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Bold - added emphasis, deeper
Italics - whisper
~~Bold~~ - Think of cartoons like spongebob and that part with mermaid man and barnacle boy that weird narrator sound with the doodilydoo or something
It's just for this chapter though...maybe. Right so just flame to your hearts content since I didn't really put much thought into the Kyuubi attack. It's just so boring to have to reread or type the same things over again. I mean come one everyone knows what happened during the attack. I just adjusted to fit my needs.


"OMG! The KYUUBI!" - random ninja 1
"Get the Yondaime!" - random ninja 2
"ROAR! I am the Almighty Kyuubi! BWAHAHAHAHA" - Kyuubi
"AARGH!" - random ninja 3
"NOO! Random ninja 3" - random ninja 4 (RN3s lover)
"HaHaHaHa! I will crush you all! Beware the power of DDR!" - Kyuubi
"NOOO! Not DDR!" RN5
~~Meanwhile at the hospital~~
"I'm sorry, Kushina." - Minato
"But you will die if you do this!" - Kushina
"Father!" - other kids
"I'm going now. Take care of your mother for me." - Minato
"Father/Minato!" - Kushina and kids
~~Back to the attack~~
"Yes! Yes! OHohohoho! Fall to my awesome skills! Be awed by my mighty powers that you little meat bags shall never have!" - Kyuubi
"We have to hold on!" - RN6
"Never fear I am here!" - Minato
"OMG! Yondaime-sama! SQUEAL!" - large group of RNs
"You'll nevber stop me!" - Kyuubi
"That's what you think. Secret Something Forbidden Jutsu no Summon the Shinigami to Seal into Two Babies GO!" - Minato
"Oh NO! Not the Secret Something Forbidden Jutsu no Summon The Shinigami to Seal into Two Babies! My ultimate weakness!" - Kyuubi
Magical gate of DARKNESS(and faeries) appears and opens to reveal...a naked shinigami DANCING!
"!" - Kyuubi and Minato
"OMG!" - Shinigami
Door closes back. Then opens again to reveal a fully dressed Shinigami.
"Ahem. Let's just forget what just happened and move on." - Shinigami
"Okay..." - Kyuubi and Minato
"Well move on! - Shinigami
"Oh right right." - Kyuubi and Minato
"Okay...hem hem...AARRGGG! My DDRness of all of DDR!" - Kyuubi
"Right! I seal the Kyuubis chakra into my son Rui and the Kyuubis soul into my other son Naruto!" - Minato
Snapping his fingers.
"Done." - Shinigami
"I guess you're going to take my soul now." - Minato
"I'll take it later. Your soul still belongs to me. I'll just take it after you die." - Shinigami
"Thank You!" - Minato
~~~Blah Blah Blah time skip~~~
Then Yondaime tells the village what happens to Kyuubi. Blah Blah Blah. He doesn't know what the village thinks about Naruto. Blah Blah Blah. Village then begins to rebuild itself.

RN - random ninja in case you didn't figure it out. You can tell I got tired of typing it after the first 4.
Magical gate of DARKNESS (and faeries) - it's a pretty gate. Onyx doors, silver vine designs along the corners, goldern dorrnobs. Your average evil gate of whatever.
Secret Something Forbidden Jutsu no Summon The Shinigami to Seal into Two Babies - Yeah... I could not think of something so this is what you get.

Right...After this there mighht be time skips. There are a few mistakes on the summary on my profile. So just to get this straight. Minato and Kushina will have 7 kids. Yeah 7. First borns are twin boys, next is a daughter, then another daughter, then another pair of twin boys(Naruto&Rui), then later another girl. Kids will be introduced later. Probably the next chapter along with thei age and such.

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