Draco turned around and came face to face with the person whom he despised the most.

"Harry!" Hermione exclaimed and threw her hands over his neck.

Indeed, it was Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding World. Unlike Hermione, Draco was not happy to have his presence in the room. One would think that the rivalry between the former Gryffindor and Slytherin would have died along with the demise of the Dark Lord, but this was a very special circumstance. This was Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Their hatred for each other would never die. Draco had not seen his enemy for more than three years, yet that absence did not stop him from hearing news about the almighty, bloody Potter. He just could not escape the incessant chatter about Harry Potter anywhere. Everywhere he went it was Harry Potter this and Harry Potter that. There were posters of him on store windows and pictures of him in the Daily Prophet. The Minister of Magic even wanted to erect a statue of him, which Harry politely declined. Thank Merlin. Sure he saved the wizarding world, but that was old news. People needed to move on with their lives.

Now the enmity between the two men escalated. It was not just about Quidditch games and house rivalry. This was about a woman.

"You came!"

"Of course I did Hermione. I never miss one of your performances. Ginny loved it too." Harry hugged her back, never once taking his eyes off the other occupant in the room.

Draco felt like he was intruding, but he was still not done talking to her. He planned to stay right where he was until he had another chance to talk to Hermione.

All of a sudden, a thought struck him. Harry Potter was married. So he has a wife and girlfriend? Didn't that go against his moral code or whatever? I guess Potter isn't a goody two-shoes. I can use this information to blackmail him, maybe expose him to the world as a fraud? He could read the headlines now: Trouble in Paradise for Harry Potter? or The Secret Life of Harry Potter. The thought of seeing his enemy hit rock bottom made a smile appear on his face.

The two friends finally detangled themselves from each other.

"I am going to get my stuff, but I will meet you in the lobby in ten minutes," a beaming Hermione said.

Draco noticed how happier she looked after Potter walked through the door. He wished that he was the reason why she was smiling.

Harry nodded. "Sounds good. Take your time."

She walked back to her vanity mirror and shoved all of the contents on the table into her purse.

Just as she was about to pass the threshold, she stopped and turned to face the blonde man. "It was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Malfoy. I hope this won't be the last time you watch a ballet performance." She gave him a small smile, and then closed the door. It was such a polite reply. He knew that he shouldn't be surprised by the formality of it because the two were still strangers, having only exchanged a couple of sentences to each other. However, he wanted to be so much more than that.

The only occupants left in the room were the two men, who were silently assessing the other. Hermione was the only reason why they acted civilized, but now that she was gone all hell was about to break loose.

Draco had a huge smirk on his face.

Harry frowned. "What are you so happy about Malfoy?"

"Is the Weaslette not satisfying you? Really Potter, I never thought you would have someone on the side."

"First, her name is Ginny! Second, what in Merlin's name are you talking about?"

"Do you need a potion to remember things? I guess it makes sense why you weren't the most intelligent person at school," Draco taunted, then sighed. "You said Hermione has a boyfriend meaning you. I have no idea why she would choose you over me though. I mean I am the one who has looks, money, and brains, things which you obviously don't possess."

Harry's green eyes widened and his mouth hung open. Oh how Draco wished he could take a picture of the Boy Wonder right now and send it to the tabloids. He looked absolutely ridiculous. Where were the reporters when he needed them the most?

Suddenly, Harry started laughing uncontrollably. He was taking in mouthfuls of air. He looked five times worse than before.

Potter has gone completely bonkers. Why would anyone want to have married him? Draco could just stare at his rival, who was making a fool out of himself.

By the time Harry was done, he had a couple of tear drops coming from his eyes. He pulled out his handkerchief from his pressed robes and started dabbing away at them.

"Are you finished Potter? I don't have time for this."

"Alright," Harry replied, trying to calm himself down.

"I think that we just established you are out of your mind. I feel sorry Jenny married you. She is stuck to a bloke like you forever."

"It's Ginny! By the way, I'm not the boyfriend. I would never do that to my wife. I love her. You might not understand that word because it's not in your vocabulary."

"Of course you are!" Draco accused, ignoring the love remark. Potter thinks he can keep his relationship a secret. Think again.

"Listen, I'm not. Believe me or don't believe me. I could care less. Just stay away from Hermione. She is a good person and does not associate with people like you."

Harry swung the door open. "If you ever come near her again, I will hex you and you will regret the day you ever laid eyes on her." He gave him one last glare before walking out.

Draco Malfoy was the only one standing in the room. Today is just getting better and better he thought. Hermione rejected him. Harry Potter threatened him. What else could go wrong?

He looked around the room and immediately felt cold. Hermione emitted warmth, which made the room come to life. Now it felt cold despite the bright bouquets of flowers and the small collection of stuffed animals. He needed to get out of this room. It was too much for him. He felt like he was suffocating.

He walked outside of the dressing room and saw a man standing with his back turned to him talking to Hermione, who had a smile plastered on her face. He did not even have to guess who this man was after all he had not changed a bit since his Hogwarts days. Red hair and a hand-me-down robe.

It was Weasley. He must be the boyfriend. Perfect. It was not like he was any competition to him. He would show Hermione that he was the right choice for her. He will crush his opponent and win her heart. Yes, this was his plan.

Game on Weasley.