Just want to make a few clarifications… this is an all human story so that means there is absolutely no vampires= ) or werewolves = / lol sorry I took a long time to update, got caught up with winter classes. So here chapter 3!

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"Bella! I've been looking for you everywhere! What you think!" says Alice running up to me with bunch of bags in both hands.

"About…?" I say, having no clue what she is talking about.

"Look in my hands Bella" she grunts. I look at her but I don't see her hands… unless they are the under the little red strings she's holding. Sometimes I get scared of Alice, but what can I say she's my best friend.

"Wow Alice. Do you expect me to wear that? Come on hurry we are going to be late!" I say. We pass a whole bunch of hot guys who whistle at Alice's red strings as we pass. Hah men…

When we get to the boat, I struggle to take a breath. It's so beautiful and huge as in picture the titanic. Yes that beautiful! I can't believe that's going to be our home for 2 weeks and if I find romance then I can say my life is complete. We start to walk up the steps when it starts to feel like a fairy tale. I can picture the history this ship must have, all the beautiful woman in those big puffy dress and all the handsome men in their tuxedos walking up these very steps going to a ball. I look up at Alice to see if this is all real and she looks back at me smiling with twinkling eyes jumping up and down.

"Bella! This is it aren't you excited? Sometime within the next few weeks we are going to find love I guarantee it! Bella watch out!" she exclaims as I run into a man.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry" I say looking up at the man who I bumped into. He was about 6 feet well towering over me with dark russet skin, long black hair in a pony tail (probably longer than mine), and dark eyes wearing just a plain white tee and denim jeans. I didn't really have time to look at his face when…

"Watch where you are going lady" the man yells.

"Geesh Jake calm down. I know you didn't want to be here but you don't have to take it out on other people here." A woman says to this presumed Jake. "I'm so sorry are you okay? My brother here is being an ass. I'm Rachel."

"Oh it's okay Rachel I'm Bella but I'm guessing you won't be chatting long since he is storming off…"

"Im so sorry. I hope I see you sometime during the cruise but I got to go. Nice meeting you!" she says as she starts running off. "…I swear it's like I'm taking care of a little kid, Jake wait up!"

"Rude much" Alice says to me.

"I actually thought she was quite nice…"

"Not her! The guy but let's not talk about it anymore we are here to have fun to let's let this fairy tale begin!" Alice screams and I start to breathe again. This is going to be the time of my life might as well live it. I nod at her and let myself smile my biggest smile possible.

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