"Good bye Doctor, I wish you a happy life."


"No, I do, I have to live my life now."

I was flung to the side of my ship as it crashed into something outside. Raising to my feet, I tried to get to the main console and readjust the flight stability so that my landing wasn't as bad as it would be. I never got very far. Another explosion from the main console sent me flying into a wall and part of the door. The fires that surrounded the inside of my ship were growing and burning everything they could find. I looked up and grabbed my picture that sat near the door and then, as another explosion hit, flew against a railing. With the last explosion, the doors had been flung wide open and when the ship finally hit the ground with a sickening and heartbreaking crack, I was thrown onto the grass. I rubbed the back of my neck, trying to ease the dull throb of pain that was running through my body and all of its nerve endings. Vaguely, in the back of my mind, I noticed that there were four people standing behind me in shock and awe at the sight of my little blue box going up in flames. The doors of my ship snapped shut and then, from my view from outside, I saw another explosion and a flash of pain seared its way through my body as I doubled over, falling to the ground. There were dull thuds approaching me as the four people ran towards me. I felt warm hands go to my neck, checking my pulse.

"She's still alive, though I don't know how long, that pulse is really slow." Said a male voice and I groaned slightly as my body released energy from regeneration.

"It can't be." Another male voice whispered in almost awe and I shivered, though I'm not sure why.

"It can't be what Jack?" A third male voice asked and a female voice entered this time,

"Jack, what are we supposed to do, we can't let anyone see this." She said. I felt the stares move off of me and turn to someone else.

"All right, Ianto, you come with me, we'll take her to the hub. Gwen, Owen, can you move the ship into one of our warehouses? I don't think the fire will spread outside of the ship."

"But Jack," Gwen said, "It's on fire."

"Yes, I know that. Now just please do as I say." Jack said with a small sigh.

"Fine Jack, but I want an explanation when we come back." Gwen said in a tone that said she wasn't messing around and that there would be hell to pay if it didn't happen.

"It's not my story to tell, Gwen." Jack said softly and then I felt warm hands pick me, carrying me from under my knees and back. I rested my head against his chest, listening to the heartbeat there. My arms hit leather and I deduced that I was inside of a car, in the backseat most likely. From the driver's and passenger's seats, I listened to the conversation,

"Who is she Jack?" One of the previous male voices (I assumed this was Ianto) asked quietly. Jack sighed and cracked his neck,

"A very important person, and one of the last of her kind." Jack told him,

"Why is she important?"

"Ianto, it's not my story to tell and therefore I am not telling you it. Even I don't know all the details." He said, sounding slightly annoyed. The rest of the car ride was passed in silence between the two. I stirred a bit, releasing more energy. They moved me again, but this time I was placed on what felt like a couch, though I'm not exactly sure considering I wasn't fully conscience. After what seemed like an hour or so, I heard the sound of a liquid drink being poured into a cup and the smell of pizza reached me. I slowly stretched my limbs and joints. Then, I opened my eyes and blinked, allowing them to adjust to the dim light. Slowly, I sat up and found that there were four faces staring at me, three in surprise and one in curiosity. The one that looked at me in curiosity was wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He was wearing tan pants and braces, as well as shiny black shoes. His hair was dark brown and he had almost crystal like blue eyes. He also had a smirk on his face, I just tilted my head in curiosity. The woman in the group was wearing tight fitting black jeans, black boots that came up to her mid calf, a black leather like jacket and a red shirt under that. From where I was, I could see that she had brown eyes and black hair. One of the other men was wearing a brownish suit with thin blue pinstripes, a blue shirt underneath and a black tie. His hair was black and he had blue eyes that seemed so innocent compared to the first man. The last person was a man with brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing jeans and a white shirt under a leather jacket. Sitting next to him was a motorcycle helmet. I blinked at them,

"Why is everyone staring?" I asked, tilting my head to one side and then picking up a piece of cheese pizza. Taking a bite out of it, I looked around. The place where I was looked like an underground subway turn around, just without the outgoing and incoming tracks. In the center, there was a cylinder that reached the top of the room and appeared to go up to the ground outside. The place was lined with stairs and metal catwalks. There was one office up in the air and then what looked like a conference room across from that. Computers were lined up around every desk that sat on the floor. Off to the side there was a lab like room that I assumed to be the morgue. In the center, there was also a small weapons room. I shuddered and glared at it. My ideas on weapons were very limited and I only actually would use maybe two, neither of which were very lethal.

"Who are you?" The woman, Gwen, asked me curiously with a bit of a threatening tone laced into it. I grinned slightly and swallowed the piece of pizza I was eating.

"Honestly, personality wise, I have no clue. I don't know anything about my likes or dislikes, other than this pizza, I actually am not quite sure what I look like right now. I don't know if I'm rude, kind, generous, sarcastic, funny, serious, morbid, etcetera. But if you just want a name. That I can give you. My name is Averil." I told them, taking another bite out of my pizza. Gwen looked at me in utter confusion,

"Averil what?"

"Just Averil." I said. The man in the suit looked at the one with the braces,

"Is she nuts?"

"No, she actually seems saner than the other one of her kind I've met." I tilted my head thinking, and then it hit me,

"You're Jack Harkness." I half-yelled, pointing a finger accusingly at the man with the braces, "You're the Jack Harkness that I have heard so much about. Well, I would have loved to have you say hello to me." Jack looked at me confused, "Yes, I do actually talk to the Doctor. Well," I said, pausing, "I talk to the TARDIS who talks to his TARDIS, which is how I get my information. That, however, is not the point."

"She is insane." Gwen said to the man in the suit. I looked over at her,

"I know you're Gwen, I have no idea who you two are though." I said, pointing at the man with the leather jacket and the one in the suit. The one in the suit stepped up and held out his hand,

"Ianto Jones." I shook it and then turned to face the man in the leather jacket who just looked at me,

"Owen." I nodded and then looked at Jack,

"Where exactly am I and where is my TARDIS?" I demanded, Jack just laughed at me,

"First off, I'm in charge; second, you will go with Owen so he can put you into our system of visitors." He addressed the others, "If you have any questions, that would be the time to get them answered." I glared at Jack but followed his orders none the less. Sitting on a small bar-like stool, I placed my hand on the scanner they had. It projected me up onto a wall, showing my two hearts. Everyone but Jack looked confused.

"But she looks so human." Gwen said, puzzeled.

"No," I said, "You look Time Lord, we came first. Just trust me on that point, I have a little blue box."