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This is my first attempt at writing a Vampire Knight fanfic, so tell me how it is! This will definitely be an AU, and underneath, there is the full summary to the story. I'm sorry if I make the characters OOC, just tell me when they are, and I'll start changing 'em! This story is a fusion of Sleeping Beauty (by the Grimm Brothers and Charles Perrault) and Vampire Knight, though not at all Sleeping Beauty, and not exactly complete Vampire Knight canon facts (though I have researched a bit).

Full Summary: The birth of the Yuuki Kuran is celebrated by the seven heads of all Pureblood families, but it is disrupted by none other than Rido Kuran, who had escaped from prison. Enraged by Juuri's love for Haruka, the realization that the Purebloods do not recognize Rido has a leader and also that he was not invited to this gathering, Rido swears that before Yuuki is sixteen, she will be killed by him. When Yuuki is five, the Kuran family are unprepared for Rido's attack on them, and Juuri puts Yuuki's Pureblood body to sleep, and hides her body. When she does so, Yuuki's human spirit takes the form of a human Yuuki is transported elsewhere and is found by Kaien Cross, all memories of her past forgotten. Juuri and Haruka are killed in Rido's attack, but Kaname survives and is told to find Yuuki's body and awaken her when Rido is killed. Will he find her body and her human self before Rido does?

I hope you like it! Onto the chapter!


The Celebration

The celebration was located in the underground mansion of the Kurans. It was a celebration like others before, one that welcomed the life of a new pureblood – a sacred and scarce being in the vampiric society. The basement ballroom that spanned the width of a football field was decorated to the finest details by the best interior designers the world could find and all the colors complimented each other and symbolized the birth of such a prestigious being. Chefs came from all around the world and they presented their first-class food towards these highly exalted vampires, for not only did they deserve this treatment, but they could afford it. Today was a day that these beings gathered for such a festive event.

The long ebony table seated some of the most prominent people in society. Some knew them as politicians, others as celebrities, while some were faces were unknown outside their close knit circle, but their hands controlled the world like they held the strings of marionette. On the left side of the table, there sat the head of the Touma family who appeared to look like a child but in actual fact had lived milleniums, across from him was the head of the Hanadagi family. Beside him sat the head of the Ouri family looking as regal as they were and engaged in a conversation with the head of the Shirabuki family who had brought their young daughter, Sara, who was currently fiddling with the ribbon on her dress. Shizuka Hiou sat between Touma and Isaya Shouto, who was delicately sipping his cup of blood.

And at the head of the table was Kuran family. Haruka sat on one end while Juuri sat on the other with her son Kaname and the new edition to their family, the reason for this festivity, the new princess of the vampire world, Yuuki Kuran.

Kaname held her protectively in his arms while she tried to grab his index finger. She was born only a week ago, and she was now introduced to the purebloods. There was a joyous feel in the air as the last remaining purebloods embraced the new edition to their endangered race. Each pureblood snuck a glance at her small tuffs of chestnut brown hair, to her wide innocent eyes and her small frail body and they all broke from their regal masks to give her a genuine smile.

"Okaa-san, can I go look at Yuuki?" Sara pleaded, tugging the laced sleeve of her mother.

With that smile still placed on her lips, her mother replied "Of course, why don't you try and make her laugh?" as her daughter merrily skipped away, she returned looked at the man beside her. "Ouri-san, what do you think of Sara-chan? Have you considered having a fiancée? Sara-chan is eligible."

Ouri looked at the girl who was now beside Yuuki making faces in hopes of getting the baby to laugh. Just like the newborn, Sara's smile lit up the room too. Engagements at birth and at a young age were common and a necessity with the Purebloods. The age difference didn't really matter, for each of them could live for eternity and maintained quite young appearances.

"After living centuries alone, I long for a companion. When she is older, we shall see. For now, I will consider your offer Shirabuki-sama." The corners of his mouth slightly turned up to a small grin.

A cough and the tinkling of glass disrupted the conversations being held and all eyes went across the table to the man who was elegantly holding his glass in one hand and a spoon in another. Haruka gracefully stood up and cleared his throat.

"Welcome fellow purebloods, and family to our wonderful home." His voice deep and oozed happiness. "I would like to thank you all for coming here today and witnessing the entrance of a new pureblood much like ourselves." He gestured across the tables and all eyes followed his point "The Kuran family would like to introduce you to Yuuki, my daughter. Today is a cherished day. The pureblood race is dwindling, and every new life brings us all joy and glee. You are now all witnesses to her coming into the vampire society, but my family has a request from all of you.

"By tradition, every pureblood born is welcomed and witnessed by the head of each pureblood family. Soon after, they are then shown to the rest of the vampire race and a heavy burden, which we all feel, falls upon us they day we are born. My family would like to request your silence of her birth, until she has come of age and we formally greet her to the Vampire Council. In sixteen years, you can forget this simple request and talk about her whenever and wherever you want."

He held himself like a king, and between all of them, he was their king. The Kurans were monarchs of the past, and he was now their unofficial king. The Vampire Council now held most of the power, but they always needed a pureblood's consent for they did not want to go against the wrath of a powerful being. He was the unofficial head of the Vampire Council, at least, until he knew how corrupt they were. But his voice still commanded power and obedience which the rest of the purebloods were unwilling to test.

A shuffle of a chair and feet echoed in the ballroom and Isaya Shouto stood up, drawing his right hand over his heart. "Haruka-sama, you are always one who would think something out before having a final say. If you want Yuuki-san's birth to go unnoticed by the Vampire Council and the vampire race, you have my silence. I will not speak of her birth nor her upbringing until you deem it necessary." He bowed slightly to Haruka and sat down.

The Shirabukis stood up together, holding each other's hands and placing the other over their heart. "You have our silence too. We shall also make Sara-chan silent."

"My lips are sealed." Touma spoke as he jumped up. He tipped his head and came up with a mischievous grin.

"The Hanadagis always stay to their word and you have ours. Our lips will not utter her name nor her life."

"Yuuki-san has wise parents, her choice of when to be in the vampiric society should be up to her. I agree to not knowing about her existence and I will not speak of her." Ouri spoke, clearly making an emphasis on his promise.

All eyes went to the remaining pureblood. Shizuka looked at them coldly and waved her closed fan, her lavender eyes squinting at them. "I see you all look at me as though I will not fulfill Haruka-sama's request, you all have no faith in me." Turning to directly face Haruka, she said "It is my honor to carry out your request, Haruka-sama." She stood up and bowed completely to him, her back at a ninety degree angle, her hair falling to the floor, and the tinkling of bells present.

"If that's settled, then please, dig in! We have gotten delicacies from all around and we're more than welcome to share!" with a swish of her dress, Juuri sprang up from the seat, her arms out in front of her encouraging her guests to eat. The curls of her hair bounced as she jumped back down to her chair and the waiters who invisibly stood around the table sprang forth to unveil the meal.

The guests commenced the conversations which they had left off at, not hinting that anything had disrupted them before. The food was tasted, the blood wine enjoyed, and they all exchanged the news with each other. It was not often that the all the purebloods came together and this was their time to catch up. Many had recently awoken from their slumber, while others had hidden away from society. The air was still the same joyous state, but unease was around them. They all had the same thought and the wondered if he was going to arrive, or if he had even been invited. But it was not possible, so they pushed the thought aside.

A loud noise and a bloodcurdling scream only vampires could hear were heard from a distance. The tearing of flesh became apparent and all heads turned to look at the single entrance which they all came from. Haruka's eyes turned crimson and he bared his fangs, jumping up from his seat and turning around, for his back had faced the doors and he was the closest to the entry. Juuri and the Shirabukis protectively went to their children, hiding them behind their back and them from the door. Kanama held Yuuki tighter in his hold as he heard the slapping of feet on the basement stairs. The other purebloods stood up, recognizing a threat and their eyes also turned crimson, all except Shizuka. She placed her hands on her lap and fumbled with her fingers in anxiety, head pointed downwards trying not to catch any other eye.

The heavily guarded door exploded and an animalistic cackling was heard from within the door's debris and dust. As the dust began to clear, the purebloods noticed the pile of bodies which were formerly the sentries of the Kuran Manor. And standing on top of them stood Rido Kuran, holding the collar of one of the guards whose neck had been ripped open, and Rido tossed him lazily onto the pile. His clothes showed that he had dressed up for this gathering - a silk button down white shirt, a black blazer, a red untied tie, black slacks- but now his garments were slashed in places and stained with blood.

"My dear brother, what's this I see?" he languidly wiped the blood on his face, blood he had taken from the security, as he strolled inside the room "All my friends! And a feast! You all look dolled up, but whatever for? Ah yes, Juuri dear, I've heard that you've given birth to the second spawn of Haruka. Oh goody me, I'm still an uncle." He smirked as he answered himself.

The vampires stepped away from the mad pureblood in disgust as he threw back Haruka's chair and placed himself carelessly on it. He propped his feet onto the table and leaned back, swinging on two chair legs like a child in a classroom. He had taken the spot of their "king" and was enjoying his spotlight.

"Rido-nii, please-" Haruka began, but Rido cut him off.

"Don't you all need the head of the clan to be here? Am I not the head of the Kuran clan? Why, then, wasn't I invited?" he placed a finger on his face, which was slightly tilted "Was it because I was kept in an underground prison a hundred miles away from here? Or was it because my cute siblings hate me? Was my Level E army intimidating all of you? Or was it because," he slapped his hands on either side of his cheeks "you all think I'm mad and I'm going to destroy the purebloods and make myself king?" he chuckled.

"Rido-nii, please…" Juuri spoke, her eyes begging for peace. "We did not expect you to be able to come here."

Ignoring her, Rido swung back down and reached over, roughly grabbing Shizuka's chin and forced her to look at him.

"My lovely fiancée, you turn against me? Have I done nothing but let you live in comfort? In ease and with Kuran riches? And you, you did not bother to tell me what was going on? Know that I am always watching you, so be aware of what you are doing." he growled at her as she whimpered, shutting her eyes so she could not see his face.

"Rido -" Haruka began once again, reaching to out grab Rido's arm which was still seizing Shizuka's face, but Rido stood up and dodged Haruka's attempt of catching him.

"Why hello Touma-san, Shouto-san, Hanadagi-san, Shirabuki-san and Ouri-san!" he dipped his head towards them. He walked passed them and paid no attention to their deadly stares, also disregarding Haruka's steps which closing in on him. He came at a stop in front of Sara, who was guarded by her mother, and grinned, showing his jagged teeth. "Sara-chan! You've grown up to be a darling young lady!" As he bent down to touch one of her golden curly locks, he was thrust backwards.

"Stay away from daughter." Her father commanded, his icy stare causing Rido to mock shiver and smirk.

"It is not your daughter I am interested in, but rather, her." He pointed at the baby in Kaname's hands and put it upon himself to inspect the child. "Kaname, why don't you let your dear uncle hold his newborn niece?" Rido brought out his arms but was shoved aside by Haruka.

"Enough. Rido, what the hell are you doing? You know why you weren't invited." Haruka snarled.

"Well, I'm meeting my niece Yuuki –"

"Don't you dare say her name! Stay away from my children. You've taken Kaname, you will not take Yuuki. You are never touching my daughter. Ever." Juuri screamed, flinging herself beside her husband with her arms out by her side and fists clenched white. Her emotions got the better of her, and all the glass on the table shattered.

"Juuri dear, do you expect that to be possible? You daughter is quite tempting." He sniffed the air "Oh, her blood is magnificent!"

With that, Haruka's pupils grew and Rido's left arm was gruesomely torn off from his body. Haruka raised his fisted right hand parallel to the floor and opened it, unleashing a force which caused Rido to fly back, embedding him into the wall. The wall's support gave up and the section of the wall which Rido had been thrown into tumbled down. Rido stood from the destroyed mess wiping off some dust on his shoulder with the arm he still had. He walked back towards Haruka, but this time, the rest of the purebloods, including Shizuka, circled their "king" and his family, and with a combined force, hurled Rido through dozens of walls.

Rido came back within seconds, stomping on the ground towards them, his eyes bloodshot and pupils crimson. With fists pumped into the air and glared at each of them "I am your king! You have all went against me! I am the eldest and head of the Kuran clan! Why have you chosen my younger brother to lead you?" He shouted with mad passion at them. "I am the king!"

"Rido – " Juuri cried but was silenced by his continued speech.

"Don't you dare call my name as though we're so intimate and close with each other! You were supposed to be my wife! Not that coward of a lady I'm now engaged to! Why did you choose Haruka? Why?" he stormed up to his family and growled at them. "I will get my revenge through your precious daughter! Before she has turned sixteen, I will take her and drain every drop of blood in her body and strengthen myself so that no one will be able to challenge me. I will force both of you to watch while I torture her to death and drink her blood. She will be mine!"

And with that, he formed his shadow puppet bats as a distraction from his escape. Hundreds came at the vampires and attempted to wound them. Kaname, who had given Yuuki to her mother, turned to face Rido, who was now a speck in the distance. With just a glance, his eyes dilated at his uncle taking off and Rido was torn into hundreds of pieces. Kaname ran after him, but found out that he was gone, even the bits and pieces he had torn apart missing. The others had followed him, curious as to why this young pureblood had gone after Rido when Haruka should have been the one going after him.

Kaname faced Yuuki's parents. "I swear to you that Rido will not even touch Yuuki. My words will come true and Rido will be gone before Yuuki even knows she has an uncle. Mark my words, Rido will die before a drop of Yuuki's blood is even in his reach." Turning to the other vampires, he spoke to them, "All of you, you will protect my sister and cause no harm to her, whatsoever. You have all witnessed what has happened today and none of you will aid Rido in harming my fiancée. And if you do, the consequence will be death by my hand."

His voice emitted power and authority, and even Haruka would not challenge it. The other purebloods cowered at the thought of defying Kaname, even though he was only aged seven. His stance gave out the aura of ancient royalty which all could recognize. It must've been the Kuran blood, they all thought. The words he spoke and the way he said them made it seem as though he was responsible about what had taken place, just like how any other respectable ruler would blame themselves for the troubles upon their land. No doubt about it, the purebloods now acknowledged Kaname as the perfect heir to the throne, and some even deemed him the new king in their minds.

"I believe in you Kaname. I will protect my daughter at all cost." Juuri bowed her head at Kaname, and Haruka followed her.

A baby girl gurgled and the attention was brought to the center of this event, the disruption, and the promises. She was completely innocent and and oblivious to the commotion she had caused. This delicate vampire had set the scale to the other Purebloods. Who would protect her and who wouldn't? Soon, all the other purebloods bowed their head in agreement. For today they all had made two oaths and the significance of both would show their loyalty to their king. They would stop Rido from committing one of the worst crimes possible to the vampire race, and along with that, they would prove their trustworthiness.

"I expect all of you to fulfill your vows. The life of this little one rests in all our hands." Kaname spoke, while motioning with his hands to raise their heads. "Come, let us finish our meal."

And so they all went back to the table, not speaking a word of what happened and making as little noise as possible. Light conversations resumed but the thought of Yuuki stayed in their mind the whole night. Tonight was the night that everything changed. There was no going back, and Rido was known to stick to his word.

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