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Midnight Show

Grimmjow licked his lips as he watched the sweat roll down Kaien's chest, equally thanking and cursing him for removing his shirt after his 10th lap. He had pulled him off the track early and started him on weights, getting a closer look at those deliciously toned muscles working under lightly tanned, blemish free skin. The kid really was too attractive for his own good, and Grimmjow often caught many of the gym goers shamelessly ogling the dark haired beauty. If he wanted to make a move, he needed to do it before one of them decided to grow a pair.

VvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvV(page break)

Kaien sighed as he dropped his bright green duffel bag on the floor of his one bedroom condo and headed directly for the bathroom. A shower was definitely at the top of his list of priorities. Grimmjow, his oh so fuckable personal trainer, had put him through the ringer tonight. With countless laps around the track and a weight line up from hell, he really thought the big blue menace was trying to kill him.

"All in the name of the game, kid. You wanna claim the gold again don't ya?" An Olympic runner stuck in a silver and bronze rut for three years straight, Kaien hired Grimmjow as his personal trainer in the summer of 2009. Then, in the summer of 2010, just earlier this year, he claimed his first Olympic Gold medal. So, while the extra long hours and more physically taxing work-outs were beyond tiresome, he can't deny that they paid off.

Which was why he still put up with Grimmjow and the torture he calls the Jagerjaques program of hell. Well that, and the fact that the blue haired demigod gives him something nice to look at while he's working his ass off.

Kaien stepped under the comforting hot spray of the shower head, thinking back to the conversation he'd had with Grimmjow earlier that day.

"You're actually giving me time off?"

"Yeah, I'm not big on the whole New Years thing myself, but I remember what ya looked like last year after stayin' out all night an' tryin' ta come in the next day for training. Zombies ain't very fast kid. So consider this my New Years gift to you, but plan on working extra hard when ya come back on the third."

Three days off. He could have kissed Grimmjow for being so understanding, but that might have resulted in a black eye, and him being down one personal trainer. Over the year and a half that they had been working together, Kaien had seen the beautiful, busty women that the blue haired Adonis surrounded himself with and decided to safely assume that the man was straight. Attributing the 'lingering' looks to making sure he wasn't slacking off.

And while convincing himself that the man was off limits sounded great in theory, his traitorous body often found the worst times to disagree. Like tonight when Grimmjow had shown him how to do reps on one of the new weight machines. Oh how many nasty thoughts he had to endure to will away his stirring erection. But the image was well worth the mental torture. Much to Kaien's disappointment, Grimmjow hadn't broken a sweat, but those large muscles moving fluidly under perfectly tanned skin, and God, those cerulean eyes locked on him to make sure he was paying attention, were enough to give him masturbation material for years.

Just the thought had the dark haired male hard and leaking. He pressed his forehead to the cool tiles of the shower wall and lathered his hands with his woodland scented body wash. He gasped when one slick hand cupped his tightening balls, and moaned when the other grasped his shaft, the slow, languid strokes encouraging his dirty 'forbidden' thoughts of one blue headed trainer.

Teeth latching onto the other mans neck, he nibbled and sucked the selected area, while Grimmjow's hands roamed lower and lower on his body. He was straddling Grimmjow on that wonderful new machine, their clothed erections pressed tightly together. Ceasing his abuse on the blunette's neck, he pulled back and rose up just enough to claim the other's lips in a heated tongue battle. He moaned when Grimmjow thrust his hips up, the hard bulge pressing harder against him.

"God, Grimmjow..." His hand gripped tighter and the strokes became faster, the pleasure building to the point where he could no longer tease himself.

They were still on the machine, but now Kaien was facing away from Grimmjow, his back pressed to the trainer's chest, and his legs spread up and over the other's knees. Strong calloused fingers slipped under the waistband of his gym shorts, while a hard bulge ground repeatedly into his backside. He cried out as those fingers wrapped around his sensitive member, slicking the precum over the head and down the shaft before pumping in a viciously fast rhythm. Close to climax, he was panting hard when he felt the breath in his ear, a rough voice sending tremors through his body, "That's it...Come for me kid."

"Ah-aha..." Thick streams of white were milked onto the shower wall, as Kaien's trembling body fell from it's high. He laughed at himself, even in his fantasy world Grimmjow called him 'kid.' The nickname had irritated him at first, they were only 5 years apart, but eventually he had come to identify that name only to Grimmjow, and somewhere in his screwed up mind it started to turn him on.

He rinsed one last time before turning off the cooling water and stepping out. The phone rang, but he was in no hurry to get it. They'd leave a message. He grabbed a black towel off the rack and began drying himself as the machine picked up...

"You've reached Shiba Kaien, I'm not in but if ya leave a message I'll get back with ya soon." The obnoxious beep sounded, followed by the smooth baritone voice of his first love.

"Kaien, it's Ichigo, pick up the phone...I know you're home."

He headed to the living room, towel wrapped around his waist and about to answer when another voice came over the speaker...

"Ya know though, it's alrigh' with me if ya don' wanna. Jus' means I get Ichi all ta myself."

"Shut-up Shiro. Seriously Kaien, pick up."

He sighed and lifted the receiver, 'can't let Shirosaki get what he wants all the time.'

"Sorry Ichi, I was gettin' out of the shower...Still naked if ya wanna come join me."

"Ha fucking ha, don't you start too. Anyway, we're going out tonight and you're coming with us, so get ready."

"And where exactly is the asshole trying to drag you this time?"

He heard a loud 'Oi!' in the background before Ichigo answered, "Tonic, ya remember that club we went to on 9th street."

"Yep, I'll be ready in fifteen."

"Good we'll be by to pick you up then."

Kaien hung up, cursing Shirosaki with every fiber of his being. He was absolutely exhausted from his work out, but no way in hell was he leaving Ichigo to face that monster alone. Shirosaki is Ichigo's cousin, and has been trying to get into the orange haired mans pants since they hit puberty. Even when he and Ichi dated in high school, the white haired menace never gave up.

He pulled on a dark pair of slim fitting jeans, a tight black and white graphic tee, and his favorite black converse, then glanced at his tired form in the mirror. 'This is gonna be a long night.'

Maybe just this once, he'd cheat his diet and splurge on a bit of caffeine. Lord knows he'd need it for whatever Shirosaki had in store for them.


Grimmjow scanned the sweaty bodies on the dance floor, looking for the lucky male who'd help him temporarily forget about his little charge. It wasn't like him to resist when he wanted something, but the job of a personal trainer to a gold medal Olympian paid quite well. He didn't want to screw it up by coming on to the kid and distracting him from his training. That's also why he thought the kid was resisting him. That had to be the reason Kaien had resisted his charm for so long...right?

He knew the kid was gay, hell he caught him openly staring at his body more than once. But anytime Grimmjow would call him on it, he blatantly denied the obvious facts and said that he simply envied and admired the older male's physique.

The things he insinuated when they spoke and the small lingering touches made his attraction to the runner clear enough. And the way he spoke of him made it obvious to those he was close to as well. Even his touchy-feely, way to involved in his business, sisters came to check out the male who had their cocky and rash brother second guessing himself. Within five minutes, the kid had disappeared and he couldn't really blame him. He'd have gladly ran and hid from the shrieking banshees too, if that had been a possibility for him. Nel and Hali could scare away even the bravest of men.

His train of thought was broken when his eyes landed on an orange haired male dancing alone near the center of the dance floor. Though it wasn't the bright hair color that caught his attention. The guy looked just like Kaien! The kid had brother's, but he'd already met them all...A cousin maybe? In any case, this could be just what he'd been looking for. Maybe this guy could satisfy his desire for the little runner.

Just as he started in the direction of the attractive orange head, an alabaster hand settled on his shoulder, and an echo-like voice spoke up, "He's taken."

"Who the fuck'er you?"

"Tensa Shirosaki, and that," he pointed to the male Grimmjow had been headed toward, "is mine."

Grimmjow crossed his arms and glared down at the slightly shorter man, "Oh, an' what's that gotta do with me?"

The other laughed, a creepy sound that nearly had shivers running down his spine, "Absolutely nothin' and that's my point. Don't go feelin' too put out though, I know he's pretty but there's another one that looks just like 'im over there..." He pointed to a spot about twenty feet away from the carrot top and Grimmjow nearly dropped his drink, what the fuck was Kaien doin' here? And dancing like that with a man that's not him?

'Oh, fuck no!'