Far and Away

Chapter One

Harry Stood there in the Forbidden Forest wand in his hand and the last thing he heard was the Killing Curse cast by his mentors wand.

Voldemort was elated so much so he w deigned not kill Longbottom straight away for his careless remark in front of the castle. Then the unthinkable occurred Longbottom struck down his snake and there was blinding flash that consumed everyone.

As the fog cleared and Harry looked around he saw that he was on platform 9 and ¾ and he thought to himself 'so this is what death is' and then he heard a chuckle behind hind him.

"No Harry this is not what death is" a voice he thought he would never hear again spoke softly "No my boy this is place that touches many places some darker than our own some lighter."

"Sir" Harry choked out as he turned and hugged the closest thing to a grandfather "why did you have to go, why did you all have to go. I needed you. I needed you all and in the end I was alone." he sobbed into the older wizard's robes.

Dumbledore was about to answer when the platform rang out like a great bell had been struck and a flash of light blinded Harry and when it subsided and he could see gathered about him were his friends and family but also Lord Voldemort, three women of indeterminate ages. One was spinning a cord the second was measuring the threads the third was getting ready to cut a thread when another voice rang out.

"This needs must end, as all thing do." the voice seemed to emanate from everywhere "I see that all three hallows have returned to me this is unexpected. Harry James Potter and Thomas Marvolo Riddle step forward" Harry was surprised at the tone it was not a request nor was it a demand

Voldemort was the first to respond " you have no domain over me, I am immortal" saying it as if to the heavens.

That's when one of the women spoke "If that were true Thomas then your life line would be golden but since it is not it was cut moments ago when the last soul container you made was destroyed by one of the prophecy marked children."

At this Dumbledore and Neville both looked shocked the former wondering if he misinterpreted the prophecy the other grinned and gave the thumbs up sign. Harry was elated "At the end Voldemort I knew I had a piece of you inside of me. I walked of my own accord to my death and as it turns out I was right to."

Then the three ladies looked at each other uncomfortably "Harry James scion of houses Potter and Gryffindor we wish it were within our power to send you back to your home but alas once you passed the mortal coil there was no return for you. If you return so to does lord Voldemort."

That brought everyone up short all the ladies cried the men tried not to but they failed also Harry approached Ginny first. "Dearest Ginny I am sorry I can not come home and I am sorry I cannot make the family I wanted to with you. But you have to go now and live, Live for those of us who can not."

He motioned to Neville and Luna "I want to thank both of you for believing in me so much. I didn't do anything to earn it in my estimation but you have my eternal gratitude."

Luna for once looked like she was in the present "Harry you silly boy, your humility is one of the most endearing features it calls to us" she motioned around them "You are more than our friend, our leader, you are our brother in all ways that are important and we will miss you" the petite ethereal blond said in almost a whisper as she too succumbed to wracking sobs she turned to Ginny and they held on to each other

"Luna said everything much better than I could" Neville admitted "Thank you Brother." He finished with a bow and a hug

Next he motioned for Ron and Hermione pulling them both into a hug "I am sorry I left you but if I would have told you. You would both try to talk me out of it. We all know that could not happen. Before shit the fan this last summer I made arrangements with the goblins my will likely have activated." he paused when he saw Ron set his jaw but then Hermione touched him tenderly and his grim visage broke.

"Damn it Harry it's not about money. There are many things in life more important than money and the life of my best mate is right at the top" he broke down crying taking Hermione with him

Harry looked on sadly and spoke again "I may be gone physically but I will always be here and here" he said pointing to their heads and their hearts "Nothing will ever change or take away the adventures we shared but please do not mourn me because I am dead celebrate the life I lived. Besides between the three of us do you honestly believe I could live the life I wanted?"

Hermione answered with a meek "no, you would not the press hounded you before it would be unbearable for you."

Harry only nodded "what I said to Ginny applies doubly so to you as for the rest of you my time here is done please let me move on if any ask it took both Neville and myself to kill Voldemort the prophecy" he stopped when he noticed the tears in their eyes "Hey now guys..." was all he got out before his living friends and family move as one to hug him.

Moony and Tonks looked to the spirits of James, Lily, Sirius and Dumbledore and a look of understanding passed between them so rather than tackle Harry they made their way over to the other small group "Lily and James you are looking good despite being dead" Remus said with a chuckle which ended in a sob that confused four of the five people around him he latched on to James like he was a lifeline. Only Sirius was not confused as he said "Moony we will always be with you, you carry us in your heart every day. Tonks take care of him and little Teddy he will need you."

Albus nodded wisely "It is time for the living to return to the waking realm Harry must begin his new journey" all conversation stopped as everyone looked at him and the two of three fates looked amused while the third looked at him with a glare "Oh dear did I say that out loud."

Then almost at once "What do you mean his new journey?"

To which Harry replied "Death is not the end but the beginning of a grand adventure or so a very wise man once said to me"

The fates stood as one "Would the instruments of prophecy come forth?"

Harry and Voldemort began to move forward when scissors snipped his thread and a portal opened under his feet and he fell screaming into it fearing death even in the end she motioned to Harry and the other five kids to come forth "Though only two children of you six are the subject only five of you will be returning home Harry has another journey in front of him, but for you five we have a gift so that you will always know that Harry is with you .but after you receive the gift you must leave"

The children all nodded and each hugged Harry in turn and as they hugged a crystalline medallion appeared about their necks.

The three crones spoke in one voice "When you think of him who you miss look only to the crystal, and you will see of his adventures. Miss him but Mourn not his passing for one day all things will be one in the fullness of time. May-hap one day your paths will cross once more.

Lily, James, Sirius, Snape and Dumbledore waited with the three women all speaking amiably which kind of freaked Harry out "So umm Sirius why aren't the three of you" he said pointing at Sirius, James and Snape "killing each other yet." James and Severus looked resigned and Sirius actually looked ashamed. Dumbledore started to raise his finger as if to make a declaration when he broke down laughing.

Lily blushed a little and said "I told them if they didn't get along bad things would happen."

This surprised Harry a bit "That's all you said?"

She nodded and James spoke "You see son it is never what the woman is saying that is important" to which Lily quirked an eye brow up into her hairline "It is how she says it that is truly important "

"Good save James" both Snape and Sirius chorused.

Finally Dumbledore conquered his mirth "It is time to say our good byes and for young Harry to begin anew."

Lily and James approached first "We will be watching son and waiting. Try not to return here to soon." his father said to him

His mother was a creature of tears "So little time. I love you my son" after which she clung to James they too faded from view.

Sirius came next before he said anything he clipped Harry upside the head "That is for thinking you killed me or any of us" then he hugged his godson so hard that if they had been living he would have been choking "That is manifestation of all the love we have for you kiddo share yours with someone when you find them.." then he faded from existence

Expecting Dumbledore to come forward he was surprised that it was Snape who was next. Before Snape could begin "Thank you Sir, for everything you did for me."

Snape was a little disconcerted "I was going to beg your forgiveness I treated you poorly in life it was only after I died that I reviewed your life and I was appalled. For the record I may have publicly called you James potters son. However every day I looked on Lily's boy seeing exactly what I threw away." he paused and Harry pulled him into a hug.

"You are a hard ass Severus Snape it was an honor to know you" At this Severus eyes widened and Dumbledore chuckled once more. "Farewell Sir, enjoy your rest."

Snape turned and vanished from sight and Dumbledore stepped up and Harry knew that his time was almost up "Fear not Harry as you so succinctly put it we will all be here and here" Mirroring Harry's words earlier.

"I know sir". He chocked out "Watching you die was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do, but also the most important thing too. Your sacrifice was way more important than the hunt or even dueling Voldemort."

"Why do you say that Harry" The old wizard asked

"I learned several important thing from you sir. Everyone deserves a second chance. How and when we die is less important than how we live."

"Harry my great regret was not having the time to take you as my apprentice" the old man said fondly "That would have been an adventure. But alas my time here is done I must cross over be well my young friend and do not forget to live."

It was then Harry realized he was alone with the three women and then the Voice boomed again "So you are the master of death, Thought you would be taller kid"

Harry smiled "That's what they all say. Come death and take what is yours so I can move on. You will have me another day."

It was then a figure stepped out of the shadow it took a female form of fairly attractive Goth girl Harry was a bit surprised "Wow if I knew death was that hot I would have tried to meet you age's ago." to which the three women weaving team chuckled.

"You are way to much like Ignotus his sense of humor was always good. Unlike his two brothers his Hallow was the practical one it allowed him to live a long full life." the girl paused "Take it with you it will serve you well Harry Potter. As for the other two hallows I have already destroyed them I never should have made the deal in the first place. Of the three brothers I loved Ignotus and though he did not know it when his wife's time came I took her place with him for another twenty years before he himself passed it was during that time that we sired your line it is because of this and your immense sacrifice that you are being given this choice. Look into the portals on yon wall and find a place that suits you mind you some will be in the past some may be in the future or an alternate universe but each has their merit so choose that which heart deems best grandson."

Harry walked over to the wall where there were many portals beyond counting. Ones where earth was overrun by insect people coming out the arch in St Louis in America, several where man had made it to the stars encountering many alien races one, where alien races had invaded earth looking for a weird looking flower. In the last two portals he saw a simple tower where a man sat with his family talking and in the other he saw a high tech school thriving with life but then saw something that horrified him many formations of soldiers were marching up the avenue toward the school and at their head one of the students with an evil gleam in his eyes and a sword of fire which killed indiscriminately as he stalked through the school stopping to kill small children without a care it would seem. In that moment Harry's blood began to boil and his magic began to coalesce.

The four immortals were watching the boy and were shocked at what was happening it should not be possible he was cut off from the weave here as all mortals were and then death remembered and said "he is my ultimate grandson"

To which the eldest of the women replied "This could complicate things."

Then Harry spoke "I choose this last portal but I would like to review the history of this universe a bit because in truth I aim to interfere here. That Man" he said with much disgust "must be stopped"

"Chosen one" the youngest lady spoke quietly "Concentrate on the portal and learn what you must.

Harry did and it was so simple he could feel the information flow through him he learned of a great republic spanning star systems embroiled in a civil war with vast armies of clone and android troops. He also learned of an order of men and women who were peacekeeper, warriors and scholars that were all but wiped out by an ancient enemy who orchestrated the entire war.

He then turned to the ladies "What are the terms"

to which the middle lady spoke "You may arrive at any one of three points in time at a general counsel meeting here. Showing him a time about a month before the massacre, or here showing a great duel between a man who reminded him of Shacklebolt and the would be emperor where he get blasted out a window... you could arrive and save him from falling to death or last you could arrive here at the Jedi temple before the army marches in and kills everyone. Then she said or perhaps "you can do both of the last two."

"the terms are simple Kill or be killed where you are going my grandson is a universe very different from our own magic as you know it does not exist but you will learn that in good time. You have my cloak and my love i do not expect to see you for a long time though." The aspect of death said "Do be careful though if you thought Voldemort was bad the man behind the scenes here is far worse." Almost as an afterthought she pulled a gleaming sword from her cloak "You may need this at some point I understand it is yours by right of birth." she said as she handed him the sword of Gryffindor.

"I will be careful Ma'am" Harry said respectfully as he turned and walked to the portal "Take me to the time where the man who reminds me of Shacklebolt is about to be defeated" 'maybe I can prevent a great evil from occurring ... again'

Master Mace Windu stood over the Fallen Sith Lord having just repelled a bout of force lightning back onto the fallen enemy warping his appearance and his voice he stood ready to strike down the vile man where he lay panting and whining 'probably in hopes I won't do it or that Anakin will intercede on his behalf.'

Darth Sidious had a modicum of respect for Master Windu both his knowledge of the force and his prowess with a blade were to be respected if not his attitudes of the force 'to bad he must be killed' "Anakin do not let him strike me down, without me you can not save your wife Padme"

Master Windu heard wife and Padme in the same sentence and knew life was about to get more difficult "Anakin Do not listen to him he is twisting your love for Padme into something he can use against the order." with that Mace Windu raised his saber with the intent to end the life of a Sith lord forever.

Anakin realized what master Windu was about to do and reached for his own lightsaber "I need him to save Padme from death"

Harry felt like he was being pulled along the track of a rollercoaster u up a high hill then down a steep fall it would have sickened him were he really alive scenes of life were blurring as he passed them until it came to a stop and he appeared between two men with burning laser swords as the younger man was about to strike down the older he could feel the oppression and smell the reek of evil pouring off the fallen man. Having only a second to act he sent a silent stunner at the advancing warrior and was surprised when he deflected the bolt away and then raised his sword to cut Harry down. Harry though ready to die did not want to just yet dodged to the side as the blue blade fell where he had been and spoke "Fuck this, Reducto" and proceeded to hit Anakin with the hardest curse he could short of killing which piled him into a wall at high velocity and a sickening crunch only to fall unconscious

Mace paused as he felt the force Shimmer around the room and was surprised when a young man appeared between him and Skywalker. He was suddenly aware that the young man had no weapon to defend himself from Anakin. 'This will not end well' he thought to himself

Darth Sidious also felt the disturbance 'While not expected, I can use this to my advantage. Young Skywalker can dispatch this new comer quickly and be then Master Windu will fall and when he does so to will the Jedi order.'

In the aftermath of what the newcomer had done to Anakin both men were surprised and a little wary , Skywalker was a powerful in the force and this boy no more than 18 years old had just taken him out and no one knew exactly what side he was on . Darth Sidious tried to read the boy's surface thought and got nothing. Scowled 'there is only one thing for it I must get to Anakin he will be my new apprentice' He reached out through the force at his desk and sent it hurtling into Master Windu using his obvious distraction sent force lightning at Harry who was also caught unawares when a pain a hundred times worse than the cruciatus coursed through his body but it was over quickly.

Harry was winded, but not out although the evil guy strolled by him toward the man he almost blew through the wall 'you have got to be kidding me he can't possibly be as arrogant to think an opponent finished without checking. Great Merlin he is!' Harry thought to himself.

Darth Sidious thought the young man out as he went to Anakin whom he picked up over his shoulder using the force to augment his strength he walked toward the door stopping only to open a comm. Channel.

Harry new that this was the make or break moment and he dug deep within himself as he heard the old man say "Execute Order 6" he released the contents of his magical core shorting out every bit of electrical power of any kind in a wide radius around him

"You know only a really arrogant wanker would walk by a fallen opponent without checking to see if he was dead" Harry said as he rose from the ground "You failed and if you want to take this republic you will have to go through me and I promise you if you do by some miracle of magic do so you will not be in a position of strength."

Sidious smiled raised his hand and threw force lighting and pulled a holovid screen toward the back of the young man's head.

Harry was ready for the lightning and dodged only to take a blow to the back of the head which while it hit hard was not as hard as his uncle would have by the time he had recovered the new dark lord had swept from the room.

Harry walked over to the Master Windu "I am sorry I didn't arrive in time to stop him from escaping"

Mace Windu had lived a long time and seen many things; this however was not one of them never had anyone apologized for saving his hide "That's all right I am Mace Windu. You have my thanks. Against the dark lord of the Sith I could have stood against him and the chosen one I could not."

Harry startled at the term 'Chosen One' "That other guy was the chosen one? Man I thought I had it rough my dark lord only wanted me dead. This guy wants an apprentice. Speaking of which we had better get back to your school we will have guests soon and it wont be pretty. The guy tried to send a message but I jammed it." It was then that Harry remembered he had not introduced himself "by the way I am Harry Potter. I am here to help you."

"Help me how?" Mace asked clearly confused

"I do not know how to explain this any other way save to say I am not from this universe" Harry's eyes became distant "I was the chosen one from my universe however in order to defeat the dark lord there I had to willfully walk to my death because of that I was given a choice as to where I could go I looked in on your universe and saw an evil so great occur that I could not turn my back on it and let it come to pass."

"The future is tricky to see when dealing with the force and as of late we Jedi have been mired in the dark separated from each other across the galaxy waging a war to bring peace back to the republic." The older man stated "the one I was fighting was what we Jedi call Sith there are only ever two of them and if what Anakin said is true he killed the apprentice several months ago which means the elder Sith lord has chosen Anakin Skywalker as his new apprentice." 'Damn' Mace thought to himself 'this is not good' "what did you see in our future that you can not let come to pass?"

"I saw you're chosen one cutting down small children in your school" Harry said while looking at the floor "it is something I can not sit back and let happen. Adults killing adults is one thing anyone who willfully strikes down a child will be on the business end of my wand. So while I delayed whatever manner of atrocity he was preparing for you and yours he is still out there and he has the power to execute it at any time let us please gather your order and see to the protection of your temple."

Mace finally understood what was really going on the Jedi were truly vulnerable dependant on their clone armies that they were the commanders of who would likely turn on them if given the proper orders. "My speeder waits" was all he said as he left the room Harry Following in his wake.

Darth Sidious was seething in anger. 'How dare that boy upset his carefully laid plans' gone was the statesmen who ruled the republic with a iron fist covered by a Velvet glove and in his place stood a tyrant who had once again been thwarted the only good thing was he had his new apprentice. He turned his attention into the room where Skywalker lay on a bed with a clone of himself in the room and watched the scene unfold

"What have I done" Anakin asked groggily as he woke up

"You made a choice Anakin" The older man said with confidence "A choice to save your wife, Serve me and she will live unfettered and unharmed in time you may even see her but for now we must see to your training."

"If I do not choose to serve you what then" Anakin said with more than a little defiance

"Then Naboo will be planning the largest funeral it has seen in recent centuries" he said as if were talking about the weather.

Suddenly Anakin surged to his feet his saber drawn and lit in one fluid motion already arcing in an attack only to be blocked by a blood red saber "if you do not serve me she will die, just as Qui Gon died, just as your mother died"

At the mention of his mother and Qui Gon Jinn his anger spiked and he lashed out with such force that even Darth Sidious was surprised as Skywalker clove through the handle of the opposing lightsaber and through his clone. It was only then that he spoke through the inter com "Good, I can feel your hate and your anger they fuel your ability to fight. Revel in them it makes them your own. We will try again later for now work on the first form. We will speak tomorrow "

Anakin could feel the anger and hate dripping off him like sweat it felt good to be encouraged rather than held back Like Obi-wan had Practice he would 'must be strong for Padme'

They reached Mace Windu's speeder and Harry noticed all the 'cars' were flying "Wow they were not kidding me when they said where I was going was far advanced from where I was from"

"You have never flown before?" Mace asked "if not this will be a treat" as he took off at full speed while in flight he opened a comm. To the temple "Mistress Shaak ti"

"Shaak ti here, Master Windu how may I assist you?" The Jedi mistress asked

"Recall all Jedi immediately and order all clone forces to dig in and hold positions." Shaak ti looked puzzled but nodded "next I want all the younglings and unattached padawan learners relocated outside the temple we may have unpleasant company coming and I do not want to risk the future of our order take them to these coordinates."

"Master Windu the recall has been sent and we are moving the younglings and padawans. I have also taken steps to have the great holocron moved" she said seriously "Now tell me what prompted this"

Mace Windu looked as if he had aged a decade in a moment "The Sith lord we were looking for is Chancellor Palpatine. His new apprentice is going to be Skywalker."

"What? How?" was all she got out

"We learned from Skywalker that he was the Sith Lord" When we went to Arrest him he killed masters Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar, and Saesee Tiin before I was able to overcome him and then Anakin came in and the world turned pear shaped for a moment I was going to slay him outright and Skywalker was going to stop me when a Boy"

"Hey I am almost 18 years old I will have know" Harry said indignantly "And I saved…" he quieted as Windu gave him a look that put Severus Snape to shame

Shaak ti caught the look he had used on her as a padawans too "Who is your guest Mace?"

"Ahem as I was saying Skywalker was advancing on me when this young man appeared with a shimmer in the force, Anakin tried to kill him but got blasted into the wall for his pleasure." And almost as an afterthought "His name is Harry Potter. We will be back at the temple momentarily"

Across the galaxy the civil war ground to a complete halt as both sides either received orders or did not and both sides dug in the silence was deafening and clones and separatists alike prayed for reprieve from the violence.

Hours later most of the Jedi gathered at the temple to hear Master Windu's tale all them looking at Harry with open suspicion of those the most vocal was Obi-Wan Kenobi

"There is no way Anakin would turn on the republic or us it is not possible" Obi-Wan almost screamed

"Would if his wife's life were in jeopardy?" Mace Windu said distastefully he did not like bringing this up to council because they would drag a woman they all generally respected through the mud.

"What?" Obi-wan sputtered "who exactly would Anakin be married to?" He winced as he then saw it in his minds eye "Senator Amidala. By the force please tell me he didn't"

"Hmmm question her" a small house elf looking creature said slowly "Yes question her we must. Master Kenobi fetch her you will" Obi wan nodded and left the chamber and Harry yawned he had after all had a long day.

When he saw everyone was looking at him "Sorry it has been a very long day for me. Its not often when one person runs into two dark lords and prospective third in one day."

"Yoda I am" The green creature spoke to Harry "I sense you are strong in the force but unfocused how came you to help Master Windu in his time of need. Interested in this tale I am."

While Harry told the story several masters were trying to look into his mind giving him a headache he finally looked at the leading offender the being he referred to in his head as huge head "Sir could you please stop trying to look into my mind it hurts quite a bit." Master Yoda looked around and chuckled the other masters were sizing the boy up like they would a padawan they were thinking of taking as a learner. It was in that moment he knew the answer to the problem that the order had been looking for 'How had the sith returned without notice?'

"Tell us how an ancient enemy return without our notice might" Master Yoda asked hoping the boy could see what he had "if the most perceptive Jedi are we how could this come to pass?"

The council was silent no one had a an answer as Harry looked around it was obvious to him however not knowing the etiquette of the situation decided it would be best if he approached it in a class like manner and raised his hand.

The other masters looked at the boy wondering why he was acting like he was and finally Huge Head asked "What are you doing exactly?"

Harry blushed 'perhaps I should have just answered' "Where I am from I would just be finishing school it is customary for us to raise our hand when we have a question or the answer to the question. Being new to your universe and not knowing your traditions or etiquette it made sense to use my own until such time as I am either told it is offensive or given an education in the ways of this universe."

Every pondered his statement and none could find fault and he had not breached any traditions so they let it go "An answer have you Young one?"

"Yes Yoda sir I do" harry answered slowly "the answer comes in two parts the first is they never left, they just made you think they did and they used your own complacency to do it." There it was as yoda knew it would be

The council once again looked oddly at the boy a female voice asked "How would you know of such things you are just a boy?"

Harry could not believe what he was hearing even in this new world people in places of power were just as if not more stupid "May I ask your name ma'am?"

"Aayla Secura, Jedi Master at your service" was the entire blue skinned woman would give being an empath she could tell her question had irritated their guest

"Mistress Secura in my limited experience" sarcasm lacing his voice while he spoke "Since I was one year old I have had the same dark lord try to kill me at least five times the first time his plan failed his physical body was destroyed and he lived as a ghost for 14 years and when he was able to get a body back everyone believed otherwise. Two years ago for me I proved he was still alive and kicking. Then yesterday before I came here I willingly walked to my death in my universe in order to finally vanquish him." By the time he was done he was shaking with rage

"Calm yourself young Harry Mistress Secura meant no disrespect. Necessary her question was" Master yoda said calmly "Anger is a path to the dark side once on that path forever will it dominate your destiny." Harry looked at him like he had grown another head.

"I think I have to disagree with that just a little bit." The council was again shocked at the arrogance being shown by what they considered to be a boy "Anger is a natural emotion it exists in all of us to an extent" when he looked around and saw everyone nodding he continued "say if you were to slap across the face you would expect me to become angry yes?" Again they nodded "so now I am angry and rightfully so as you have so rudely assaulted me. However anger by itself does nothing a being has to choose how it deals with anger either by lashing out at that which angers it immediately , or letting it fester until it consumes you or turning it into something useful in this case defending myself so I can not be slapped again without the person really working it." Harry saw that he had them "It is all about intent and not about the emotion itself. My irritation is based in the fact that you all look at me as some sort of sith just waiting to happen."

Silence reigned in the chamber before yoda found his voice "Master Windu has spoken highly of you that you could best Skywalker and stand toe to toe with a Sith lord does you both Credit and is cause for concern as we do not know all your intentions."

"My intentions were to save all the children in your school" Harry said

"Temple" Mace Windu finally entered the discussion "you keep calling it a school, we call it the Jedi temple"

"My intention was to prevent the senseless deaths of children. I had no other plans." He then looked over at huge head "May I ask your name I keep calling you Huge head when I think of you and it is rude I would rather know your name and possibly slaughter it while pronouncing it than to keep calling you huge head."

There were some politely covered snickers around the room and the man himself laughed "I am Ki-Adi Mundi and I think perhaps it is time for introductions."

Obi-Wan Kenobi was not looking forward to the discussion he was about to have as he knocked on the door only for it to be answered by C3PO

"Oh Hello General Kenobi!" The droid exclaimed "Do come in Mistress Padme will be delighted to see you." He said in an officious manner as he wandered off to retrieve the senator.

Obi wan being left to himself started working on his opening each time finding something wrong with what he was going to say he did not hear Padme come in

"Obi Wan whatever it is you have to say surely it can not be that bad" The senator said.

"That depends Padme" he said silently hoping the conversation was not going to be bad

"On what" she said with a raise of an eyebrow

"On whether or not you and Anakin are married or not" Obi wan said levelly "The council needs to know there is an issue with Anakin at the present he has been captured by the Sith lord and we have identified him because Anakin found out himself before he was tricked and captured"

Padme's fears had finally come to pass Anakin was in very real and pressing danger "Who is the Sith Lord."

"Palpatine" Obi Wan Quietly answered "We think he orchestrated the war the infighting of the senate and his rise to chancellor. Padme I am your friend and nothing will change that. Are you and Anakin Married?" 'Please say no and this can all be over' the old master thought to himself.

"How could it be Palpatine I have known the man my entire life. He selected me as his choice for queen and supported my choices during the crisis on Naboo." She stopped when she saw the scope of his treachery "By the force Obi Wan it is him. Anakin trusts the man what are we going to do?"

Obi wan watched dispassionately as she put the pieces together "Padme are you Married to Anakin?"

"Yes, Obi Wan we are and our first child is on the way" she said with a level of dignity that cowed him "Now what are you going to stone me for taking away your chosen one. I was their when you found him remember?" she spat "While I respect the Jedi for what they do I will never understand adherence to a code that prevents love from blossoming. Now I am assuming the council will wish to speak with me so lets get this over" she turned and strode from the room

Obi Wan looked at 3PO "That could not have gone any better could it"

"No sir I do not believe so" 3PO said "Please be gentle with her Master Kenobi she is within a few weeks of giving birth at most and it would not do to have her stressed"

As they left neither noticed the spy droid hovering above the door "This is perfect Skywalker will respond wonderfully that his wife has been taken Prisoner by the Jedi."