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Days of December

Chapter 7

December's POV

It had been two days since my…um…incident with Keenan. I still felt so ashamed of myself for biting him, I even overheard Carlisle saying I almost killed him. He was in our house, resting somewhere because he still hadn't woken up.

Oddly though, I wasn't feeling too good as well. Carlisle had told me that vampires couldn't get sick, but I was starting to question that. My stomach constantly burned like it was on fire and my head throbbed non-stop. I was also becoming weak, I couldn't run as fast or pick up really heavy stuff. I couldn't control my shape shifting either, it would take a lot of energy for me to turn into something at my own will.

Everyone was concerned that something was happening to me, but Carlisle was still trying to figure out what.

On that second day, Carlisle called me into his office. I knocked on his door and heard a muffled "Come in."

I walked in, "You wanted to see me Carlisle?"

He was engrossed in whatever was underneath his microscope. This was my favorite room in the house because there were so many books! And there was a bunch of history, which I enjoyed too.

"December, I don't know how this is possible…but it appears that you have been poisoned. I am examining Keenan's blood sample that I took and it's full of a certain toxin. It was always rumored to be real, but never actually was proven. The toxin is called Dylavain. After careful research and study of human items, I came to a startling conclusion. All human food has somehow been tainted with this toxin, making humans highly dangerous for vampires. I have actually been studying this for a while, after I got several reports from friends of mine that vampires were dying by the dozens. I've finally pieced the puzzle toge-"

"Wait!" I cut him off. "Did you say that vampires were dying by the dozens?"

Carlisle caught my drift, then whispered, "Yes, December."

Only one thought was flying through my mind…dying. I was breathing hard now, practically gasping. My eyes frantically whipped around, indicating that I was more than likely having a panic attack.

"December, are you ok? There's one last thing I have to tell you."

I had already run out of the room before he finished. I flew down the hallway, into the room that Keenan was sleeping in. When I threw open the door it almost came off its hinges and when I slammed it shut, a crack ran down the middle of the door. Keenan was still sound asleep, or at least that's what it looked like. I briskly walked over to his bed and sat down on it.

I was startled when I heard Keenan mutter so softly that I had a very hard time hearing him, "It burns, fire…" Then he sucked in a breath of air. Keenan looked a little different, he was much paler and his hair was a lot shinier. Now it looked extremely more metalic than it did before. Something was wrong with him, I could feel it.

I felt so paniced that I didn't even know who I should call. "Jasper!"

Jasper and I had become sort of close. When Renesmee was born, Alice had started to want a child more than anything else. When I came along I found myself spending a lot of time with them. Then one day, when Alice and Jasper were watching a movie, I joined them. Toward the end of the movie, I heard Alice whisper in my ear, "December? Would you consider being our "daughter" since I can't have kids of my own?"

"Absolutly." I whispered back. From that point on I decided that I could be everyone that didn't have kids daughter.

Jasper walked in, "December, what's the matter?"

My paniced feeling instantly calmed when I said, "It's Keenan, he doesn't look ok. He's too pale."

Jasper walked over and took a goo d look at him. "Don't scream. The fire will go soon." Keenan muttered really quietly again.

"Oh no." Jasper muttered.

^^^The Next Day ^^^

Rain was cascading down through the forest, making my long black hair frizz and curl. I was sitting on a log in the middle of the forest, sobbing without tears. It was a horrible feeling in my stomach, combining with my poisoning.

I had done what nobody else thought I could do. I wasn't supposed to have venom, I had never had it before. One time, I had bit Bella because everyone was testing if I was venomous or not and I wasn't then. That's why it's a total mystery as to how Keenan was now a vampire. Of course he was so beautiful. I mean he was extremely hansom before, but now he was breath taking. But also now he would never be able to see his family, be a normal person or be able to go around humans for a long while now.

I had completely ruined his life in one more way, too. Since his body was riddled with Dylavain when he was human, he was poisoned just like me. The poisoning took a full year to kill, but that might not be enough time to find a cure.

Just the thought of Keenan dying a slow painful death as a vampire sent another wave of tearless sobs through my body. In the past twenty-four hours my mind had numbed, and my body had almost completely shut down. I couldn't bare to face Keenan yet, thinking he must hate me.

"December," I heard Keenan's beautiful new voice behind me, "please don't cry."

I turned around, choking my sobs until they completely died. "I'm so sorry." I managed to get out before I put my face in my hands.

He came around so that he was in front of me, and pulled my hands away from my face. "Don't be sorry. It's wasn't your fault, I understand the urge for blood you have now. I understand how hard it is not to go over to the nearest person and rip their throat out. And I don't care about living for longer than I'm supposed to, because now I can spend forever with you."

"How do you know you want forever with me? Not even my real parents or my brother wanted me around. I've basically stolen life from you and now we're doomed to death because of me." I shot at him.

He sighed and sat down next to me, "December, the moment I saw you I knew you were going to be mine. No matter what I had to go through I would have tried my hardest. We're juniors in high school, almost seniors, almost adults. I was really hoping stuff would work out with you. On our first date, I was really nervous because I thought you might not like me, but I eventually noticed that you felt relaxed around me. We've only been dating for about a month, but I really do feel for you, December."

I stared into his red eyes, searching for truth in them, and I found it almost instantly. I leaned against Keenan's shoulder and he put his arm around my shoulders.

I couldn't help but ask in a whisper, "Aren't you afraid of dying though?"

He thought for a moment, then replied in the sweetest voice, "I won't mind as long as I'm with you."

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