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Chapter 1

The battle with Naraku had been going on four hours. Miroku was knocked out by the Samiosho and Sango was bleeding pretty heavaly from a wound in her right leg and left arm. She was currently protecting Miroku from attack. Shippo, Rin, Jaken and Kirara where in Kaeda's hut. Kirara and Jaken were left for Shippo and Rins protection. While Kagome, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and Koga were left fighting, they were able to only substain miner injuries.

With Kohaku knocked out from Naraku taking the shard out of his just finishing up killing Narakus' lastest reincarnation. Koga had just killed Kanna and he was making his way towards Inuyasha. Kagome and Inuyasha had been fighting Naraku for the last thirty mintues or so.

"Kagome!" Yelled Koga and Inuyasha as they saw her get grabbed by Narakus tentacles.

" Damn you Naraku release Kagome!" , Inuyasha yelled.

"Ku Ku Ku. You ignorant fool. Why would I release her, when I could just kill her slowly and watch you fail to save another woman you love?" Chuckled Naraku.

" I would never let you kill her...GGIRRRRR!", Inuyasha managed to growl out.

" Ravor Leafs!" Ayame launched an attack from behind Naraku. She was able to cut the limbs that were holding Kagome. She quikly caught her from falling to the ground. " Got ya" She said as she put her down. "Ayame when did you get here?" she asked. "Just as he grabed you. Are you okay?", Ayame replied.

" Yeah jus-"

" You stupid wolf you will pay for that" he says this while sending a tentacle towards her. But with no one close enough that could help and no time to react the attack made contact.

"AAHHHH!" Ayame screamed and fell to the ground after taking the tentacle thru the stomache."Ayame!" yelled kagome and Koga.

" You will pay for trying to killing another of the wolf tribe you Bastard!" Koga yelled.

After the attack on Ayame, Sesshomaru made it to the group and they now had him surrounded.

Inuyasha yelled, "Now !"

They all sent their strongest attacks at him." AAHHH!" They watched as he died and left only dust and the whole Shikon No Tama behide in his spot.

" Finally!" they yell...Well everyone but Sesshomaru of course.

" Ayame...Ayame can you hear me? to me...Wake up! " Kagome yelled.

" I' m up *cough cough*", she said weakly.

"You stupid idoit what were you thinking? Why are you even here we didn't need your help! Now look what you've gone and done your grandfa-" Kagome intterupts," Enough Koga! Shut up! She is hurt!...Ayame how are you? Are you poisoned?"

" I * cough* will be okay *cough* I just need to rest." she replied then passes out.

" Okay... I will get you taken care of just rest...Okay now Koga go get my bag. Inuyasha bring Miroku over here and help Sango get over here as well... Lord Sesshomaru are you well?"

" This Sesshomaru is well and I shall take our leave now."

"Bye big brother." she said while waving. This statement earned her a dirty look from Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha and koga quickly did as they were told. They also seemed to have the least amount of injuries so she would treat them last. Ayames' seemed the worst so she was treated first. She cleaned up the wound and dressed it. Then with Sango she cleaned and stiched her up. Miroku didn't really have many physical wounds. His problem was the toxicine from the Naraku's Hell Wasp he sucked into his wind then took care of Inuyasha and Koga.

"So Kagome since Naraku is finally dead and your my woman and all, we should go ahead and make it offical and mate." Koga said while taking her hand in both of his and pulling her to him.

A single tear runs down Ayames face.'He is never going to keep his promise',she thinks this before passing back out.

BAM! He goes flying after being kicked in the head by Inuyasha." FUCK OFF ASSHOLE! She ain't your woman and you ain't mat'n her, wolfshit, so just leave!" Inuyasha grabs Kagome and puts her in his lap. She is blushing a bright red as this happened.

"Look Koga shouldn't you let your tribe know that Naraku is dead and take Ayame back so she can be taking care of?" Kagome offers.

" Thats why you are my woman you always think of others but Ayame can't make the trip until tomorrow so we will be spending the next night or two here."-Koga.

"Okay I am sure Lady Kaede wouldn't mind so tha-"- Kagome

"KAGOME" Shippou screams as he jumps into her arms. " Umph"

"So ye finally defeated Naraku..What are ye going to do with the Shikon No Tama Kagome?" asked Lady Kaede.

"As far as I am conserned it belongs to Inuyasha."-kagome

"Feh...I don't want it."-Inuyasha

' He doesn't want it? Why? What am I supose to do' Kagome just stared at the Shikon No Tama.

" Why don't yee think about it and you can tell us tomorrow"- Keade

" lets get the injured back to town."- Kagome

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