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Angela Montenegro stared at the computer screen, in shock. The search had just concluded with one result. And that one result, it had to be a coincidence.

Once she had finished that search, she took note of the results and started another one on the next piece of evidence. And after it had finished a few hours later, Angela was once again in shock, but that time it was different. She knew that coincidences didn't happen twice in a row.

The first test was a scan for what weapon could have made the injuries; she had come up with a knife with very small serrations, about 0.1mm apart, the blade a total of 127-130 mm long, about 5 inches. She had some traces for Hodgins to run. Angela ran this through the database for previous cases and discovered it was used in another case. This is the same measurements as used in another DC case, one she knew well, and it still hurt to think about it.

The second scan for evidence had come up with the result of a hair she found at the crime scene. And she had just found its owner. She wished it wasn't true, but it was. And these results she had to record, it was the law to document it all.

Angela wished her best friend was in town. But she wasn't. Brennan was off having fun with her work partner in Michigan, chasing up leads.

She rested the keyboard on her pregnant belly and sighed. She was just about to video call Brennan before footsteps approached behind her and Hodgins leant on an empty spot of her desk.

"Hey" he smiled. Angela smiled back, but sensed that they should sit down. Angela rose and they both crossed the short distance to the couch. Hodgins knew better than to help her move around, he would just get a deathly glare.

She knew that he was there to talk, because if his visit was for work then he would have brought evidence or something. She rested her hand on his knee affectionately.

"Hey, what's up?" She asked.

"Well, I came into here to ask you something, but I don't know… I mean it's not relevant to the case anyway… well, I should know it's not true…"

"Jack, whatever you want to say…"

He cleared his throat. "You know how Zack is a patient of the victim, I just hope more evidence doesn't conclude to this but… are they taking him in for questioning?"

Thankfully for Hodgins, Angela shook her head.

"No. Brennan knows about his relation to the victim, but they have no more reason for questioning him unless they find more evidence. At this point if they question Zack, they might as well question the rest of his patients too. But for now they are in the dark, for all they know their doctor is on vacation." She finished with an assuring smile.

"But," Angela continued, "I may or may not have found something, Booth and Brennan may have to have a talk with him. God I hope not though. It would be a mess; I for one for sure wouldn't work to prosecute him." Hodgins placed a hand on top of hers, which was on his knee.

"What are you on about Ange?" It took a bit of prompting, but Angela decided to show him what she had found, no matter the outcome from what he thought.

She brought up the results she had just gotten from the computer, and presented him the evidence. The cold, hard facts. The knife details she had run through the previous cases database – as part of protocol – had in fact discovered that one of these previous cases where the same knife was used in a stabbing was in fact the murder of the lobbyist who Zack allegedly killed.

She showed him the hair that she found which belonged to Zack Addy.

Hodgins turned to her and pulled a miniscule piece of cloth about the size of a small raisin from the pocket of his lab coat, "I really should have given this to you when I came in, but yeah, I wanted to talk it over first. I found this in between the victim's teeth, he actually bit the attacker." He reached over her to grab a petri dish from a neat pile of equipment and placed the tiny piece of dirty white cloth on it, handing it to Angela. She placed the dish underneath the laser beams to analyse the traces and provide a virtual version.

Hodgins snaked an arm around her waist as she stood to use the wall-sized plasma and grinned like an idiot, he loved watched Angie and her tricks. He really wouldn't mind seeing her brain naked.

"So I've got this analysing, and I'll run the threads and the specific colour through spatula and see if I come up with anything." She said, tapping away on the control tablet.

"How long will it take?"

"Oh, maybe about 5 minutes… so really, with what my evidence says, do you really think it could be Zack? How did his hair get on the body?"

"Well, that's for us to find out, isn't it?"

"Yeah, of course, but even if it really is his hair, and the knife he used, how did he get out to dump the body? How did he get the knife out of the evidence locker? All without leaving his… his cell? It's not possible because of evidence, and really, it's just not possible for Zack is it?

"Well, my best theory is that he was framed."

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Angela agreed with a relieved sigh, "Zack wouldn't do anything bad anyway."

"So, bare truth, do you think Zack could ever murder someone, even though he's being punished for it now?"

"No way, you?"

"Nah, not Zack."

They both exchanged a smile, they knew that they would always support each other, back each other up.

And then the scan was finished, a flashing result popped up on the screen.

The piece of fabric came from a standard issue DC hospital psychiatric ward patient shirt.

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