Days of December

Chapter 8

December's POV

"Renesmee, I am going to kill you!" My scream rang through the house. She had done it this time and I swear I wasn't backing down; her humanness was only going to make it easier for me to snap her neck.

Bella was standing beside me in a second and the next thing I knew my arm was locked behind my back; I didn't feel pain but I couldn't move without snapping my arm off.

"What is going on down here?" Bella shrieked in an angry tone.

"Your evil little daughter made up the perfect excuse for the whole school as to why I haven't been going the past few days. Go on and tell your mom exactly what you told Carsten, Twyla, Snow, Cori, Matthew, James and the rest of the freakin' school!" I screamed, making my eyes burn into Renesmee.

"Oh c'mon, December, get over it. If you were human it would be completely true by now." Renesmee stated simply as she casually glanced at her nails. She did, though, spare a sly look at Keenan who was now standing at the bottom of the stairs. Seeing my distress, Keenan came over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist, allowing Bella to step away from my shaking frame. This was probably meant to appear as a casual gesture, but I knew it was because Bella wasn't strong enough to hold me forever and Keenan was.

Bella's towering body stood in front of Renesmee and her virulent stare had her daughter taking a step back, ".." Bella demanded.

For a brief moment, fear flashed across Renesmee's face, making her look innocent and not demonic, but it was gone in a flash as her vain stature was replaced, "I simply said that December was expecting a little bundle of joy. Not that hers would be anything close to joyful."

A screech combined with a hiss and a growl erupted from my throat; instantly I morphed into a tiger and Keenan stepped back. Bella's eyes widened, Keenan's jaw dropped, and Edward appeared in the living room with a murderous glare directed at Renesmee.

Edward's powerful voice shook the windows in their frames, "Renesmee Carlie Cullen, what the hell is the matter with you? Huh, tell me. Your mother and I did not raise you like this! Why have you turned into such a bitter, sarcastic brat? You know what, I'm so angry that I can't even see straight so let's just get right to the punishment. You will be grounded for two months, no cell phone, no leaving the house except for school, no television, no internet access whatsoever, no credit cards, nothing new will be bought by you or given to you, no movies, no Wii, no jeep rides with Uncle Emmett or anyone, no allowance; it will be going to December, your mother and I are having a long talk with you and no seeing Jacob for a month. I want no arguments, got it? And you will be writing December a letter explaining why you did it and that you're deeply sorry."

The only thing she could do was nod her head and trudge up the stairs with the sourest look I've ever seen plastered on her face. Edward and Bella followed right behind her, both giving me apologetic looks before disappearing up the stairs.

Emotions and thoughts whirled through my already full head. Despite being extremely pissed at Renesmee, I was hurt by her words, 'Not that hers would be anything close to joyful.'"

Did she really think I would be that bad of a mother that I would turn my child into a mean baby? And what did she mean when she said if I were human it would be true by now? Did she think that Keenan and I were fooling around like that? Hell, I'm sixteen! I'm sure she's done far worse in her past ten or eleven years…

My body drooped in Keenan's grasp, I wasn't tired psychically but mentally I was on the verge of a break-down. He hugged me closer and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry, hun, everything's ok."

I still wasn't used to his new voice, but in this moment it was extremely comforting. I hugged him back and whispered, "I know, it's just with the poisoning, falling behind on school work, Carlisle's tests on me, my uncontrollable power and now this! Keenan I'm about to loose it."

Instead of trying to make me feel better by telling me lies that everything would turn out in the end and we would have forever, he just held onto me tighter. We knew our time was limited and I wasn't about to waste it anymore by stressing about trivial things.

There was one question that continued to nag at me though, "Keenan?" I inquired softly, "Do you think I would be a bad mother?"

Keenan looked appalled, "December, don't you dare ever think that! You would be the sweetest most loving and concerned mother in the world. The right to have kids was unfairly taken away from you and it was more than rude for Renesmee to rub that in. Don't let it bother you, okay?"

It was almost too much for me to tell myself that it was no big deal, but to ease Keenan's worry I nodded my head. The last thing I wanted was Keenan to have to worry more about me than he needed to.


"I've done it!"

It was the middle of the night and I was typing more to my story-in-progress when Carlisle's victorious shout echoed throughout the house. The moon was practically invisible against the black sky and stars were the only illumination that gave the deep green tree's light.

Curiosity drowning my better judgment, I raced down the hallway to Carlisle's study. I got there in about two seconds and lightly knocked on the door.

"Come in!" A merry sounding Carlisle commanded form behind the thick door. I quickly stepped inside and saw Carlisle leaning over a table covered in books and paintings and stray papers. The study was a disaster, chairs were stacked high with books and various tubes and sketched were strewn about the tables.

"Carlisle, what's going on with you?" I asked, a frown on my face and deep concern laced with my words.

"I've done it!" he exclaimed not looking up from his book.

"Done what?" I asked again more demanding.

He turned to look at me with a serious look on his face. Joy and discovery danced in his eyes and a small smile threatened to break out on his face, "I've found a cure for the poison."

I understand if you completely hate me and I know this chapter is complete CRAP but I needed to update with something! I'm so sorry for not updating in almost seven moths and the only way I can make it up to you is keep writing. This story is completely mapped out in my mind and I plan to make it about fifteen-twenty chapters. Again I'm extremely sorry and if this story is completely abandoned I understand. If not stay tuned!

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