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Chapter 4

" Come again?" ' What did he just say?'.

" I do not like to repeat myself Higurashi and you will do well to remember that in the future. That is if you plan to work for me." After my new boss made his little speach, he raised an eyebrow and just looked at me with a look that just screamed ' I am superior in every way'. 'God... He has a really bad case of a god complex... I foresee many empty bottles of tylenol in my future.'

" The fact that you do not like to repeat yourself is duly noted. But there was never any mention of having to move in, if I got the job." 'That should bring him down a peg. Cause having to live with you was NOT one of the requirments for the job when I applied. That totally came out of left field.'

" Can you really not think of a reason as to why it would not be put down as a requirment...I will take your silence as a no. It is hard to believe that someone with four degrees can not come up with a single reason. Why would I make it public that I was searching for an assistant that would be living with me. I get enough stalkers and fans trying to sneek into my home as is." he stated.

" Oh... Well that does make since but is there really need to have me live here?". ' Not that I wouldn't love to live here but to be around him all the time, I would rather have a bullet in the head... but it is really great pay and atleast he is easy on the eyes... And I would no longer have to live at home.'

" In order for you to do this job correctly you would need to live here. That is all that you need to know. I suggest that you get started because we start tomorrow there are still rules to be made aware of. When you leave the office have Kaede show you to your room and a quick tour of the grounds." with that said he waved me out of his office and continued working on whatever he was previously working on.

After walking out of the office and into the library, I noticed that Kaede was just finishing up with whatever it was she was doing. So, I walked over and relayed what Sesshomaru had told me.

" Crongratulations on getting the job. I must say I was hoping you would get the job. Now as for your tour, lets begin we have lots to do today."

" Thank you Kaede-sama ... Yes, lets get started if I am to be able to finished by tomorrow."

To begin the tour we made our way out of the library. She pointed to the storage room on the left and the bathroom on the right. She told me that if I had anything that needed to be stored just to let her know and she would take care of it. To the right of the storage room was a tech room which I was welcome to use but need to make sure to keep it in order at all times. Apparently lord stick up his but loved his technology. In between the to rooms was a second set of stairs that led to the first floor. The room beside the tech room was a large music room. She informed me that it was sound proof. In the middle of the room it had the most beautiful black Grand Piano I had ever seen.

" Does Sesshomaru play the piano?" I asked.

" Yes, my dear. In fact he plays as if he was blessed by the gods themselves... But he hasn't played in years that I know of. Can you play?" Kaede asked before adding, " I do love to sit and listen to people play. "

" I do but I am not blessed by the gods. The piano and violin are my favorite." I said while never taking my eyes off the grand piano.

" I am sure you play better than you think. I see that you really like the piano." she said while patting me on the back.

" I really do. It is the most beautiful instrument, I have ever seen." I started to walk over to it.

" Well you are free to use them whenever you want, that is if you let me listen once in a while. But the pi..."

I was so excited after she told me I could use them that I cut her off before she could finish," Really! Oh my god this is great! Oh I cant wait to try the piano out. It is just callin..." And before I could finish my happy dance in my head and my little speach she cut me off.

" My dear before you get so excited there is one rule. That is to never touch the piano."

After hearing that I was a little saddened. I would never get to play this magnificent piece of equipment. 'It is such a shame to let something so beautiful go unused.'

" Okay Kaede-sama but lets go finish the tour cause the longer we stay in here the more I am tempted to break that rule." I told her as I winked at her.

We left the music room and she led me to the room next to it which was a second living room. ' Is there really a need to have two living rooms?... show off... I am not green at all.' We left that room and went to the left to go down a short hall with three guest rooms and the bathroom she told me I could use. 'That bathroom is almost the size of my freaking room at home...I am in love.' As we came back up the hallway there was a another hallway to the left. It held mine and Sesshomarus' rooms. She took me into his room to show me how he liked certain things.

" Kaede you have got to be kidding me. Does he really need this much room?.. Oh wait it has to be this big to fit his ego." I told her as I rolled my eyes. She chuckled at what I said and shook her head.

His room alone was almost the size of my moms house and if I thought that the bathroom I had was nice it had nothing on his. It was a third bigger than mine. It had a large tube in one corner and in the other was a walk in shower that was huge. His closet was so big it could have been another bedroom all itself.

When we got to my room I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was almost as big as his. Granted the closet was like three times smaller than his and it did not have a bathroom but still. It was right out of a dream. Best of all Kaede told me that I could use everything there. That meant all I had to pack was clothes and a few other things now. I ran to the bed and jumped on it. ' It feels so soft. The black silk is so cool to the touch... Yep, I think I will be able to put up with lord stick up his ass just to live here.'

" Keade-sama I love this room. Are you sure it is ok for me to have this room?" I asked. 'It is just so nice I don't see him approving her to put me in this room.'

" Yes, child I am sure it is fine. Now we must really be getting on with the tour. It is almost luch and I have to check on the rest of the staff to make sure all is well." she said as she was walking out of the room.

We walked back down the hall way and took a left after we got back to the living room. On the left was a set of stairs that, I found out, went to the kitchen. Right in front of the stairs was another guest room. By taking a right back to the main set of stairs in the house you are greeted with three guest rooms on your right and across the hallway before you are back at the library there is a game room.

All of that was only the second story. By going down the main set of stairs enter into the entry way of the house. Under the stairs, if you were coming into the house, you would find a storage room on the left and a closet on the right. The sitting room, that I was in earlier waiting on the other two to arrive, was on the left upon entering the house. You could enter the living room thru it or thru the hallway. By going down the hallway to the left of the stairs and following the hall you have a gym/dance room on the right and a ball room/ formal dinning area on the left. Continuing down that hallway there is the set of stairs that leads you up in front of the library and a set of double doors after that. They lead out to the back yard, which she said I could explore tomorrow, if I have time. The hall way turns back towards the front of the house and on the left is a short hall way that leads to the maids shared room and kaedes' room. Which, is quite big as well. Going back to the main hall you have the live-in cooks' room and another bathroom on the left. On the right attached to the gym is a home movie theater complete with a pop corn maker. ' I shall spend may a nights in that room.' Back down the hallway with the main set of stairs on the right is the dinning room on the left. By going thrru the dinning room you can get to the kitchen. Thru the kitchen you can get to the garage.

After seeing the garage I had completed my tour of the house and we made are way to the front. On the way Kaede handed me a set of my on keys and a had me scanned into the system and gave me a password to punch in, so I would not have to be buzzed into the gate every time.

" Thanks for the tour and I should be back with all of my stuff around seven tonight. Seeings as I will not need to move as much stuff as I thought. "

" Well ,child if you can get here about six-thirty then you can have enough time get settled and eat supper at seven with Sesshomaru." Kaede said.

" That sounds good. I will try to be here by then. Oh... Kaede-sama would it be okay if my friend Sango follows me to help me move all of my things?" I asked hoping she would say yes.

" That is fine hon, I will make sure there is an extra place for her at dinner as well then. Good-bye Kagome. I will see you later and be careful."

" Oh thank you so much and I will. I will see you later Kaede-sama." I told her as I ran down the steps as best as I could in my heels. I jumped it in car and started to head home. On the way I decided to call Sango and tell her the good news.

*Ring Ring Rin-*

" Hey Kgome whats up? "

" Hey gurl. Not much. Just on my way home now."

"Well did you get the job? You did get it right?...Who am I kidding of course you got it. When do you start?"

" Wow Sango breathe...and yes I got the job and it starts tomorrow. In fact I need your help..."

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