready" she said in a fake voice i ust rolled my eyes again

"Your going to have to accept one day, that im not a kid leah and you know im right"

"Yeah well you can suck on it leech" she smiled a fake smile her eyes harsh as i chuckled before turning on my heels and slowly stalking back into the shadows

"Cant wait" i called to her laughing before taking off in a sprint.

I knew, someday we were both going to have to accept it. I knew because dad was right. And i was stubborn.

One day.

But not yet.

And thats how it would be, because we were the enemy. We were the forbidden kind.

We were the cullens. Reunited. Stronger. Better.

And we were proud.



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