Kevin Lucas walked through the door letting it slammed after hearing news that his sister left the school without warning and looked over to Nick and Joe, with an eyebrow raised he asked, "is Jen home? The school called and I'm pissed." he slightly growled as he felt his temper rising by the second. Nick had a slight smirk playing on his lips and pointed to the stairs, "upstairs doing her homework." he let out a silent giggle as he felt accomplished telling on his little sister. Kevin nodded, being graceful with Nick being truthful towards him and rushed up the stairs with his hands balled into fists as he neared her bedroom door, he banged loudly on it, not caring what she was doing and barged in.

Jen hearing Nick had ratted out on her to Kevin scrambled to hide as she felt scared knowing Kevin will yell at her to make her feel more worthless, more scared of her brothers than loving them, when she heard Kevin barging in her room. she winced and looked up with fear in her eyes, "H-H-H-Hi K-Kevin," she stammered as she struggled to say some words. Kevin looked down at her and glares, "Why did you skip school you ungrateful brat?!" he screeched at her feeling angrier by the minute, when Jen didn't answer he grabbed her by the arm and flipped her over, starting to spank her with the belt he had in his hands, "stupid, pathetic, worthless piece of shit," he cursed whenever he landed the belt on her butt.

Jen howled in pain as she struggled to cover up her butt, "I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-s-so-sorry" she blubbered and screeched whenever the belt landed hard on her butt. When she had enough she decided to bite Kevin's hand which sent her flying down onto the ground with a harsh thud as Kevin stood up. "This better be the last time this school of yours called me! DO YOU KNOW HOW EMBARRASSING I HEARD ABOUT THIS ON MY DATE WITH DANI?! HUH?!" with a swift turn of his heel, he left her room leaving her sobbing and sniffling.

Joe and Nick was in the kitchen eating when they heard Jen's howling, Kevin's screaming along with the harsh smacks of belt against skin, they both winced as they remember their dad doing it for their punishment. Kevin walked down the stairs calming down and looked at his younger brothers with a fake grin, "guys you are not to bother Jen for she is doing her homework." he mumbled before fixing their dinner, not letting Jen know that dinner was ready for she was punished.

Jen's stomach growled in impatient as she worked on her homework, with a grunt of frustration, she got up and went over to her drawer where the razor laid, she picked up and puts the razor to her arm, her hand slid the blade about four times each on her arm, as she began working on getting some cuts in before she went downstairs. With a sigh of pure relief of the pain throbbing in her arm, she went down and grabbed a few pieces of chicken and a diet coke. Nick noticed that one of his cans was missing and is in Jen's hand, with a growl of anger, he slapped it out of her hand and sneers, "DO NOT TOUCH MY CANS YOU PATHETIC RUNT!" He panted after a few moments before picking it up and set it back in the fridge, before heading back to his room to work on his music mumbling to himself on how stupid and pathetic she was.