"Rise and shine Draco!"


Looking around the Slytherin theme room, he turned to look at the clock in his room. It read 7 am. Who was this cheery at this time of the morning? Of course, it was his mother Narcissa. He opened one eye and saw her smiling down on him and looking ready to start the day. Narcissa was the perfect pureblood wife. She was tall and beautiful with her long blonde hair and blue eyes. She dressed impeccably and obediently followed orders. She had a certain aura around her that drew people in. Draco smiled at the sight of his mother, but immediately remembered that it was still early at least for him. He usually woke up around 10 because he believed that he needed as much beauty sleep as possible.

He pulled the warm covers back over his head and was reprimanded by his mother.

"Now Draco, get up. I have a whole day planned for us together."

She pulled back his green curtains and immediately light filled the room. She turned towards the bed and tugged down the green comforter revealing the hidden body.

"Ah, much better. Alright that is enough time. I expect you to be dressed and downstairs in fifteen minutes."

The blonde woman walked out of the door as quickly as she came in.

Draco could not believe that even at age 25 his mother was still treating him as a child. Sure he loved his mother, but she was just too overprotective of him. Mothers. After his father Lucius died two years ago, his mother had no one to turn to other than him. He was constantly there by her side during the grieving period and vowed to take care of her. So he allowed her to worry and fret about him just as long as it took her mind off her deceased husband. He would do anything for his mother because she was the only person whom he cared about in the world.

"I guess it is time to get up before mother yells again."

He slowly swung his feet over the side of the bed and got up. After he stretched, he cast a spell to make up his wrinkled bed. Then he walked over to his closet, grabbed his usual black attire, and set it on top of his newly made bed. Making his way over to his large bathroom, he stopped in front of his gold mirror, where he noticed his disheveled hair and haggard looking face.

"Merlin, this will not do at all. Whatever this woman has planned better be worth it."

He stripped and made his way over to the large shower that could easily fit twenty people. The warm water instantly eased the tension and he relaxed. After spending ten minutes in the shower, he got out and cast a drying spell. He dressed quickly, looked at the mirror one last time and smirked.


Descending down the stairs, he immediately noticed an assortment of food laid out on the dining table. There were scones, tarts, finger sandwiches, eggs, ham, sausages, bacon, and toast. The food smelt amazing and on cue his stomached grumbled indicating his hunger. He grabbed a couple pieces of bacons and eggs and two pieces of toast. He poured himself a cup of coffee and moved to the chair opposite his mother's.

As he was smearing butter on his toast, he asked his mother, "So what are we doing today?"

Narcissa replied, "Well dear we are going shopping," as usual "having lunch at this new restaurant, then watching a ballet performance."

His eyes widened and he choked on the bite he just took. He was caught off guard, but gained composure.

"Son, I thought I told you to take smaller bites. I do not understand why men have to pile food in their mouths. It is not like the food will disappear."

"I am sorry mother, but did you just say ballet performance?"

"Yes, you heard me correctly."

"I will not go. Please ask me to do anything else just as long as it is not watching a boring performance. Men do not waste their time watching people prance and jump around on stage. I do not understand why you would even want to go. It is not like anything exciting happens." Merlin he wished his mother was interested in quidditch or anything else he was interested in.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, we are going to do everything I have planned and that is final." Narcissa suddenly got up from the table, moving towards the double glass doors. She slowly turned around, sighed, and said, "It would mean a lot to me", then left.

How could he say no to his mother now? He was just going to have to suck it up to please his mother. Oh the things that he does for that woman.