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I felt his hand move along the waistband of my jeans as we kissed. Our tongues

entwined, and I knew it was only a matter of time until that hand slipped beneath my

sweater and up toward my bra. I uttered a giddy prayer of thanks that I'd worn the front closing

one. Then, my eyes closed, I did a little exploration of my own, running my

palms along the hard wall of muscles I could feel through the cotton of his shirt . . . pg 30 Chapter 3

His hands found their way up my sweater, smooth and warm as they caressed my tummy.

I shivered, not that I was cold, but that his touch sent flames through my body.

My hands were trying hard to loosen his shirt, I wanted to feel the muscles that laid there. To feel them flex under my touch.

Too soon he broke away, I was afraid this was as far as we would get tonight.

I was dead wrong, instead of his usual "Susannah, I think you better go now." He grabbed the hem of his loose shirt and lifted up and tossed it to the backseat.

Lust, was said to be a powerful emotion that made people do the craziest things.

Yes, I had made it clear, but Jesse was too old fashion to take the next step in our "relationship".

I looked at his body my need to feel every groove of his abs under my fingertips, under my mouth.

But my train of thoughts was interrupted as his hands reached to cradle my face and kissed me slow and passionately.

While we kissed his hands returned to their previous location only this time they passed my tummy unto my bra clad breasts.

In an instant I felt insecure about my average sized chest, I mean his ex-girlfriend Maria de Silva had been blessed in that department. Hopefully he wouldn't reject me over something like that... right?

We kissed with a renewed force of passion for several minutes only to break apart gasping for air.

"Oh Susannah," he murmured into my damp skin as his lips traveled down the column of my neck.

"Ohh...Jesse...please kiss me." I moaned, my hands grasping his neck trying to attach my mouth to his.

His lips made my blood boil and as if he had read my mind his hands grasped at my breasts as if to sooth the fire.

The twist of his fingers on my sensitive skin did nothing for the fire as it only increased a tightening in the pit of my stomach.

I broke the kiss and moaned and his hands flew out of my sweater.

Regret washed over me, not for taking things as far as they had progressed but because I knew this was Jess's stopping point.

FOr several moments all I could hear was our breaths coming in and out forcefully as we tried to regain normalcy.

"Oh Susannah, have I told you how hermosa you are?" He asked me and his movement surprised me, his lips captured mine and in what could only described as a force of passion.

I was so surprised and distracted by his mouth that I gasped as his hands were gently tugging on the bottom of my sweater.

In that moment the most unfortunate thing happened to me, I thought of Father D. He had was always told me to have faith, I guess this is what he meant, here I was having faith in Jesse and myself.

In a moment of insecurity I looked down to my lap and back to Jesse's face hoping he would ask me what I wanted and had faith he would ask it.

"Querida, should I...? I nodded, I had dreamed of this moment for too long.

For him to see me like this, flushed with desire for him, for his touch.

As soon as it was off, he mimicked what he'd done earlier and threw it at the backseat.

He looked back at me, his beautiful eyes darkening while his breathing was shallow.

"You are so beautiful, Querida." His eyes stayed on my face, gleaming with lust while those few words were said. I felt a rush of blood pool under my cheeks and I knew that he would see more of me in that moment.

Slowly his eyes wondered down my body.

First to my neck, then to my collarbone, and then to my breasts.

He stared for what seemed five minutes and then down to my jeans, he paused and frowned.

What the hell? Did I inadvertently do something wrong? Did he find me lacking or was I way to eager for this to happen?

I looked at myself and frowned again, maybe it was that he was comparing me to a certain woman whose name started with the letter M.

"It's Okay Jesse... I understand that Maria-" I was silenced by his fist pounding on the car seat.

"Nombre de Dios! Susannah, Maria or any women could never be compared to you. Querida, You are every man's fantasy." He murmured as his body tensed over the word fantasy.

Every man's fantasy? Did that mean he had fantasies of his own featuring me?

He tenderly touched my shoulders and started to pull down the straps of my bra, I darted my eyes away from his, unsure.

His warm hands left my skin and I was relieved and angry at myself for again ruining something that was to be special for both of us.

"Susannah? My love, are you okay?" His hushed voice asked me as my bottom lip trembled.

"It's just that I...I want you and I am not sure how to please you." I rushed out.

His eyes had cooled down during his little speech but in that moment they seemed to melt into dark pools of want and hunger. Aka lust.

His hands returned to to shoulders and this time we kept eye contact.

His fingers feathered over the skin that lay there until they reached the strap of my bra and he push one strap down and then did the same on the other side raising goosebumps in his path.

His mouth found mine and his hands tangled themselves in my hair and I was lost once again until I felt my bra fall from my body.

Fire rippled through my body and I burst into a pink blush that covered my skin as his lips suddenly left mine.

Wet kisses were now being distributed on my face and neck until they found my ear.

"Susannah, may I please you?" He asked in a hushed husky voice.

My body response was all he needed as my back arched slightly as an invitation.

His hands came to a stop on the outside of my breasts.

Clearly wanting to feel my skin there in his hands I arched my back a little more.

That was all it took as his fingers started to remember my flesh, tugging and rolling the skin their.

First with his palm over my entire breast then on my very responsive nipples which he started pinching and flickering.

Little moans escaped me while my breath came in short pants his matching my own.

His mouth found mine and we kissed for the thousandth time tonight.

As my tiny moans started to become more forceful his lips ventured to my neck, collarbone and finally took over the place where my heart lay.

Impatiently his mouth which was wet and warm, wrapped around my nipple making me scream in ecstasy.

I closed my eyes and opened the to see that the car was now becoming steaming, the windows that were once frozen with the cold air of California, were now fogged up from the body heat we were making.

Every new thing his mouth did, made me moan and scream louder, my hands had moved to the back of his head tugging his hair, wanting him closer.

All of the sudden we weren't in the front seats but in the back.

I laid down on the seat, while Jesse hovered over me his mouth full of my right nipple.

My hips thrusted forward instinctively looking for something to sooth the coil inside of me.

With Jesse laying over me and I was surprised to feel him hot and heavy in the cradle of my thighs.

My mouth opened to moan in approval and surprise when I heard Jesse groan.

I was stunned to feel him thrust his hips into mine.

His hardness only made me feel much more incredibly wet then I was before and I was proud of myself for being desirable to him.

I had made him that way. Me...

The sweet friction we made was unbearable to stop.

His mouth finally tore itself from my breasts and back to my mouth.

Our kisses became drugged with want and then I took that as a signal.

I hugged him close to my body, his groans getting louder as were my moans.

"Oh...Susannah...this...feels..." he said and repeated over and over again his sentences making no sense in his jumble of words.

I on the other hand was crying and pleading for the wild dance to never end.

"Jesse...unnnn...Ugh... Harder...Please." I was too keyed up to be embarrassed.

My senses were now in overload my hips and Jesse's were rubbing or more like pounding harder and harder.

Jesse's hands flew from the place where he was holding himself and was now supporting all his weight on one.

His hand came in between us.

I took this as a sign that we were ditching our clothes.

But as I made my hand go to the waistband of my jeans to tug them of my hips, Jesse had another idea.

His fingers trailed down to my core over my jeans.

My eyes rolled back and my hips lifted up as he not so gently rubbed there. And my jeans fell of my hips where my hand had been pushing.

And this is where Jesse gained back all his morals, because: A) I came; B) He came right after; C) He seemed to notice that his hand was not on top of my jeans anymore, but was touching my part of panties and part of my wet and swollen core.

In less than a full minute Jesse had managed to have have flung himself out of the car and left me inside.

Through the opened car door I could see he had fallen on his ass, while I was naked (well I did still have my panties on...kinda of?) with my jeans twisted on my ankles.

His face showed anger, disgrace, lust, and disgust.

I on the other hand felt embarrassed, needy, and mad.

"Nombre de Dios! ¿Qué he hecho? Que idiota!..." He cursed.

I quickly dressed and came out of the car as Jesse stood still grumbling under his breath and his eyes averted away from my face.

I held out his shirt and he yanked it out of my grasp making me frown.

"Susannah, Please pardon my behavior, I hadn't meant this to go so far. If you don't want me to ever touch you again I will understand. Querida I'm so sorry." He pleaded.

In that moment I felt like slapping him, stupid beautiful boyfriend of mine.

Instead I kiss him but instead he played his card well this time.

"Susannah." He was breathing hard and the word came out sounding a little ragged as he

rested his forehead against mine.

"Jesse." I wasn't breathing too evenly myself.

"I think you'd better go now."

I didn't argue because I saw a light being flicked inside.

And with one last kiss I left.

Oh Jesse this is just the beginning.

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