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Suze was in danger. I quickly appeared and held back Paul. Grabbing him in a very painful position.

"Hasn't anyone ever told you," I asked, in a semi-amused voice, "that a gentleman never lays a hand on a lady?"

But then who was I to say such thing. Remembering what I had one not only with Suze and where my hands had been, but how I relived some problem with my hand.

"Jesse," She said. "I'm okay. You can let him go."

But I held on, any by passer would have looked at Paul as a retarded person.

"I wasn't gonna do anything to her," Paul insisted in a strangled voice. "I swear!"

I looked at Suze for confirmation of this.

"Did he hurt you, Susannah?" I asked.

She shook her head. "I'm all right," She said.

I held on for 2 seconds and let go, the stupid boy lost his balance and fell to his four limbs.

"You didn't have to call him ," Paul said to her.

"I didn't." She answered annoyed.

"She didn't have to,"I said, leaning against one of the breezeway's support pillars with my arms folded across my chest looking at him get up.

"What'd you, sense a disturbance in the Force, or something?" Paul asked testily.

"Something like that." I looked from Paul to Suze and then back again. "Is there anything going on here that I should know about?"

"No," She said quickly, too quickly, making me raise one of my eye brows.

Paul laughed.

"Oh yeah," he said. "You two have a great relationship. It's really great how honest you are with each other."

I narrowed my eyes in Paul's direction.

Then I turned my gaze on her.

"It's nothing," She blurted. "Paul was just . . . he was thinking of doing something to you. But he changed his mind. Didn't you, Paul?"

"Not really," Paul said. "Hey, I have an idea. Let's ask Jesse what he'd want, shall we? Say, Jesse, how would feel if I told you I could—"

"No!" She said gasp. Suddenly, she was breathing hard and fast, which reminded me of last night...

"Paul, really, that's not necessary. Jesse won't—"

"Now, Suze," Paul said as if he were speaking to a child of a tender age. "Let's allow Jesse to decide. Jesse, what if I told you that in addition to all the many other wonderful things that we mediators can do, it turned out we can also travel through time? And that I had generously offered to travel back to your time—the night you died, I mean—and save your life. What would you say to that?"

My gaze didn't leave Paul's face.

"I would say that you're a liar" was my calm response.

"See, I thought you might say that." Paul had the smooth patter and the self-confidence of a traveling salesman giving his spiel. "But I'm here to tell you it's the absolute truth. Think about it, Jesse. You didn't have to die that night. I can go back through time and warn you. Well, you won't know me, of course, but I think if I tell you—the past you—that I'm from the future and that you're going to die if you don't do what I tell you, you'll believe me."

"Do you?" I asked in the same calm voice, "Because I don't."

My attention once again was captured to Suze's hard breathing now turning back to normal, but just slightly.

"I don't think you understand what I'm saying here." Paul shook his head. "I'm talking about giving you back your life, Jesse. None of this wandering around in a sort of half-life for a hundred and fifty years, watching the people you love grow older and die, one by one. No way. You'll live. To a ripe old age, if I can, you know, get rid of that Diego guy who killed you. I mean, how can you say no to an offer like that?"

"Like this," I said tonelessly. "No."

The fool blinked. Once…Twice

Then he said, his voice devoid of the friendliness that had been in it moments before, "Don't be an idiot. I'm offering you a chance to live again. Live. What are you going to do, hang around here for the rest of eternity? Are you going to watch her get old"—he thrust a finger at Suze—"and eventually turn to dust like you did with your family? Don't you remember how that felt? You want to go through all that again? You want her to sacrifice having a normal life—marriage, kids, grandkids—just to be with you, when you can't even support her, can't even-"

No, no, He was right, I could be selfish. I was taking that. I was stealing her faith, her freedom. It wasn't supposed to be like this. A ghost and a human could not be. He was absolutely right.

"Paul, stop it," She said, looking at me.

He wasn't done; he still wanted to crush my dreams.

"You think you're doing her any favors by sticking around?" he demanded. "Man, you're only keeping her from leading a normal life-"

"Stop it!" She screamed, but at the same time, the schools bell rang and students began pouring out.

Then she grabbed at my arms with both my hands and, looking up anxiously into my face, said,

"Don't listen to him. Please. I don't care about those things, marriage and kids. All I want is you."

But it was too late. Everything he had said made complete sense.

"I mean it," She begged giving me a frustrated shake. "Don't pay attention to a word he says!"

The last thing I heard before I disappeared was the voice of an annoyed girl. And thinking I would have to stay away from my beloved.

I went to Susannah's bedroom after I left. I sat down on her bed and started to think. Maybe it would be best if I disappeared from her life, she would think I moved on. I would go anywhere if it meant preventing Suze from losing the chances she would get if she was with someone alive.

As much as it pained me to say, she would be better off being with Paul than being with me. I was a ghost for god's sake. I decided to wait for her before doing anything rash, so I just waited on her bed.

After about an hour I heard her door slam. Suze was in her bedroom and she saw me lying down on her bed reading one of her text books.

"Jesse!" she said happily throwing her backpack on the floor and sitting down on the bed.

"Suze, was Paul lying about me being able to have my life back?" I asked unsurely. I closed the book and put it on her desktop.

"No…he was telling the absolute truth," she said quietly. I looked at her and her arms were around her knees.

"Well if he wasn't lying…" I said sitting back on her bed. I knew just by looking at her she thought I would choose life over her. "I don't want my life back," I said slowly.

"Really?" she asked looking up to me.

"If I got my life back I would be alone and Diego would try to kill me again," I said shrugging, the only thing that kept me here was being with her.

"If you were gone…I don't know what I would do," Suze said silently. I smiled slightly happy that she felt the same way.

"Ok, I'll see you later ok?" I asked already starting to disappear as she said "Ok."

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