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-"I see it! I see it!"

-"See what Bella?" Alice my pixie-like best friend had said.

-"I see the cruise ship Alice! Oh my god aren't you nervous because I sure am!" I practically shout at her. I have been dreaming about this cruise for only about 2 years! I have been saving up my tips I received from working at the club and finally after two years I have managed to save even more then I had in mind so I am going to do this first class baby!

"Oh my god, wait up will you? You aren't the only person going you know… plus we have about approximately 45 minutes until we board the ship so we might as well use up the time going shopping!" my best friend said.

I still remember the first time we met which was coincidentally at the mall. Alice was sitting down in her seat in the food court and seeing that all the seats were taken I decided to give her some company. I took a moment to take her in. She was actually really short and skinny looking with choppy, short, dark brown hair. She didn't look like a creeper so I figured it was safe to sit with her.

-"Hey is it okay if I sit with you? I don't want to be a bother but seeing there is no more seats available…"

-"Sure go ahead my name is Alice, Alice Cullen." She says and looks up at me. Once she looks at me, I can see her eyes are the most beautiful shade of honey gold I've ever seen.

-"Hi Alice, I'm Isabella Swan but you can call me Bella." I say as I take a seat right next to her nearly dropping my cheeseburger in the process.

-"Whoa there!" she says catching my burger in an instant "don't wanna lose your burger there."

-"I'm soo sorry I tend to be really clumsy sometimes" I say flashing a brief smile.

She sighs and I look at her curiously. Little did I know that she would end up being the person who knows everything there was to know about me. Well almost everything…

"Come on Bella we don't have all day here for you to start spacing out on me… plus don't you want to look super sexy for my brother?" she smirks trying to find the nearest shopping center around.

-"Oh hold your horses Alice; I don't even know if I want to meet your brother. One Cullen is enough for me!" I reply trying to catch up to her.

-"You do not mean that Bella! Come on I think a Victoria's Secret is just across the corner!" she says.

-"Victoria's secret? Why in the world would we go there? I brought enough underwear and bras for the trip! Ohhh… oh!" I say suddenly realizing why she wanted to go there. What did I get myself into? There is absolutely no use in arguing with Alice when it comes to shopping … and men.

Ooo what do u think will happen at VS?

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