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Chapter 5

As Ayame and her pack were making their way back to their den up North she decided to catch up with Katsu some more.

" Hey Katsu." Ayame said getting his attention.

" Yes Princess what may I do for you?"

" Nothing really I just figured we could catch up on some lost time, while we make our way home. If that is ok?...And quit calling me princess you know i prefer just Ayame."

" But you will always be my princess," he said as he winked at her, " and I would like very much to find out what all I have missed out on while away... So what was the deal with Koga?"

She got a small blush after he winked at her.'I really don't remember him being quite this much of a charmer back then... but people do change. I love the way he smiles at me.' she thought. " Well it really a long story but I will make it short as I can. One day a couple of years ago at one of the festivals, at Koga's tribe, I decided to go exploring alone. While I was out a bird of paradies came after me and he saved me. Well, on our way back he promised after I came down out of the mountains, when finished with training, that he would make me his woman. So, I finish my training and find him only to have him say he never said that. And on top of that his woman was kagome. You know the girl Inuyasha is mating. Well, after two years of him claiming Kagome as his, I have had enough. That is the shortest version I can give you. So, do you have any females chasing after you?" she asked.

" Well... I can say it was his loss. You don't need anyone that is not going to put you first. You need someone that is strong enough to stand by you since you are the princess but that will be there for you emotionally as well. As for me, I don't want to brag or anything but I have had a few females after my tail but who wouldn't." he said jokingly.

" Okay here is the Katsu I remember. Yep, definitely the same Katsu I grew up with. Your as conceded as ever *giggle*... If your not careful I might just have to beat those other females off with a stick at the festival." she joked.

" You know it... So now that Koga has no claim on you, do you plan on finding a mate at this years festival or are you going to wait a few more years?" he asked.

" Well... I would like to go ahead and find a mate. I am tired of being alone and i wish to have cubs. And I know Grandfather wishes for me to go ahead and mate. He wants to know that, if he were to pass, the pact would be safe." she stated.

" Well that is understandable."- Katsu

" So are you going into the festival looking for a mate or are you going to wait?" - Ayame

" I plan to leave the festival with a mate and a pup on the way." he said while he winked at her.

'That will be one lucky wolf that gets to mate you. Where did that come from... well it is true. Oh look we are back... first things first report to grandfather.' she said thinking to herself. But it was quickly put on hold as the pack that stayed behind rushed out to greet her and the others.

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