Far and Away

Chapter Twelve

Master Drallig who had been silently waiting "Knight Tano, Masters if you will I would like to take Padawan Potter to build his first lightsaber. I will also begin teaching him Shii Cho" everyone nodded their assent "Come, Padawan Potter"

"Yes, Master Drallig," Harry said falling into step behind him. Causing the master to stop

"Padawan Potter it is hard enough to talk with sometimes without having to walk backward. Get up here" Master Drallig Barked causing Harry to jump up to the spot the master had been pointing to. "Normally younglings are given a training saber to begin training they usually build they're first a year or so after they begin their apprenticeship."

"Ah, I guess I am not the normal padawan then am I" when he met with a shake of the head Thank you for taking the time to explain this and also to help train me."

"You can thank me by being the servant of the force I believe you will be," Drallig said as they came to a door "here we are we have all the things necessary to make a Jedi's weapon I will give you one hour to assemble your saber. Then we will have four hours of saber training." The master Drallig left the room they were in leaving Harry to his own devices.

500 Republican Mon Mothma's Apartment

Balia was the first awake and noted that she was a sight warmer than she was when she went to bed, she could feel Her future master in the force he was exasperated but also felt that he cared much for her. She made her way to the guest fresher and ran into Mon Mothma coming out of her room "Good Morning Balia" the senator said to the younger girl "Did you sleep well last night?"

"Good morning, Senator" Balia responded with a bow "While the room was a little cooler than I used to Harry gave me a blanket "

"First things first you can call me Mon. I will not be a senator much longer" Mon said with a smile as she saw Aayla come out of her room "Good morning Aayla Can I interest you in some breakfast "

"I could eat," she said filling a mug with some juice "Harry left us a note he will see us at dinner tonight. He might not even be conscious tonight Master Drallig may run him into the ground. Good morning Balia."

"I know master Drallig can be hard" Balia admitted remembering her lessons with the battlemaster she focused on her bond with Harry and found only curiosity over lightsaber parts. "Master Drallig must be letting him build a lightsaber."

"I am looking forward to seeing his design." Aayla admitted, "in a way, I envy you Balia you are connected to Harry in a very special way."

"Master Secura, you, Mon, and Padmé hold special places in his heart I can feel when he is thinking of you. It is…" she looked off the temple searching for the words "Distracting, to say the least"

Both Aayla and Mon Mothma blushed "I am Assuming you felt last night?" Mon Mothma asked meekly

It was Balia's turn to blush "Let's just say his attachment to you is very intense and leave it at that"

Mon was lost in thought until she felt a hand on her shoulder "Credit for your thoughts Mon?" Aayla asked

"I have been thinking that I am going to resign," Mon Mothma said seriously "It is time. Chandrila there is a junior senator who will take my place. My place is with wherever Harry is."

"While I am not there yet and may never be" Aayla admitted quietly "I don't want to think of a life without him, you, or us. All of us"

"Aayla, you need to do what is best for you. He will never admit it even to himself because he does not want to be a burden" She said searching for the words "He has had precious few good memories I want to change that "She turned to her holocomm unit "If you will excuse me, I will need a moment of privacy" she said as she contacted the governing body of Chandrila

Harry had looked over the types of lightsabers he could not see himself wielding a one-handed or even dual-wielding he came to the picture of the light staff he was sold and with some help from the Jedi manning the room he was able to put together a light staff. however, none of the crystals they had on hand called to him so he dug out his trunk and expanded it, and dug through the supplies that his friend sent with Fawkes.

Which gave him a pause as he had not thought about his fine feathered friend since yesterday. 'I will see him later today when I go to Padmé's rooms to check up on Luke and Leah. Harry then looked through one of many books on runes that Hermione had included the pages were marked defensive, rune, unbreakable, and gem inscription ideas. When Master Drallig returned and found Harry had enlarged each piece and was inscribing Runes onto each piece.

"You have not finished padawan?" Drallig wondered why and was going to have an answer "Why are you inscribing symbols on all parts of your saber? And those yellow crystals are not from here and not from Ilum either.?

"Master Drallig the runes are from my homeworld they make my saber unbreakable. Unfortunately, the inscription process is a bit arduous. I beg your forgiveness master I assumed you would want me to take the time and do it right. I do not want to half-ass the job. The crystals are called topaz they are also from my homeworld these are the perfect examples of topaz as well they will give my blades a golden-brown color. It will also give me the ability to cast magic through my lightsaber"

"Padawan most younglings could care less that their sabers have bells and whistles they just want to be able to spar" Drallig laughed before looking at the parts arrayed here. "Making a lightstaff? you are going to need time to do this so we will meet at the same time tomorrow and hopefully you will be done if not this will be your training saber." He said handing him the hilt of a lightsaber that seemed to be well made but felt off to Harry

"Master Windu would like a word with you after lunch" He then handed Harry another pad 'this is a treatise of the 7 forms of lightsaber combat as annotated by the very best in the order please read the first chapter before class tomorrow." With that, he nodded to Harry and left the room as quietly as he came in.

Six hours later Harry had finished inscribing about half of his light staff there was a knock on the door Harry meticulously stored everything except for the piece he was inscribing currently "Come in" he wondered who was knocking so he turned to the door and was surprised when his master stuck her head in. "Harry it's lunchtime Padmé wants to see you. Come on"

"Yes Master," he said packing his things up when Ahsoka noticed he had enough for two sabers.

"Two sabers?" She asked impishly "Sucking up to your future master?"

"Lightstaff" Harry replied smiling "I would never Suck up to you not my style! Besides, we need to have a discussion. So, why don't I start as I do not want this marring our lunch? If you want to give a pass on training me, I understand completely." He said looking down at his feet

Ahsoka sighed "Why would you think I would not want to train you?" then she remembered the discussions the day before "I know I said we needed to talk but it was not about whether or not I would train you. It was about when you wanted to hold the braiding ceremony."

Harry looked up at her in surprise "Masters Yoda, Windu and Kenobi put us together for a reason. I am looking forward to our journey together. You would not make it as master Skywalkers padawan. I think you will make it like mine. Now let's go meet Padmé for lunch."

"Yes Master" Harry smiled picking up his pouch and following her out of the room "About the ceremony, anytime is good I would, however, prefer a private ceremony friends and family as it were."

"Good to know. As I do not have hair. I am asking those of my master's lineage. To offer a small token to make your braid. If that is okay with you." Ahsoka said hoping he would be okay with this "I would like for you to add something to the braid as well so that when you are knighted you can pass it down to Balia."

'lineage' Harry thought as they walked "Familial lineage is a big thing where I come from my ancestor a thousand years ago helped create the school, I attended His name is Godric Gryffindor" Harry told her as they walked to Padmé's apartment. "It sounds like lineage is important here too. I know you were taught by Anakin Skywalker, and that Obi-Wan was his master. Who was Obi-Wan's master?"

"Obi-Wan's Master was Qui Gon Jinn, whose master was Jard Dooku whose master was Master Yoda." Ahsoka answered distractedly as she explained her lineage "I don't know who Master Yoda's master was and to be honest, I am not sure how to go about asking that question and not seem nosy."

"You are right it would seem kind of nosy. However, given his advanced age, my lineages are deep and I have much to learn" Harry said.

"Advanced age you say" came Master Yoda's voice from behind the pair causing both master and padawan to cringe "870 years have I served the order padawan, knight and yes master to countless Jedi have I been. N'Kata Del Gormo was my master never thought to ask my master who trained him. Lucky I was to have him as a master. Crashed my ship had along with friend both of us trained by my master until rescued I could be. Began the best and worst journey of my life. Tell you of it one day I will. Join you for lunch today to talk about your training session with Master Drallig."

"Yes, well we can get that out of the way before we eat. There was no actual training done today I decided I would build a lightstaff and use some of the methods my people use to enchant items to be unbreakable. I am hoping to finish the inscriptions and enchanting. the two topaz that I am using as crystals until I can get to Ilum to find whatever has been left for me there."

Ahsoka pushed the doorbell and after a few seconds, Balia opened the door "Mistress Skywalker is feeding the twins she will join us at the table momentarily, Master Secura and Senator Mothma are already at the table. Welcome master Yoda we were not expecting you but welcome all the same."

"Thank you young padawan Aldan, how feel you? Missed you were by young Nema last night in the dormitory but understand he did why you will no longer reside there."

"I don't have to return there?" Balia asked her obvious excitement filling the room "where will I stay?"

"With your bonded, you will stay. Much to discuss at this lunch there is" Master Yoda "Come now eat we must"

As they moved from the door, through the living room, and to the dining area where he saw the three ladies chatting at the table. When the ladies saw Harry, they each moved to greet him Padmé who had Luke in her arms gave him a one-armed hug "Are you okay Harry?"

"I am better senator Skywalker," Harry said only for Padmé to correct him.

"Surely if you are Harry to me, I can be Padmé to you?" She whispered trying to get through to the young man that though she had a place in the hierarchy of the government she did not place herself above him. "You are not alone"

"You are right I am not alone. You need to remember that too Padmé "he said finally returning the hug. Harry could feel her tension ease as she melted into the hug before turning to hand Luke to a Woman who looked remarkably Similar yet older than Padmé while taking Leia from another woman who reminded Harry of Padmé. Seeing his perplexed face, she knew what he wanted to ask.

"Harry this is my sister Sola" Pointing at the older looking woman "and this is my best friend and most trusted confidant Sabé"

"Ladies," He said with a bow before turning back to Padmé and Leia who he kissed on her forehead tickling Leia's nose and making her giggle "What is so funny princess?"

"Your beard my love!" Mon Mothma Said which caused Harry to conjure a mirror

"Whoa! Where did that come from?" Harry asked

Everyone laughed however it was Aayla who commented "I noticed it start to grow after the battle in the Senate chamber." She said looking him over "It does make you look older but truthfully I am not fond of the feeling of whiskers when being kissed" She said stealing a kiss and motioning Mon Mothma over bringing her into the embrace "We have news we want to share with you and I suppose master Yoda can take my part of it as well

"I will go first then" Mon Mothma reveling in their embrace "I am no longer the senator for Chandrila. I will go with you Harry where ever the force takes us! If you will have me?" which left Harry speechless

"I guess that leaves my news," Aayla said softly looking at Harry and Mon Mothma "I Will go where ever the force takes us if you both will have me?"

Everyone else looked at Padmé "After much discussion with Chancellor Organa I have chosen to step away from active politics to focus on my family and will be accompanying the Jedi order to Tython" she said surprising everyone "However, I did suggest a good replacement for me as his vice-chair. Sabé is now the vice-chancellor of the republic" She then stepped toward the three and joined the hug with Leia still in her arms it was awkward "Harry It may take time, a long time but someday…"

"I understand and will just be happy to have you in my life and to be a part of all of yours." Harry said looking at Balia he motioned her into the hug as well "You will be a part of our lives too young lady. Now I don't know about you guys but I am hungry I still have a mountain of inscribing to do, I still have a meeting with Masters Yoda and Windu, and I have some reading on form one and all the other pads the masters gave me this morning.

They dug into lunch with gusto as women dug through Harry's satchel looking over the pads and divvying them up. They put together a rudimentary schedule based on Master Drallig's desired start time as lunch broke and the group dispersed to follow their routines

"Master Secura, Ambassador Mon Mothma, Senator Skywalker Along with Knight Olin will be returning to Naboo for a brief respite," Master Yoda said "After your respite, you will journey to Tython where young Harry will begin his training in earnest. Padawan Aldan You will accompany Harry to the meeting with me."

"Yes Master," She said before falling in beside Harry "So Can you show me what you were doing later today?"

"Gladly" Harry responded a smile gracing his face "While I am better at defense than any other school of magic, we can learn runes together."

"That would be nice" Balia gushed

"Master Yoda, why do you and Master Windu need this meeting?" Harry asked his curiosity had grown.

"Needed your skills are to interrogate the prisoner who tried to kill you." Master Yoda admitted with a small amount of embarrassment "Skills you have perhaps?"

"Well, I have two methods both of which could be construed as torture" Harry stiffened as he spoke "One of them is unforgivable. The torture curse if used incorrectly could drive the man to madness. The other is forcing a reading of the man via legillimency. Hermione did pack some potions I could see if she packed in some veritiserum if she did then three drops and he will tell you anything for hours."

"Check if you could? please" Master Yoda asked Harry nodded his head and retrieved his trunk for the second time today he looked through the potions and found a note that inventoried the lot he had one bottle of skelegrow, two bottles of pepper upper, two bottles of dreamless sleep with a note cautioning the use of the potion as it was addictive. three blood replenishing and 25 various healing potions and a half-full bottle of veritiserum with a note from Draco saying it was given to him by his godfather and that one drop would have the imbiber talking for eight hours minimum, two drops would impair a person's ability to lie permanently and three drops would kill a person in less than ten minutes.

"One half-full bottle of enhanced veritiserum" Harry smiled at the thought "Which is good I did not want to torture him"

Five minutes later and several turbolift changes later they were deep in the bowels of the temple and the room with one Willhuf Tarkin. Harry took him in, tight-cropped black hair, perpetual sneer gracing his face "Two realities worth of people and I have to run into a pureblood snob." Harry turned on his best Severus Snape imitation "You Tried three times to eliminate me…. I want to know why?"

"I can understand the first attempt because I understand the chain of command you receive orders and you carry out your task. The subsequent attempt at Mon Mothma's apartment was more than a bit indiscriminate" he noted his reaction when he mentioned Mon Mothma's name deciding to come back to that in a moment "The last you tried hard to kill me with a starfighter which I have already salvaged thank you for the upgrade in personal transportation"

Tarkin looked at Harry like he wanted him to start on fire but sat there saying nothing

"We can do this one of three ways, the first I can fire every pain receptor in your body we will start for thirty seconds you will take weeks to recover muscle control, at two minutes you will have irreparable neurological damage, at three minutes will never reconnect with reality and, at four minutes your heart will stop,

The second is I can take complete control of your mind and body and you will then write out all the information I want to wring from you and you will give it gladly.

Third I will use two drops of this and you will tell me everything I want to know about you, your Sith master, and your obsession with my girlfriend"

"You don't deserve her I watched you for weeks your comings and goings. You are a simpleton compared to her. She will never be your Potter" he said his grey eyes glazed over with the thought of Mon Mothma. "She deserves better She deserves the life I can give her."

"Well seeing as she shares her bed with myself and another who is not you," Harry said with a smug grin "Actually she and Aayla are very snuggly"

Tarkin's demeanor became enraged he propelled himself toward Harry the chain that anchored the man to the table broke from its mount. His hands-free Tarkin tried to use his momentum to get to Harry's throat "Crucio" the curse came from Harry faster than the two masters could get from the observation room to help Harry.

He held the spell for a count of ten before releasing it and incanting "Incarcerous" and the man was found lying on the floor having experience pain the likes of which he had never felt. Harry for his part felt sick he had used the Crucio before in both righteous anger and true anger. This person had tried to kill him three times and nearly got others who had become dear to him. He immediately began walling off his bond with Balia sending to her that some things should not be seen by one so young and that she should not watch anymore.

After a moment of watching Tarkin lie there and groan Harry moved in and gave him two drops.

"Now first question. Why the second and third attempts?" Harry asked nudging the downed man with his foot "Come on I do not have all day."

"The second I was already amid my exfiltration so it cost me nothing. The third attempt was providence" Tarkin shuddered the nerves of his body felt like they had been exposed "How you were flying I do not know but I wanted you out of the way so that when the dust settles and the emperor takes his rightful place, I will be rewarded with that which is mine."

"You would not believe me even if I told you" He murmured before turning to the observation window and motioning the masters in. Let's get this interrogation on the road the bad stuff has passed I would like to get this finished sooner rather than later."

Yoda nodded he had kept a watchful eye on Harry and while he felt some anger it was tempered by something Yoda could not sense "Yes let us!" Windu said nothing but quirked an eye. As Harry deferred the rest of the interrogation to the masters who delved deeply into the mind of Willhuf Tarkin and were disturbed by how deep the Sith's roots had taken hold of the republic infrastructure.

"Willhuf Tarkin you will be tried before a military tribunal as a traitor to the republic all of the people you have just given up will join you." Mace Windu declared "May the force have mercy on your souls."

"I am going to mete out a punishment now," Harry said raising his wand

"Was not torture curse enough?" Yoda asked concerned that Harry would take the darker path.

"Yes and no Master Yoda" Harry admitted kneeling to master Yoda's level "Yes I hurt him but I did not have Hatred in my heart. No because leaving him as he is will allow him to plot to get to Mon Mothma and I will not allow it if I can stop it" he exclaimed standing up and pointing his wand the shaking man

"For the crime of attempted murder of two Jedi and two senators I sentence you to loss of your memories of Mon Mothma," Harry said his voice echoing eerily "If magic itself feels that I am in error may it smite my magic from me. Obliviate!" everyone held their breath as the magic took hold of Tarkin and then dissipated leaving Harry unharmed much to everyone's relief "Mr. Tarkin did you know that Mon Mothma has agreed to be my girlfriend?"

"I don't care it is only a matter of time before you and the Skywalker brats are dead and the Jedi or brought to extinction" the look of zeal returned to his eyes"

It was clear to all He now has no memories of his obsession and was still fit to stand before the tribunal. "My work is done here," Harry said twirling his wand like a drumstick before retracting it into his wand holster. Harry turned to the two masters after they had left the room "I am going, to be honest, I am not fine with what I just did. I hated every second of time I used the cruciatus."

"Talk more of this later. Return we will to your new quarters. In two days to Tython, we will go" Yoda said shaking his head at the young man's antics and the mercurial nature of emotions "Go now rest, study, eat, etch, or whatever it is that will take your mind from this."

The next two days passed in a blur of etching, educational learning, saber training, and the beginning of his training in the force. They were the very last people to leave the now empty and secured temple as three legions of Clones now stood guard with a contingent of temple guardsmen.

As they boarded Padmé's ship the Jedi Council led today by Obi-wan had gathered "Master Secura, Knights Tano, and Olin, Senators Mothma and Skywalker we would like a last-minute discussion with you five." Obi-Wan said with a smile "Padawan's Potter and Aldan please board the ship and see to your studies the rest will be along in a few moments."

"Harry, why did they send us away?" Balia asked wondering if it was something she did "Did I do something wrong?"

"No little sister you did not," Harry said softly trying to comfort his bonded "Do you remember the interrogation?" when she nodded yes, he sighed "I did something wrong something I deem unforgivable and by rights, I should probably be imprisoned in the bowels of the temple for what I did.

"The torture curses?" she asked knowing the answer "You Hurt yourself as much or more so than you hurt Tarkin I could feel your unease and growing disgust with yourself."

"That is what they are no doubt talking about also probably about my already low self-esteem. Just know it is likely not about you now let's get into our studies.

Outside was indeed about Harry "Ladies there is no easy way to say this Harry is on many levels broken if you look you can see the low self-esteem, his ability to give of himself to the point where there is almost nothing left, and his inability to understand why people would like or even love him. He needs time to heal before we will begin his training in earnest" Obi-Wan stated while Master Yoda paced back and forth.

"Much Self-loathing young Harry has for himself. Lives by a standard that is sustainable it is not. His compassion knows no bounds which are dangerous to himself and you. The time it will take to heal. Take it he must and need you all he will." Master Yoda said grimly. "On Tython we will await you"

Hyperspace egress Belsavis

Barris Offee felt dread like she never had as she dropped out of hyperspace for orbital insertion at Belsavis. She knew the planet had settlements but the planet seemed to be dark. Dark in a way that scared her as she had never feared before. Steeling herself she sent a message to both the order and her master before going down to the largest settlement as she landed in the darkened hangar bay the lights from her fighter showed desiccated bodies.

She then went back to the fighter and composed two messages one to Darth Sidious and the Other to Master Obi-Wan

She stalked to the compound, she reached the barracks and she found whole platoons dead in their bunks she had no idea what had occurred here but she knew she had spent too much time here already she turned on her heel and made her way back to her ship when she felt it begin to move. She broke into a run using the force to augment her speed.

Through the halls she raced not bothering to look back her only goal was to get back to her ship. She made the hanger and was halfway back to her ship when four invisible tentacles came out of darkness catching her hand and feet and suspending her spread eagle in the middle of the hanger a fifth coiled tightly around her neck impeding her breath. Her fear spiked as she struggled to draw breath. It increased a hundred-fold when the being appeared slowly,

"I was beginning to fear you would never come young one" a dark voice resonated through her mind and body "Your fear is the sweetest thing I have tasted in over 30000 years" She screamed as it flowed over her invading her body through her mouth nose. she started to seize "Don't worry little one you are not the one I want. You know the one I want I can see you have had dealings with him, He insulted you. Typical His Kind always act superior. It made the destruction of their species our top priority for 10000 years.

The last of them fled through a portal to parts unknown. First, I will take your master, then the leftovers of the purge. Sadly, you will not be here to see it. Her eyes started to droop close as the will to fight slowly succumbed to the desire for release, she reached out into the force to her fighter and sent the messages. As the last spark of life left her body before she passed into the force shrieking in fear and despair before going limp. For a few moments, her body hung there by her arms as she floated down to the ground. The entity inhabited her body fully it took stock of the body that it now inhabited assimilating all the girl's memories. It opened its eyes.

With a slow sensuous gate 'she' walked to her ship and noted two messages had been sent 'nothing to be done about that now it lifted off the planet in its new transport it set its course to meet her 'Master' it smiled at that thought soon the galaxy would remember what true fear was!