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"What do you mean humans look Time Lord?" Ianto asked, confused, with furrowed eyebrows. I looked at him with amusement on my face,

"Quite simply that. The biological outward appearance of a Time Lord is very similar to that of a Earth born human being, however, when it comes to the interior biological 'wiring' let's say, we are actually quite different. Also, our brains can with hold quite a bit more information. Like you humans probably would never be able to recall an engram of tying your shoes. Time Lords are usually about two to three hundred years older than you all and can still remember looking into the Time Vortex around the age of eight or ten. Our brains are just programmed differently than yours. I mean, it's not like it's your fault or anything. Well, actually, no we'll just leave it at 'It's not your fault'." I told them. They looked at me confused. Jack spoke up,

"No, I take that back, you're right, she's crazy." I rolled my eyes and just looked at him but before I could give him a snapped reply, Owen began his questions.

"Name?" I looked at him,

"We've been through this already." I told him annoyed.

"Name?" Rolling my eyes, I decided to humor him,

"Averil, yours?" It was his turn to roll his eyes,


"Ummmm…let's see here, the Doctor is about nine hundred and seven so that would make me around eight hundred and ninety nine I believe." They stared at me in deeper confusion. I blinked, "What? Time Lords are basically immortal except for a few exceptions that happen quite a lot more than you think they would."

"Okay then," Owen sighed and then continued, "Planet of origin?"

"Gallifrey." He typed it in and then attached my body scan to the file.

"Any other things we should know?"

"Eh, probably that this would be my...fifth regeneration." They looked at me confused again and I just rolled my eyes, "All right kiddies, gather around, Averil's gonna tell you a story now, so shut up and sit down." They actually did and I blinked, "Okay, not expecting you to listen."

"Time Lords," I began, "Are the descendants and once-were inhabitants of the planet of Gallifrey. And oh, what a beautiful planet it was. The trees, when the sun would rise, would look as if they were on fire and the capital city was built under a globe of glass. Now the Time Lords governed and ruled over the universe through not only space, but time as well. We created laws and kept order. However, like all reigns, there were those who would challenge our rule. Our main adversary were the Daleks. They look a lot like moving trash cans, but they are so much more dangerous than that. You, Jack," I said, looking him in the eye, "Would know more about that than anyone else here other than me. Now the Daleks wanted to rule the universe and purge it of all that are non-dalek, as was their creator's plans for them. However, their creator never accounted for the Time Lords actually fighting back. We were thought to be an overly peaceful race with no means of defense or offense. They attacked us first, and, as we were caught by surprise, many were killed in the first wave. Now a Time Lord can only truly die if they die before their regeneration can take hold. Getting shot enough by a Dalek's laser can do that to you. They killed many of us in the first wave and then we struck back full force. The war got so bad that it created its own Time Lock. In a Time Lock, nothing can get in and nothing can get out and nothing on the inside ages correctly. Long story short, we had one chance at victory, though it wasn't exactly victory." My voice took on a nearly haunted tone, "The Doctor volunteered to do it. He would destroy the main ship and nearby ships with explosives which would set off a chain reaction, destroying all the other ships. However, it would also destroy all Time Lords caught in the blast. He did it and to this day I have no clue how he got out. He or his TARDIS." Ianto looked up at me and actually raised his hand. I blinked and then nodded to him,

"How did you survive?" He asked quietly, almost as if he thought it would offend me. My corners of my mouth twitched into a humorless smile,

"I'm a coward." I told them, "I never fought, though I should have. When I first heard of the war, I high tailed it out of Gallifrey as fast as my TARDIS could fly. Well, as fast as a stolen TARDIS would fly at that time, she works fine now, or well, she did. Not the point, the point is that I never fought, I watched along with the rest of the universe. The Doctor beats himself up every day, I know it. Though he knows that every Time Lord would sacrifice themselves for the sake of the universe, but he still blames himself for so many deaths. His family, mine, his children, grandchildren, my husband. All of them died in the blast. I didn't take my husband with me because he knew I was a coward and he went off to fight. He left me there on my own, thinking that he could come back whenever and I would just willingly take him back." I let out a humorless laugh, "That would have never have happened, not after everything he did." I looked up at them, "And thus ends the story of the 'Great' Time War. Now a TARDIS is the means of transportation for Time Lords. And contrary to apparent popular belief across the universe, they are grown not made. Trust me, if they were made, I wouldn't have such a headache all the time from arguing with her. They run on the energy that they can take from the Temporal rifts in the fabric of time and space. Like the rift that this hub sits on is a good example of a TARDIS gas station so to speak. Now TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It's an acronym. And yes, it is in fact bigger on the inside than it is on the outside." I told them, "Now, any questions?"

They blinked at me in utter confusion, "Oh trust me," I told them, "You'll get used to it." Jack looked at me, "Can you reverse my immortality?" I shook my head,

"No," I told him sadly, "I can't reverse what Rose did to you. That was the raw power of the Time Vortex. Once something happens with that energy, it's nearly impossible to right. It would take the raw power of the Time Vortex to reverse it and no one can stand that power, no one is meant to be able to stand that power. That's why the Doctor regenerated." I looked at Jack, "I'm so, so sorry."

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