AUTHOR'S NOTE: Changes made= Since this story encompasses both Supernatural and Constantine I decided to stick with Gabriel as portrayed on Supernatural and chose a different angel to be responsible for the events in Constantine. Also, in this story Sam acts more like old Sam opposed to how he is now season 6. Takes place before the events of Supernatural episode 10, 'Caged Heat'. In regards to vampires, seeing how this tale has many different kinds of vampires in it I decided to do a separate clan approach similar to the White Wolf RPG, that's my way of explaining the existence of several different kinds of vampires with different powers, abilities and weaknesses. Have also moved the events of Let Me In to the present day. Lastly, with so many different things in the same continuity, the idea of humankind still being completely oblivious to the world of the supernatural just seemed ludicrus to me. Think of my story universe being kinda like Marvel or DC, as in people are aware of the things that are out there and just try to get on with their lives as best they can.

SPOILER ALERT: Too many to list. Countless spoilers for tons of TV shows and movies since this story is a multi crossover. You have been warned.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, characters are property of various owners and creators etc. etc.


Somewhere in northern Ohio…

"Okay, so we know that we're looking for a vampire." Sam said as he and Dean drove down a rural road, the speedometer on the Impala pushing a mere 60 miles per hour. Dean always loved to make fun of Sam's 'granny driving' as he called it.

"Yep, time to break out the stakes and crosses."

"Uh, Dean. Both you and I know neither of those things work."

"What? I ain't allowed to crack a joke? If it's good enough for Peter Cushing it's good enough for me."

"Yeah, well I don't think our aliases were good enough for the paramedic to buy into."

"In a world that has pretty much opened up to the idea of the supernatural I think fake I.D.s are the least of anyone's worries. Besides, I'm sure Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wouldn't mind."

"Dude, I know that you love the novelty aliases and all, but maybe in the future we could try having names that aren't quite so painfully conspicuous."

"What fun would that be? Besides whose idea was it in Modesto to go by the names of 'Agent Wedge' and 'Agent Antilles'?"

"That was different, we were in George Lucas' hometown."

"You are such a nerd."

"I prefer the term socially challenged, besides you got no room to talk, 'mister I've seen every Hammer horror film and B movie ever made'. And don't even get me started on the whole Dr. Sexy M.D. thing.".

"Just shut up and drive." Dean grunted eliciting a broad grin from his brother.

"Do you believe what our witness had to say?" Sam asked.

"Not sure, being hysterical in a padded cell does kinda hurt his credibility a tad don't it."

"He said that the thing looked like a young girl, probably around 11 to 13 years old. Guess this vamp got turned at a young age."

"Yeah, looks like we're hunting Eddie Munster, that is if Eddie was a little girl anyway."

"What about the other kid that was seen with her? Another vamp?"

"I would guess yes?"

"You ever heard of a vampire that could fly?"


"How about you give Bobby a call?"

"Right." Dean said as he dialed his cell phone.


"Hey Bobby, it's Dean."

"No really idget? Cuz I never coulda figured that one out with the caller id and the sound of your voice and all."

"Ha ha, very funny. Got a new one for ya."

"Christ, what now? I've lost track of the number of new or foreign beasties you two have been turning up lately."

"How about a new twist on an old favorite?"

"Such as?"

"A vampire that can fly."

"What? Are you sure we're dealing with a vampire?"

"Aside from the Peter Panning all signs point to yes."

"Maybe it's just a new monster that has some of the same traits?"

"Well, we're on it's trail now, so I guess we'll find out. Can you see what you can dig up in the meantime?"

"You bet."

"Thanks Bobby." *click*

Bobby then returned to his kitchen table where two guests waited patiently.

"Does this mean our poker game is over?" Whistler asked with a smirk.

"Fraid so guys."

"It's just as well, I think Machete was cheating anyway." Whistler jokingly accused getting the surly Mexican's attention.

"Machete don't cheat." He said bluntly.

"Sure you don't." Whistler continued jabbing.

"You the one trying to heap the deck."

"You can't prove that."

"I don't have to."

"Sounds like insecurity to me."

"You the one bluffing with every hand."

"Like Hell I am!"

"Now who's insecure?"

"I am doing no such thing, I swear on my good leg."

"You don't have a good leg."

"Don't you have a lawn to go mow or something?"

Finally Bobby interrupted them, "Are you two finished with your little lover's spat?" He teased in an annoyed fashion.

Finally things were quiet.

"Whistler, you and Blade make a living out of giving vamps the final dirt nap. Either of you ever ran into a vampire that could fly?"

"Not to the best of my knowledge, but there's always the possibility of new strains of vampire infection with differing results among other things. Hell, Damaskinos was tinkering with genetic engineering for f**k's sake. Possibilities are endless. So the boys are hunting a flying vampire?"

"Sounds like it, where's Blade right now?"

"In L.A. tracking down the largest vampire nest on the West Coast."

"Gotcha. Well, care to help me hit the books?" Bobby asked as Whistler and Machete both cocked an eyebrow.


At that moment, entering the planet's orbit…

A terrible malevolent force had returned to Earth. Its arrival signaled by a bright green luminescence in the upper stratosphere hovering over the United States that could be seen for countless miles. Baffled scientists were at a loss to find an explanation for the phenomena that was otherwise deemed completely harmless.

They had no way of knowing how wrong they were.

Meanwhile however, someone else was watching who knew full well what it represented. From his new and recently acquired estate in Boston, Crowley kicked back with a glass of single malt scotch aged nearly 500 years. It was a prime vintage but he still wasn't sure if he liked it better than his old standby of 30 year old Craig. Here at his new mansion he allowed himself a brief respite from his frustrating attempts at being the King of Hell. 'Lucky the leprechaun' the other demons called him behind his back, only as of late he hadn't felt very lucky. He liked it here though, and had learned from his previous mistakes. His former residence had been off the beaten path making it far more accessible to unwanted guests, as he had experienced the hard way. What remained of his former tailor was a stain in a priceless 2,000 year old Turkish rug that would probably never come clean. The only moderate saving grace was that it was the same rug that the Winchesters had already ruined with their devil's trap. However even in its damaged state it was still priceless and worth enough money to buy Microsoft if he wanted to.

He thought back to a confrontation that took a year ago right after Lucifer had been dealt with when he had first began his search for the alphas…


"Meg." Crowley said jovially.


"Funny, you don't look like an alpha ogre to me?"

"Oh there was one here, before we killed it of course."

"Was that fun?"

"Verdict's still out on that one. I had initially came here with allot more demons. They're still here, and here, and there, and over there, and even up there," She began to say pointing all over the place eventually looking up at the top of a tree as well, "Oh, and apparently right here." she said pulling a tiny piece of entrail that she hadn't realized was still clinging to her jean jacket.

"But hey, it wasn't anything that an eighteen wheeler and a frag shell from a rocket launcher couldn't fix." She went on.

"And the demons I sent to round up the alpha?"

"Oh we let the ogre eat them before we killed it. We knew once you didn't hear back from them you'd get curious. So we just laid low and waited."

"Well good on you trollup. So to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"As if you even had to ask?"

There was a time when Meg always wore a smile, a time when she had a joke or one liner for every adversary or would be victim. She was a demon who loved being a demon and truly reveled in her unspeakable acts of torture and slaughter. But that was before the Winchesters and their allies ruined everything, and one whom she especially had a grievance with now stood before her.

"Still on the rag over the whole Lucifer thing I see." Crowley said contemptuously.

"You helped put him back in his cell! You betrayed your own kind!" Meg fired back with a voice full of venom.

"Oh, now we're back to pretending that there's honor among thieves are we? We're demons luv, there is no code of honor. We're out for ourselves and no one else, that's always been the case."

"This was different! Our father was among us! He could've made this world a paradise for our kind!"

"Meg deary, I'm not going to waste my time trying to explain to a lovesick sodding twat like yourself what Lucifer's real plan was. And more importantly I really couldn't give a damn less."

"Oh trust me you're gonna care, and real fast."

"Or you'll do what exactly? Let's see, I'm the king of the crossroads, and the new king of Hell. While you're just a random little spunk stain of a demon that on her best day Lilith still wouldn't even give the time of day to. So again I ask, what exactly are you going to do to me?"

"Not me." Meg said before a chorus of barks, howls and snarls suddenly rang out as a pack of hellhounds surrounded Crowley.

Crowley cocked an eyebrow at this new development but kept his composure.

"How ironic, the so called master of the hellhounds rended limb from limb by them. It's almost poetic. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Or in this case teeth and claws. When they're done with you all that will be left is kibbles and bits." She grinned.

"Oh jee, you brought back up. Wish I'd thought of that. Oh wait a minute, I did." Crowley declared as with a loud whistle his own massive hellhound came crashing through a nearby wall with a deafening roar. The hounds that were moments away from pouncing on Crowley quickly turned their attention to his monstrous pet. Meg's confidence abruptly faltered and Crowley could see it in her face.

"Your move slag." He challenged her.

For several moments no one moved, but finally the tension got the better of Meg and she bolted. At that same moment her pack tore into Crowley's hellish canine. It was like watching a pack of wolves try to take down a grizzly bear. Meanwhile Meg rounded a corner only to run into Crowley.

"Trying to run from a teleporter, not the mark of a genius I must say." He ridiculed as he outstretched his hand using his telekinesis to start crushing her windpipe.

"I hope you'll pardon the Yankee reference but just call me Darth Crowley." He joked.

But just then he got blasted by rock salt from the left and sprayed with holy water from the right as demons loyal to Lucifer and Meg came out of hiding, She had laid a trap.

A third demon charged Crowley with an iron war hammer from behind as it smacked hard into his skull knocking him to the ground. The hammer was continuously driven into his head disorienting him just long enough for the other demons to chain him to a chair. By the time he regained his senses he was immobilized and encircled by salt.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this." Meg confessed.

"A salt ring? Really?"

"May not be as flashy or artistic as a devil's trap but it still keeps where I want you and from teleporting."

"So now you've got me, but what pray tell are you going to do with me? Seeing how you don't have anything that can actually kill me."

"Well, ya know today we're going to test that theory." She answered as a loud beeping sound caused Crowley to look to his left as a large salt truck backed up toward him, the kind used to salt roads during the winter, "You know I really don't know how much salt a demon can actually take. Never wanted to know before now actually. Normally our kind just bails but since you can't this should prove very enlightening. Thanks for being such a good little guinea pig." She finished in baby talk as the truck stopped next to where Crowley was sitting.

"Dump it!" she ordered as the truck heaved back burying Crowley as he winced.

The demon in the truck got out and rejoined the others as they looked on, but suddenly the salt mound Crowley was buried in exploded showering all of them as they screeched in pain. Crowley had used his telekinesis to free himself as he rose up out of the mound extricated of his bondage and looking none too happy.

"Do you have any idea how much this suit cost?" He spat as Meg and her followers watched with panic filled eyes.

Before any of them could do anything Crowley used his pyrokinesis to set Meg's henchmen ablaze as they started wailing in misery. He then pointed his hand at Meg like a gun.

"Bang!" He said as a telekinetic punch sent her smashing through a wooden fence, after which he blew on the end of his index finger.

"You know, that might have actually worked if I were still a, oh what was it that Dean once said? Oh yes, a punkass crossroads demon. But I'm a different man now cow. And you're about to be in different pieces."

As Meg got back up she suddenly heard a rumbling growl behind her that signaled the arrival of Crowley's hellhound.

Desperate and out of options Meg was forced to abandon her body as she screamed to the heavens, her twisted black essence billowing out of her mouth and up into the sky.

"Ta ta sweetness, we'll have to do this again sometime." Crowley yelled after her.

Crowley's beast had eviscerated most of Meg's pack with only a couple of wounded survivors getting away. What remained of the rest wasn't even enough to fill a doggie bag. Crowley walked up to the loyal devil dog that he affectionately referred to as 'his pup' and patted him on the head.

"Good boy!" he said with a wicked smile.

The giant hellhound had sustained some nasty injuries of its own, but nothing that wouldn't heal in time.

Nearby some of Meg's henchmen twisted and writhed across the ground burnt practically beyond recognition. They had been injured too severely to summon the strength to vacate their bodies as some of the others had.

"You know what? I think you deserve a doggie treat. Extra crispy! Sick em boy!" Crowley commanded as his hound tore into the already agonized demons.


But that was then and this was now, and here among the densely populated and brightly lit streets of Boston, Crowley could rest easy. Demons always hated drawing more attention to themselves than they needed to, and none of them had come for him since he settled here. He had been watching a documentary about the Third Reich on his 150" inch plasma tv when it was abruptly interrupted by the special news broadcast.

"Ah well, a demon's work is never done." He said as he downed the last of his scotch and then stood up.

With a snap of his fingers the TV shut off and he teleported out of sight.

Bethel, Maine, near the Androscoggin River.


With a solid thud Buffy flew back hitting a tree hard before slumping down, the wind sufficiently knocked out of her. Nearby Rufus Turner continuously pumped shots from a 10 gauge shotgun into a towering roaring 15 foot behemoth as it advanced on them. They had come to Maine looking for a creature known as Katahdin. Needless to say, they had found it, and it was pissed.

"Buffy, are you okay?" Rufus yelled as he reloaded and fired again.

"Yeah!" She yelled back springing back up and doing a somersault burying her mystical scythe into the left collarbone of the beast before bounding away.

Suddenly from behind Selene flipped into view firing twin Heckler UMP submachine guns into the monster's back. Angrily it turned ripping a tree loose with a right paw swing that only missed her by inches as she dodged out of the way. A moment later Michael charged forward fully transformed hoping to utilize brute strength to topple their monstrous foe. But even in his hybrid form he found himself bouncing off Katahdin as if he had ran into a living mountain. With a furious bellow the giant aberration tried to crush Michael who sidestepped at the last second and then climbed up the massive brute. Once perched next to its head Michael ripped a sizeable hunk of flesh from the left side of its face with a claw swipe. However this seemingly only served to further enrage the titan who reached up and wrenched him back down smashing him into the ground.

It was then that Saya landed atop the creature's head shoving her sword down through it's right collarbone before yanking it back out and jumping away. As she did she dislodged Buffy's scythe and threw it back to her. A well placed shot from Rufus took out one of its eyes as it howled with a rage filled pain staggering back. Taking advantage of it's momentary loss of balance Buffy, Selene and Saya rushed up into a leap as they connected with a simultaneous physical strike while Michael slammed hard into the back of the goliath's legs finally knocking Katahdin down. However the mutant reared back up sending all four of them tumbling through the forest with a brutal backhand.

"Oh s!t!" Rufus swore as the nightmarish thing lumbered toward him. The veteran hunter pumped more shells into the hulking freak of nature, but so much damage had already been done to its torso that there was barely anything left keeping its insides contained and still it kept coming. In its attempts to kill Rufus it took out huge trees as if its arms were giant chainsaws with the hunter barely escaping death time and again. But at one point Rufus tripped and fell and Katahdin reached down scooping him up apparently intending to shove him into his jaws. But as he was brought up to the monster's face he quickly pulled a knife and in one swift fluid motion completely sliced off its bottom jaw! Rufus then shoved his left hand into Katahdin's wounded eye causing it to scream out in agony dropping him in the process.

Just then Selene appeared behind the colossus. Having the fastest healing factor and the greatest superhuman strength she had recovered first. She further demonstrated this as she punched her right fist into Katahdin's back and ripped out a piece of its spinal column! She was expecting the attack in question to paralyze the beast but the vertebrae she tore out resulted in only partial paralysis as the right side of the monster suddenly went numb and dead. That however didn't prevent the unnatural animal from awkwardly turning and giving the bewildered immortal a nasty swipe that sent her smashing clean through a tree cleaving it in two. It then proceeded to continue moving, using its remaining good leg to try to drag and limp back toward Rufus, its right leg shuffled behind it and its right arm dangled uselessly at its side. Meanwhile though Buffy and Saya were waiting as they both used their magical blades to slice through a gigantic redwood that began to teeter as Michael ran up and gave it the push it needed to fall where they wanted it to. In its crippled condition Katahdin couldn't move fast enough to get out of its path as it crashed down on top of him. With the use of only one half of its body and thusly half its strength, it was effectively pinned down. Saya was atop the creature in a heartbeat shoving her sword through it's jugular vein while Buffy drove her scythe directly into its brainpan. Finally…it was dead.

Michael was transforming back into his human form and walking toward Rufus when he noticed the knife he was cleaning.

"Is that a…ginzu?"

"Yea." Rufus answered.

"You used a ginzu knife on that thing?"

"What?" Rufus said defensively.

"Nothing. I guess I was just expecting something endorsed by Rambo, not Eversharp kitchen appliances. You know, something more practical?"

"Practical? Let me tell you something boy, those 3AM infomercials didn't lie. The ginzu really will cut through anything." Rufus boasted.

Michael just turned away trying to stifle a laugh as Selene finally rejoined them.

"You okay?" Michael asked.

"Fine, I just had to wait for the shattered vertebrae in my neck to heal and realign before I could move again."

"Christ!" Michael said in shock and awe.

"Must be nice to be damn near un-killable." Buffy teased with a slight hint of jealousy.

"Well, if it wasn't for Alexander Corvinus' blood pumping through my veins I would be dead, an attack like that would've killed me once."

Nearby Saya stood silently saying nothing, she wasn't the kind for small talk.

"Ugh, I'm getting too old for this." Rufus grumbled to no one in particular.

"Are you okay?" Buffy asked him.

"Just peachy."

"Thanks for calling us up on this, I know it ain't easy for you to ask for help." Buffy told him.

"Yeah, Bobby could tell you plenty about that."

"I'm sure he could."

"Not that I'm complaining but wouldn't you normally contact other hunters for a job like this? I mean it would certainly be more convenient for you wouldn't it?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, but every hunter I know is tied up currently. We've had a huge influx of monster activity here in the States that I just can't explain."

"Sounds like you guys are being spread pretty thin." Buffy noticed.

"Yeah, that we are. And unfortunately I'd say that right now the hunter mortality rate is even worse than it is for slayers." Rufus boasted, but it was a boast he was far from proud of.

The aged hunter let out a tired sigh before speaking again.

"All I want to do now is go home and get plastered to the point that I won't even think about how sore I'm going to be tomorrow morning."

Just then a helicopter came down for a landing nearby.

"Looks like our ride is here." Michael observed as they all walked toward the chopper save Rufus who started back toward his truck.

"Take care of yourself Rufus!" Buffy yelled after him trying to be heard over the noise of the copter.

"You too slayer!" He called back.

As they all climbed in Buffy thought back to before they left when they first got Rufus' call…


With a hearty yell Kennedy threw a series of punches and kicks that would have shattered concrete…that is if they had connected. Her target however artfully dodged each attempted strike. On one particular swing Kennedy's fist was caught as her combatant pinched a particular nerve in her wrist that instantly froze her in a spasm of pain before flipping her through the air into a judo throw that led into an armbar. Despite Kennedy's greater strength any attempt to move on her part was met with more painful resistance as the bending and extension of her arm and elbow joint effectively immobilized her.

Finally after much useless effort and wincing Kennedy angrily submitted.

"Alright I give!" She shouted as her sparring partner released her and she got up with a frustrated huff.

"Not bad Kennedy, you're getting better." Xena told her.

"One of these days I will beat you." Grumbled the slayer as she rejoined her peers.

"Alright class? Why did I beat her?", Xena asked loudly to a gathered group of slayers in the training room, "She is a slayer after all. She was stronger and faster, so what happened?"

Xena got no response.

"I'll tell you what happened. She got cocky. She got cocky and she relied on her slayer powers alone to just push her way through. Simply charging in guns blazing may work fine when you're fighting mindless monsters but if you come up against an enemy that is intelligent. That is trained or skilled in means of hth combat, everything changes. The stronger warrior isn't always the victor. And I quote, all warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him. Sun Tzu: The Art Of War, 380 B.C. That's all for today class, you are dismissed." Xena concluded.

"Fantastic job Giles, I'm glad you got Xena to agree to be our slayer training coach", Buffy began to say watching from the sidelines, "And the slayers seem to enjoy having her as one."

"You mean besides Kennedy?" Giles observed with a half smile that Buffy shared.

"Is it wrong that I enjoy watching Xena mop the floor with her?"


"Eh, no one's perfect. So how are Michael, Seline and Saya adjusting to their new surroundings?"

"Rather well actually."

"Despite the fact that the B.P.R.D. probably want your head on a stick?"

"Well, there is that. Perhaps if they treated their operatives a little better there wouldn't be so many of them ready to jump ship. You would think they would've learned that from the whole Hellboy debacle."

"Maybe if you were running the show they wouldn't have that problem."

"An intriguing idea, but as the head of the new Watcher's Council my plate is rather full I'd say."

"Hey Buffster?" Xander called out walking up to her and Giles.

"Hey Xander what's up?"

"We just got a call from Rufus Turner."

"A hunter? We haven't heard from any of them in a while." Buffy responded.

"He needs some help hunting something in the U.S. apparently. Should we dispatch a group?"

"Yes of course." Giles replied as he and Xander began an exchange of their own.

"Who should lead it?"

"Is Violet available?"

"She's in Istanbul currently."


"Currently on a mission in Africa."

"How about Rona? She needs some field time?"

"I'll go." Buffy suddenly said interrupting them.

"Really, you sure?" Xander asked in surprise.

"Yea, I've been cooped up too long anyway, I could use the exercise."

"Who do want to take with you?" Giles threw in.

"I'll take Kennedy, just so she doesn't try to kill Xena in her sleep."

"Who else?"

"How about we give our new arrivals some breathing room?"

"Sounds good to me." Xander said.

"I concur." Giles agreed.

A short time later Buffy was retrieving the mystical scythe from her room when a voice suddenly spoke behind her.

"A slayer's work is never done eh?" Xena spoke.

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Trust me I remember those days."

"That's part of why I'm glad that you're a part of the team. We need your experience to help fine tune us, make us even better than we are now. You're like the undisputed queen of butt kicking babes. Like we're all jedi and your Master Yoda, only not so short and not wrinkly and stuff."

"I'm glad you finished that sentence the way you did." Xena smiled jokingly.

"So am I, I don't want to end up like Kennedy after all." Buffy confessed with a sheepish grin.

"Buffy I appreciate the admiration, but perhaps you shouldn't sell yourself so short."

"I would never compare myself to the legendary warrior princess of the Xena Scrolls. Heck you've died even more times than I have."

"Perhaps, but at the age you were activated as a slayer I hadn't even picked up a sword yet. The things you've done, what you've accomplished in such a short time is nothing short of amazing my dear. I look into your future and see you becoming more mythical and legendary than even me. In a thousand years you'll be the warrior that history recalls with grandeur and renown."

"Cept that nobody knows about most of it."

"Well, then maybe I'll be the one who writes it?"

"The Buffy Scrolls?", Buffy pondered aloud for a moment, "Still doesn't sound as cool as yours."

"We'll make it work." Xena laughed.


Evergreen cemetery, Los Angeles California

John Constantine stood before a headstone, quietly thinking back on what led him to where he was now. In recent years this had become a regular ritual that he was none too pleased about. Every time he wanted to go visit an old friend, he had to come here to see them. Hennessy, Beeman, Chas and now…Angela.

"If only I had been a few seconds quicker…I could've saved you. For what it's worth Angela…I'm sorry." He said aloud.

"She knows John." A voice suddenly said behind Constantine as he spun around to see his former sidekick Chas Kramer, his angelic wings unfolding about him.

"Chas? Man, you have got to stop doing that."

"Hello John, how have you been?"

"How do you think?"

"She doesn't blame you John."

"Maybe she doesn't. But that doesn't mean I still don't blame myself."

"It wasn't your fault."

"I should've been there."

"You did the best that you could."

"Why Chas? Why does everyone I care about have to keep dieing all around me? Why do people, good people that I know are better than me and deserve to live so much more than I do have to be the ones to die?"

"In life there are some things that we have no control over. The Lord works-"

"Oh don't hand me that BS, especially with what we both know is going on up there right now!"

"Nonetheless you know what I mean. You of all people especially."

"So what brings you down here? I'm sure you didn't just stop by for a friendly chat. I'm surprised you would even come down here with the whole civil war going on up in heaven and such."

"Normally I wouldn't. But I'm here to warn you that something has arrived here on Earth, something terrible."

"What is it?"

"Truth is I'm not entirely sure. Whatever it is possesses so much power that we sensed it coming before it even fully entered our part of the universe." Chas sighs deeply before continuing, "In the aftermath of the Winchester fiasco both Heaven and Hell are in complete disarray. Things aren't any better down there than they are in Heaven. And whatever this thing is, it knows that."

"That's why it's coming back now."

"That's what we think."

"I'll see what I can dig up."

"No more melancholy?"

"No need. Everyone that mattered to me is already dead, I got nothing left to lose."



"And if I say yes to you, you'll cure my mother?" A young boy of the age of 14 asked.

"100% cancer free. You have my word on it." Crowley promised.

"What do I have to give you again?"

"Don't even worry about it right now laddie. All it mean is that in 10 years I'll need a little something from you that's all."


"Trust me you'll never miss it."

"What if my family moves between now and then, what if something happens to me during that time?"

"Oh don't worry, I always keep a close eye on my investments Jimmy boy. So do we have a deal?"

Jimmy started to speak but then suddenly seemed unsure. Crowley noticed the apprehension in the boy's eyes.

"What's wrong bucko? Don't you want your mother to by healthy again?"

"Yea, I do. But…"

"But what?"

"Something doesn't seem right about this."

"Look Jimmy, I understand you're nervous, but didn't I already prove to you that I was a magic man, I've shown you what I can do haven't I? Just think about it. No more pain or suffering for your mum. Things can go back to the way they were, before she got diagnosed. And she'll live a long and happy life. Isn't that what you want?"


"Well, Jimmy, the ball is in your court. What's it going to be?"

After some deliberation on the child's part he finally gave his answer, "Yes."


On the copter ride back to a temporary HQ Buffy decided to approach Saya.

"Would it kill you to crack a smile once in a while, geez you make Seline seem cheerful and trust me that is bad." Buffy joked.

Saya however gave no response.

"There's more to life than just killing things you know? Even Selene has started to figure that out" Buffy prodded on looking over at Selene and Michael sitting together side by side.

"Harrison used to say the same thing to me." Saya finally answered.

"Ever consider that maybe he was right?"



"Because what you say only applies to normal people."

"And what? It doesn't apply to you because you're not human? Oh please, no one in this chopper is human. I'm a slayer created from demon blood who has come back from the dead twice, Selene is a like a friggin super saiyan vampire, Michael is a vampire werewolf hybrid and the pilot is a skin walker."

"No…because I ripped my lover's throat out with my bare hands." Saya proclaimed as Buffy went silent, "My mother was Onigen, queen of the langsuir clan of vampires, an evil murderous demon in every sense of the word. And the day I killed the man I loved more than my own life I proved I was no better."

"If he were still alive I would introduce you to one of my ex-boyfriends. Does the name Angelus or Angel mean anything to you?" Buffy asked as Saya looked over her shoulder at her.

"Yep. Formerly one of the most notorious vampires in all of Europe. He was cursed with a soul and then fought for his own redemption, eventually becoming a soldier for the powers that be. If he could seek redemption for his unspeakable acts…why can't you?"

Just then though a panicked call came in over the helicopter's radio.

"Buffy, it's Kennedy." The pilot told her as the slayer put a headset on.


"Buffy, something has happened, something bad, you need to get back here as fast as you can!" She spoke worriedly.


"It's…it's Willow." She tried to say without breaking down.

"What's happened?"

"She's in a coma, you need to get here fast! I'll explain the rest then."

"How fast can this thing fly?" Buffy asked the pilot anxiously.

"Max speed is 350 mpr."

"Gun it!" Buffy demanded.


Back in Ohio, in a run down abandoned house.

Abby let out an inhuman howl as she began to vomit blood and convulse violently upon the floor. A jug she had begun to drink out of was lying nearby and spilling everywhere.

Wh-what is this?" She growled in a deep voice as she struggled to get back up.

"It It's pig's blood." Owen stuttered.

"I can't drink this!" She screamed.

"I'm, I'm sorry, I just thought I could find something else for you to live on. So that you wouldn't have to kill people anymore." Owen confessed in a pleading voice.

"I need human blood!" She roared as she rose up causing Owen to shrink back in terror as he huddled down against the wall fearing Abby's wrath, her blood soaked teeth bared and her yellow eyes glowing.

In an instant she stopped, realizing what she had done. She then suddenly became aware of a wetness that was staining her cheeks. She was crying…she didn't even know she still could. The only pain worse than the hunger that tormented her being was the thought of hurting Owen, of seeing that kind of fear in his eyes, fear of her.

She then rushed to Owen wrapping her arms around him tightly.

"Owen, please forgive me! I'm so sorry, I never meant to scare you. When the hunger comes over me, I practically lose my mind."

"So, so you don't hate me?" Owen sobbed with tears streaming down his face as well.

"Never." She swore to him as she embraced him even tighter. For the longest time they just sat there and held one another.


Washington D.C.

A local diner/café was the scene of a massacre that barely left the majority of its victims intact enough to able to tell what they once were. One of the bodies however was still mostly intact…if you ignore the fact that it was missing both it's skin and muscles.

Seeley Booth surveyed the mutilation around him with a profound sense of dread. In his life time he had seen his share of disgusting and morbid things both as a soldier as well as in this line of work. But there was something about this case that unnerved him. It was a portent of something terrible, he could feel it in his gut. Noticeably shaken, Booth dropped to his knees in one of the few spots of the diner that wasn't drenched in blood and entrails. Kneeling nearby Bones was closely scrutinizing the body, her concerns mirrored Booth's.

"Booth we need to get this body back to the Jeffersonian right no-.", She stopped in mid-sentence when she saw him knelt in silent prayer.

She slowly got up and walked over to him placing a hand upon his shoulder as she waited for him to finish.

Booth muttered something under his breath, but all Temperance caught was the word 'monster'.

"What?" Bones asked.

"What kind of monster could've done this?" He answered.

"I don't believe in monsters Booth."

"Nothing human did this."

"While it is true that we live in a world full of unique new wonders. Creatures, animals and life forms that were once dismissed as fiction, fantasy and folklore, there is I am sure a logical and rational explanation for all of them…including this one."

"Logical? Rational?" He began to say as he stood back up, "Does anything about this look logical or rational to you?" He finished as they beheld the gory holocaust before them.