Mates of Marks Chapter 9- Planning

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'That's the guy from the coffee shop the other day' Sasuke though as he saw Naruto walk in with his group. 'He must be very important or a VIP guest of the owner.'

'What's he doing here? He's having lunch here?' Itachi was somewhat pleased yet annoyed that Naruto Namikaze was dinning at the same restaurant as his family. Not wanting to disturbs the CEO's outing with his associates he made no move to introduce his family to the other. However this wasn't what his uncle had in plan.

Obito Uchiha was the black sheep of the Uchiha clan since who knows when. Outgoing more then the others in the family, he had more connections with powerful people outside the family network. It just so happens that he knew the group that walked in.

Making his way pass the other tables that stood in his path towards the Kyuubi pack, he waved to the blonde. "Hey Naruto!"

Naruto looked over to see who called him. Turning to see a particular raven head, he smiled and waved back. "Hey Obito. How have you been?"

The load outgoing Uchiha chuckled and scratched his head, "I've been well. How about you? I mean its been what nine years since I've seen you."

Naruto just smile. "Are you here alone?" He scanned the restaurant and his eyes widen as he saw two familiar faces who was staring at him. Softening his expression he grinned.

Obito looked over his shoulder towards his nephews and shook his head. "I'm with my two nephews. You remember (Itachi's father name) kids? That them." He point to the two ravens who was looking at them.

"Yes I remember. I met Itachi today for the company meeting and young Sasuke a few days ago." Looking back at Obito, "why don't you join us? It will be great to sit and catch up with what's been going on since I've left."

"Sure. Let me call the boys over." Not even moving to get the sitting ravens a few tables away, Obito shouted across the room, "Get over here! We're eating with them." Turning to Naruto, he grinned. The Kyuubi group just sweat drop at his action.

The two younger Uchiha's couldn't believe their uncle. No wait that's a understatement. They should have seen it coming when the elder made his way towards the hot blonde. And it wouldn't be a surprise to them when their beloved uncle shouted across the room to inform them of their new seating place.

Getting up, Itachi looked at his brother, "We don't have to sit with them if your uncomfortable."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "I'm alright with this new arrangement. Why? Could it be that your uncomfortable?"

Glaring at his brother's question he sneer out, "Don't be ridiculous." With that he smiled at the larger group.

As they arrived at the table Obito swing his arms around both his nephews and started to introduce the group.

Naurto was not surprise to see the two ravens that were making their way to his table. Wherever Obito was the two were most likely to follow since their uncle loves to spend time with them whenever he could when he was in town.

As the two Uchiha's stood before him and his generals, he gave them both a gentle nod before directing them to the extra seats that was made open for them by the staff when they heard the three were sitting with the Kyuubi clan.

"It's nice to see you again so soon Itachi and you as well Uchiha-kun." Naruto smirked when he saw the slight twitched of an eye and a deep frown on Sasuke's face.

"Yes it is nice." Itachi didn't know what to say to his associate as he took a seat.

With that said, the two was mostly ignore or pulled into small conversations around them while Naruto was discussing important things with his right hand, Garra. Itachi sitting only a seat way from them had been ear dropping into their discussion however he was unable to connect any of what was said to anything. It wasn't because of the vague pronouns being used but rather the language they use was very old and abnormal.

After a while, they had stop all conversations and called the waiter and began to order. Naruto had of course ask for his favorite food that he had claimed to be from the gods themselves: ramen. Those who knew him well had a sheepish look on their faces when he ordered.

But of course one Uchiha had to say his opinion. Sasuke looked at the blonde and said, "What idiot orders ramen in a five star restaurant?"

Naruto leap up and point at him, "I'm not an idiot, bastard."

The whole table looked at the situation and laughed. Itachi looked amused at the two but also worried should the blonde be offended.

Sasuke had not expected that from the blonde and turned his head with his chin held high. "Dobe."

Naruto pouted.