Days of December

Chapter 1

December's POV

I was walking home from getting my favorite book, Burned, signed. The day started out innocently enough…but I didn't know it would be the end of my normal life.

As I walked around a corner of an alley I had to go through to get home, I heard car brakes screeching.

My name was December. I was a pretty normal person. I loved to read, write, sing and dance. I painted pictures every now and then, but my main priority was fitting in at school and trying to get a writing career.

I had pitch black hair and a very pale complexion. My eyes were very odd. Due to a strange discoloration, they were a bright purple.

I had a somewhat Asian look but mostly resembled Irish roots. None of my roots made sense because I just recently moved out of Australia after living there all my life. I even had the accent.

I dressed sort of uniquely with knee socks and a head band on a daily basis. I never dressed dull.

I had only moved to Washington because it was where my brother, Tanner, lived and I needed a place to stay. My parents had recently thrown me out because they couldn't afford to take care of me.

So anyway, back to the end of my life. I didn't think the car was coming down the alley, so I didn't notice it until it was too late.

My life flashed before my eyes as the car slammed into me and I was thrown aside into rubble. It felt like I was socked in the stomach one million times.

The crushing force was too much to bear. I can't die, I thought, I'm only fifteen.

I could feel my insides turn to mush and could tell that I would not live to see tomorrow. My internal organs were useless now.

The person driving the car didn't even bother to stop and see if I was ok. I would haunt them forever if I found out how.

I lied there dying for at least three hours before I heard something stir down the end of the alley. I didn't move.

As another car sped down the alley, they threw a bottle out their window and it came crashing down on my broken ribs. I gasped in pain and that's when the sound stirred again.

I didn't want to move but I had to. The pain was so bad! I could here footsteps approaching. I cowered away from the hand that rested on my shoulder. It was too cold.

"Calm down sweetheart, I can help you. What's your name?" A male voice asked.

"December. I'm fifteen." I gasped.

"What a beautiful name. Now, you are dying. You probably already know that, but I can help you if you want." He said.

"What's your name?" I asked. I wanted to know so if he really could save me, I could thank him.

"My name is Carlisle. Carlisle Cullen. "He said.

"Now do you want my help?" Carlisle asked patiently.

A breath sent spiraling pain through my body.

"Yes, yes…Anything!" I said quickly.

He gently lifted my wrist. I recoiled from his icy cold touch. He told me to just calm down and relax.

I did as best I could as he brought my wrist to his lips.

Suddenly I felt fire burning throughout my whole hand.

The fire moved quickly to my upper arm, but took it's time claiming my shoulder.

I screamed and screamed. I swore I was on fire. "Put it out! Put the fire out, please!" I yelled as he lifted me up into his arms.

By the time we were whooshing through the air, the fire had claimed my eye sight and my world went black.

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