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A young blond steps out of the Leaf Airport. He reached into his pocket and takes out his platinum iPhone. He punched in a speed dial number and waited for his call to be answered. It ranged for four times before a man that sounded like he s in his early 30's spoke through the called line.

"Hello, who is this?"

"Iruka, this is Naruto."

"Naru, why are you calling me so suddenly at five in the fucking morning?"

"I can't tell you through the phone. I'm coming over to the apartment and then we'll talk okay?"

"Alright I'll see you soon."

Naruto place him iPhone into his pocket and halt for a cab. A yellow taxis pulled over in front of Naruto. He went in and gave the driver the location of Iruka's apartment and he told him to step on it. The cab arrived in of the building, Naruto pay the driver and step out of the cab. He walked through the door which the doorman had held for him. Went in the elevator and press for the 9th floor. Naruto steps out of the elevator and down the hall till he came to stop in front of room 918. He knocked twice. The door opens and reveled an late twenty year old man with brown hair and a scar on his nose.

"Hey Naru-chan. Come in."

Naruto walked into Iruka's apartment. He didn't know what to tell his father figure about what is happening to him. He sat on the couch and waited for the man to be seated in front of him.

"Iruka, it's time."

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