Back in Ohio.

"Owen have you made your decision?" Crowley asked.

"Yes. My answer is yes."

"Owen for the last time please don't do this." Abby begged.

"I don't have a choice."

"Yes you do! I'll make you a vampire, we can live together forever!"

"Don't you see? If we do this then there's no more feeding or killing for you! We can be part of a normal family! No one else has to die!"

"Except you!" Abby cried with tears in her eyes.

"Not for ten years."

"I don't want to spend just ten years with you Owen, I want to be with you forever! You think that I'm going to be able to go on after you're gone?"

"If I don't do this what then? Go back on the run, only in a world full of evil things even worse than the world we live in now? If Gudis wins the human race is dead! There won't be anything for you to feed on! If I say no then I have to watch you starve to death, if we all don't get wiped out anyhow! If you have an idea that doesn't result in all of us dying then I'm all ears."

"Can't you find someone else?" Abby shouted at Crowley angrily in a dark horrifying voice, her inner demon briefly surfacing.

"Sorry sweetheart, but of all the kids that I approached Owen was the only one that I knew had the courage and willpower to be the catalyst for this spell. That and put simply, we're out of time."

Abby said nothing, for she did not have the answer to the dilemma at hand.

"Just going on record for being part of the totally against this crowd." Dean grumbled.

"I'm sure we all agree." Buffy added flashing Crowley a dirty look.

"My my my slayer, keep looking at me like that and I'm bound to get a stiffy." Crowley smiled as he leaned down and kissed Owen.

Suddenly Abby shuddered as her heart began to beat and her lungs expanded for the first time in several centuries. She looked down at her normally pale skin to see the color return to it as fresh warm human blood pumped through her veins.

"Abby?" Owen said wondering if she was okay.

The warm smile that suddenly parted her lips gave its answer as Owen and Abby embraced one another. It was then that Crowley snapped his fingers causing both of them to disappear. Suddenly both Owen and Abby found themselves back in New Mexico where he used to live with both of Owen's parents together and waiting for them with open arms as they shared a group embrace. Owen had never been happier in his life. He finally had everything he ever could have wanted…and more.

"Where'd they go?" Sam exclaimed.

"What did you do with them?" Blade accused.

"They're currently with Owen's reunited parents far away from here. It was part of the little bugger's deal."

He then turned towards the sword as Castiel held it out. The demon began speaking an incantation in Latin that began quietly but then grew in both volume and complexity as he went on with his own hands outstretched. As he did so Excalibur began to glow, slowly getting brighter as the spell neared its crescendo. By the end he was practically screaming the words as he summoned every bit of his strength to keep the spell going as he broke out in a sweat with the obvious strain. A wind seemingly out of nowhere blew through the room as the lights in the store began to flicker and falter. Bolts of energy shot off the blade in different directions as everyone suddenly dove for cover. When the last syllable was uttered the power in the store failed as the lights went out, but their surroundings were then illuminated by a brilliant flash of light from Excalibur as the spell finally finished. After ward Crowley had to sit down to rest and catch his breath while Ash went back to trip the circuit breaker.

Everyone came out of hiding as Castiel spoke.

"It's time to finish this, once and for all."


In Chicago the city had quickly devolved into chaos and bloodshed as a teeming multitude of monsters had converged to wreak havoc. In the midst of this inhuman insanity Castiel and the heroes emerged.

Gudis came down off of his perch, which upon closer inspection was revealed to be made of flesh and bone.

"Your reign of terror ends here." Castiel swore.

"Only if you ask nice." Gudis teased.

"We will stop you." He countered.

"You and what army?" He snarled as a chakram suddenly whirled through the air bouncing off of Gudis' forehead.

"Will this do?" Buffy said as the chakram returned to Xena's hand who was standing beside her.

And walking up behind Buffy and Xena, was every activated potential on the planet. At that same moment via magic transportation and more conventional means countless heroes and vigilantes arrived on the scene. B.P.R.D. and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, hunters and superheroes in masse.

"Been a long time Gudis, or should I just call you Dahak?" Xena proclaimed.

"It's good to see you again Xena, do you remember all the fun that we had all those centuries ago. Like when your son Solan was killed, good times." Gudis taunted as Xena glared at the hideous creature with great anger.

In the middle of the decimated city the two opposing armies stood at the ready as an eerie silence fell over the landscape. On one side was Castiel with Excailbur in hand and an incalculable number of heroes and heroines. On the other was Gudis with a seemingly endless throng of horrific things and beasts that defied both description and sanity.

"We're going to die now aren't we?" Caboose asked simply.

"Yeah, kinda looks that way. So you gonna give us a hand here or what?" Dean replied.

"I can't do that. I need both of them. That and it would hurt…allot." Caboose explained.

"Could you try just once to say something that doesn't make me want to punch you in the face?" Dean practically begged.

But at that point one of the larger beasts smashed through a billboard that advertised Mr. Sprinkles kitty litter with it's adorable mascot. Suddenly something in Caboose snapped.

"Noooooooooooo! You killed Mr. Sprinkles!" He cried as he began to shake with a violent rage that culminated in a seemingly inhuman wail as Dean slowly backed away from him with a wide eyed look, "I am Michael J Caboose, and I hate babies!" He spoke in a deep booming voice as he rushed toward the monsters much to the astoundment of everyone.

As he tore through their bestial ranks he left a trail of blood and body parts in his wake until he reached the creature that in his mind had killed Mr. Sprinkles…only to have it lean down and swallow him whole. There were a few moments of silence when suddenly the monster's head exploded revealing an angry screaming Caboose standing upon the blood gushing stump shaking his fists in the air.


"Okay, so he has tourettes and also apparently retard strength." Ash observed.

"Slaughter them all!" Gudis howled as the two forces charged at one another.

As the battle ensued Cass and Gudis squared off in the center of the all encompassing melee.

As Gudis blocked a sword swing from Cass he realized what he was up against as the blade bit into his bony armor.

"Excalibur!" He seethed with hatred as Cass continued to strike, only now Gudis was far more cautious as he chose to dodge the weapon instead.

Cass sent a power wave off the sword that Gudis somersaulted over as he attempted to land on top of the angel who backflipped away at the last second. Gudis shot forth a combination of beams from his eyes and mouth which Cass sidestepped before the monstrosity sent a far more powerful blast from his right hand. But Cass held Excalibur up blocking the beam as it started to push him back. Realizing he was losing ground the angel did a quick spin literally bouncing the energy back at Gudis as it struck him hard and put him into the base of the monolith. He looked up to see Castiel rushing toward him as he barely dodged at the last second with Excalibur's edge sinking deep into the organic pillar where he had been lying but a moment before. Gudis then backhanded Castiel as he skidded across the street leaving the sword still lodged where it was. As Gudis flew toward him Cass outstretched his hand and summoned the sword to him as it pulled free and twirled into the angel's hand just as Gudis reached him. With a mighty upward swing that was far too quick for even Gudis to dodge a deep gash was sliced in his torso as the cosmic demon reeled back in pain and surprise as he realized that the injuries being inflicted by the empowered weapon were not regenerating to his shock.

Meanwhile the battle between the two armies looked to be an even match when suddenly in the distance nightmarish kaiju-sized behemoths strode toward the city, summoned by their master's call.

"How in the hell are we supposed to fight that?" Dean yelled.

Luckily for the heroes they wouldn't have to as streaming through the night air came a sudden blast of blue radioactive fire that obliterated one of them. A deafening and earth shaking roar that could only have heralded the arrival of one legendary kaiju cut through the noise and calamity of the battle. Gudis' gigantic brethren stopped and turned to see Godzilla thundering into the fray with every kaiju from Ogasawara following close behind him as Rodan, Mothra, Angiurus and several others charged forward. And clinging to one of Godzilla's dorsal plates…was Hellboy, firing 'Big Baby' at anything that moved!

"Hell yeah the Calvary's here!" Dean hooted excitedly as the battle continued.

Hellboy leaped off of Godzilla as he smashed clean through the skull of one kaiju with the right hand of doom. As the headless beast teetered like a redwood tree the former B.P.R.D. agent rode it down sending a shot from 'Big Baby right into the eye socket of another monster as the giant gelatinous orb that rested within exploded and burst like a ichor filled water balloon. Hellboy hit the ground rolling and ran toward the epic skirmish with the heroes in the distance as Godzilla and his titanic comrades gave battle to Gudis' colossal legions.

Anguirus lunged locking his jaws around the throat of another creature like a pit bull as the spiky quadruped tore its jugular apart. Rodan meanwhile flying at supersonic speeds shattered the bones of any other monster stupid enough to step into its path when he collided with them. Mothra using both her hurricane generating wings and her web spinning silk hindered and immobilized several as Gorosaurus, Varan, Manda and Baragon fell upon them in their prone positions tearing them to pieces. Godzilla himself lumbered forward as a claw swipe from the kaiju king ripped the face off of one behemoth while a series of breath blasts ended several others. Suddenly though a gang of bizarre iguana mutations piled onto him biting and clawing only to be sent flying in all directions by Godzilla's tremendous strength. One of them was still in Godzilla's grasp as it muttered a weak roar that sounded similar to his own. Godzilla looked upon this creature with contempt and disdain as he let out a low snarl before ripping its head clean off its body.

Godzilla turned to face his next challenge only to see all of the other monsters running away as a shadow that could've blocked out the sun had it been shining cast itself upon him. In the city everyone else saw it too as everything grinded to a complete halt. Godzilla looked up to see the Cloverfield beast, but not the newborn that attacked New York, it's gargantuan mother…that stood well over 2,000 meters tall! A split second later it struck like a snake snatching Godzilla up in her massive jaws and gulping him down. The living mountain proceeded to emit shrieks that could be heard miles away. But just then a bright blue glow from the monster's torso began to show through its translucent skin. Abruptly Godzilla's breath beam shot forth from inside the creature as it howled in agony. Several more punched their way out of the enormous brute as its insides were seared and obliterated. It flailed and convulsed wildly in all directions clawing at its very insides trying to get at the thing that was killing it from the inside out. Finally Godzilla emerged as he ripped open the monster's chest cavity from the inside with his bare hands. It reached down to grab at him only to have it's hand blown to bits by another breath blast as it wailed in tortured anguish. Godzilla crawled out climbing up to the beast's head as he shot a stream of his radioactive fire into its open mouth and out the back of its skull. He then reared back and punched his fist squarely into its forehead and into it's brain as it fell at last. It hit the ground with the force of an earthquake as everyone in the city lost their footing from the impact. Godzilla righted himself and stood tall upon his conquered adversary, roaring to the heavens as lightning from cloud cover above rained down striking his dorsal plates causing even Gudis to stop and take notice.

"Hey assbutt!" Cass yelled as Gudis turned back from the distraction to get Excalibur slammed into his face like a club as he staggered back.

Castiel charged as Gudis sent coils of tentacles growing and unfurling from his sides, but the angel hacked his way through them until he reached his intended target. Cass moved in with a downward swing but Gudis caught his wrist and then thrust his other hand out around the angel's throat. With his left hand Castiel drew his archangel blade and stabbed it into Gudis' left eye as the horrid creature tossed him away to remove the annoyance.

But he didn't move quick enough to avoid a power wave from the sword that mowed him down as Cass followed through plunging Excalibur into Gudis' belly! Gudis shrieked out as Castiel looked him directly in the eye.

"Fool, you think simply because you have a weapon that can hurt me that it will be that easy?" Gudis mocked as his physical form suddenly melted away into nothingness. Cass looked on in confusion unaware that Gudis' essence had jumped into another body as he rose up behind the angel.

Cass spun around only to have both of his arms grabbed and abruptly broken as he screamed out in misery. Gudis then wrapped a hand around his face as he forced the angelic warrior to his knees.

"You ever play Mortal Kombat? You know what Sub Zero's fatality is?" He smiled.

But before he could act someone suddenly landed on his shoulders as Gudis looked up to see Hit Girl, her eyes were blood red and her mouth filled with razor sharp teeth.

"What?" He managed to spout before she sank her fangs into his jugular.

He reached up struggling to pry her free as she drank deeply before finally being wrenched off of him. He bore down upon her only to discover that with his blood came some of his strength as she hit him with a punch that sent him crashing into a building on the side of the street. But from within the structure a powerful pair of beams shot forth plowing her over as he advanced on the prone vampire as she tried to shake her disorientation. But she didn't recover fast enough as he reached down and grabbed her by the neck yanking her up off the pavement. It was then however that the mysterious motorcycle rider from the S-mart rolled onto the scene. As he sped toward Gudis his bike began to transform as the wheels and then even the rider's skull burst into flame. Gudis saw him coming at the last second as the cycle slammed into him head on causing him to drop Hit-Girl. As Ghost Rider was launched from the bike he flipped over top of Gudis unloading shots from his hellfire gun until he landed on the other side of him. Once there he laid into Gudis with his mystical chain as the monster was jolted back and forth. But on one particular swing Gudis caught the chain and yanked Ghost Rider toward him as he connected with a punch that sent him flying for a country mile.

At that same moment in New Mexico…

At home in his bedroom, Owen was enjoying something that he hadn't done in ages, a sleepover, with Abby as his guest. And Abby was rediscovering what it was like to actually eat human food as she put a chocolate chip cookie in her mouth. Her reaction was amusing to say the least as her palette experienced something altogether alien to her.

"I'm guessing they didn't have chocolate chip cookies back when you were still human?" Owen smiled.

"No, they didn't," She responded as she looked at the cookie curiously and then back at Owen, "I still can't believe what you've sacrificed for me Owen."

"It's okay, it's what I wanted."

"But what about when Crowley comes to take you ten years from now?"

"Ten years of being happy is allot better than being unhappy for the rest of my life."

Suddenly though Abby's face went pale as she took on a look of disorientation.

"Abby? What's wrong are you okay?" Owen asked as she tried to get up only to collapse and slip into unconsciousness.

"Abby!" Owen screamed as he rolled her over and tried to awaken her to no avail.

After several moments of sheer panic an angry notion occurred to him.

"Crowley!" He yelled.

"You rang?" He suddenly said from behind Owen as the child spun around.

"What did you do to her?"

"Me? I didn't do a thing."

"You're lying!"

"No really, I swear to Lucifer."

"What's wrong with her?"

"Something that she apparently had back when she was still human. That's the funny thing about vampirism, it not only removes your humanity but also any ailments you might have had as well.", He explained as he used his enhanced demon senses to identify what was going on inside her, "Oh my, that isn't good."


"Looks like Glioblastoma multiform."

"What is that?"

"A rare form of brain cancer that effects young children."

"Is she going to be okay?"

"Oh Hell no, she'll be dead in about ten minutes."

"We've got to get her to a hospital!"

"Too late for that, disease is terminal."

"Cure her damn you!"

"Fraid I can't do that."


"That wasn't part of our deal."

"Then I'll make another!"

"Can't do that, we already have one and you have nothing else to offer me. And I don't see anyone else lining up for the task."

"No! She can't die!" He sobbed.

"Listen, since I made a real killing today I'm actually feeling a little charitable so I'll drop you a line…Excalibur."

"Excalibur? What about it?"

"It can cure her."

"Then send me to it!"

"Ohhhh that's really not a good idea right now, things are getting pretty hot and heavy where it is at the moment. And besides why the Hell would I? I think you keep mistaking me for one of the good guys, ergo, someone who actually gives a damn." He smirked as he began to turn away.

Desperate to save Abby Owen tried to quickly come up with an argument that he hoped would appeal to the cruel demon.

"If you send me there and I die then you wouldn't have to wait ten years to claim my soul."

Crowley paused for a moment as he then looked back over his shoulder at the young boy.


Back on the battlefield Gudis had begun to blast and mutilate his way through everyone and anything that stood in his path as several heroes attempted to come to the fallen Castiel's aid, but there were none that could stand up to Gudis' power. At one point however he found himself face to face with Dean.

"I never did get to thank you for making this all possible Dean. How does it feel knowing that the death of this world can be laid squarely at your feet? Must be a hard pill to swallow."

"Swallow this!" Dean said as he pulled out the Colt and blasted Gudis squarely between the eyes.

Everything seemed to go into slow motion as the bullet traveled through the air and into Gudis' skull. Once it hit he staggered for a moment before abruptly falling down.

The warring factions ceased all motion in response as all bore witness to what appeared to be Gudis' demise.

"Is, is that it?" Sam asked unbelievingly.

"I, I didn't think it would actually work." Dean admitted equally shocked.

"It didn't." Gudis spat popping back up, "Bah! Merely a flesh wound!" He joked in a bad British accent.

"Ah Hell!" Dean cursed.

"Nice try boys. But remember what Lucifer mentioned last year about five things that that gun couldn't kill?" He smiled as he thrust his hands out grabbing the brothers by their throats, "Time to play pop the weasel!"

But suddenly a chainsaw gored through his back from behind from Ash causing him to drop the Winchesters who quickly pulled out their shot guns unloading round after round while Constantine dove by unleashing his dragon fire blaster in his face. Blade and Saya's swords suddenly sliced into Gudis' legs from behind before getting run through the back of his neck. Buffy then flipped through the air as she slammed her mystical scythe down on top of Gudis' skull as Iron Man bolted in with a pointblank shot from both repulsors and his tank buster rocket right into his chest. Michael and Seline fired their machine guns while Hellboy emptied the Samaritan from behind as Xena's chakram flew clean through his abdomen! Hit-Girl ran him through with the Mindy Stick before tossing an entire grenade belt around his neck with all the pins pulled resulting in a horrendous explosion! Finally, Gudis went down! The heroes dog piled Gudis trying desperately to restrain him as nearby Castiel had finally healed his broken arms and now leaped through the air with Excalibur in hand!

It was then that Gudis brought forth a terrible power from deep within himself as an incredible shockwave of energy erupted forth from him that sent everyone flying in all directions. The blast leveled several city blocks and completely incapacitated every hero and monster on the battle field including the kaiju leaving only Gudis standing tall.

"Infinitesimal, detestable, insignificant microbes! Do you not know death when you see it? How many times do I have to tell you I cannot die? I always come back! I always rise from the ashes and a time will come when you will beg for death and be denied it and I shall delight in your torment, showing you suffering the likes of which you have never known! Races billions of years old across the vastness of time and space who dreamt of my destruction are now dust in my hands! I was there in the beginning and shall be there at the end when all is dead and gone, and all of you are nothing but a forgotten footnote in the history of creation! There I shall still be, reigning supreme over all that is! I am the alpha, the omega. I AM GUDIS!" He bellowed as his grievous injuries regenerated.

Gudis thought he heard something behind him and turned around to see a terrified Owen looking up at him, his little eyes frozen with fear.

"Well, what have we here?" Gudis grinned slyly as he slowly walked toward little Owen who tried to back away from Gudis only to trip over a severed appendage as he started to crawl backwards across the concrete.

"Just what I needed, a little snack. Gutting people works up a fierce appetite you know."

As the child continued moving backward his hand brushed up against something as he looked down to see Excalibur. But when he gripped it the sword suddenly exploded in an awesome display of power as Gudis backed away from the blinding light. The sword seemed to come to life in Owen's hands as it rose up levitating in the air. Owen tried to let go of it but couldn't, his hands were locked around the hilt and unable to release it. As Excalibur's power intensified energy suddenly rose up from the comatose bodies of all the heroes present as it coalesced into floating glowing orbs above them. They then all flew into Excalibur resulting in an incredible blast that illuminated the entire city as Owen screamed. When it faded neither Owen or Excalibur remained. In their place was a tall shimmering warrior whose appearance defied description as he shone so brightly that it was practically impossible to look directly at him. Owen and the sword had merged and become one. But Owen wasn't there anymore, standing before Gudis now was the physical embodiment of the wrath of God. And their combined body had become the vessel for the combined might of every hero on the field of battle!

"No! I will not be denied!" Gudis snarled in disbelief.

"Yes…you will!" Owen thundered with a voice that shattered every window in the city as the unified heroes spoke through him in a singular vociferation, "United we stand…and you…shall…fall!" He finished.

Gudis uttered an earsplitting roar as the two juggernauts rushed each other beginning a rapid exchange of punches which ended when Owen blocked Gudis' right hand while catching the other as he then flipped both of his feet up into the beast's chin staggering him back. Bolting back in Gudis attempted to land a series of swings but the empowered being proved to be a little too fast for him as he ducked and sidestepped this way and that. A downward swinging overhead punch smashed a hole in the street as Owen back flipped away from the strike. Coming back up Gudis fired his eye beams but the entity used a form of telekinesis to not only stop the beams but make them arc back around and hit Gudis head on, granted they were merely absorbed back into his body. Owen then used his telekinesis to suddenly pull the creature toward him as he hit the clone with a downward spiraling somersault kick followed by a roundhouse kick and a low jab to the gut sending him flying back. But as he did his tail lashed out wrapping around Owen's neck as he went flying with him through the air. They both landed hard and rolled to a stop but sprang back up again quickly as Owen went for a low sweep kick to take Gudis back off his feet, but this time it was Gudis that showed off his agility as he flipped overtop of him landing directly behind him. With his back up against his Gudis hooked his adversary's arms and swung him overtop of himself slamming him down on the back of his head and neck in a Razor's edge manuver. Disoriented by this attack Owen was left wide open for a brutal uppercut that put him all the way into a building down the street. Gudis bolted in pushing his advantage as he aimed a strait punch directly for Owen's head, but he dodged it at the last moment causing Gudis to get his arm lodged in the side of the structure and stuck there as Owen gave him a stiff head butt and then kick to his immobilized arm actually causing the elbow joint to bend backwards from the sheer force of it breaking the arm in the process as Gudis let out a shriek of pain.

Wrenching it back out he attempted a backhand that Owen ducked as he counterstriked with a double throat jab and a standing crane kick as he remained on his left leg while he bent forward swinging his right all the way overtop of himself and booting Gudis squarely between the eyes showing amazing flexibility and dexterity. Gudis lunged only to be caught in mid air and thrown but as he went the abomination swung his right foot out planting it directly in Owen's chest, but as he flipped back from the blow he managed another backwards somersault and landed on his feet. Gudis hadn't even gotten all the way back up yet when Owen rushed in hitting him with a rapid fire combo of roundhouse punches and backhands which he capped with a front spinning tornado kick for good measure. While the monster was still down Owen mounted him and proceeded to hammer away on him only to have Gudis' tail wrap around his neck from behind and pull him off as it lifted him up and then plowed him headfirst into the pavement. Gudis charged the still dazed warrior as hit him with a shoulder block tackle sending him rolling. Owen looked up to see Gudis twirling in midair as he compacted his own body into what appeared to be a wrecking !Gudis charged in again with his arms outstretched but in a fit of frustration and anger he hit the walking nightmare with a blast of psionic energy so powerful it punched him clear across the city and sent him smashing clean through several buildings.

For the moment, all was quiet. But it was not to suddenly exploded up through the street directly behind Owen as he wrapped his arms around his waist and gave him a release German suplex onto the back of his head followed by an hand beam blast so powerful it put the warrior clean through several structures himself. Gudis tried to go after him but suddenly pieces and shards of various shattered objects levitated off the ground and flew strait at Gudis as several pieces skewered him right before a larger chunk mowed him down. Owen literally floated back onto the battlefield as he practically flew toward his opponent as the living embodiment of Excalibur glowed with power. Gudis tried for another beam blast but they apparently hit an invisible psionic barrier as they bounced off Owen's body. He then launched a bus at Owen like a javelin but it when it reached him it ripped in two down the middle as the separate pieces flew by him on either side. Gudis next tore up a massive section of the street itself to throw but Owen once again used his powers as he made the pavement bend and contort in Gudis' hands until it wrapped around him like a concrete cocoon as he proceeded to make it compress and crush Gudis inside. But a few moments later Gudis demonstrated his own psionic power as a sudden explosive shockwave of energy reeled off of him obliterating the shell he was incased in and slamming hard into Owen who hit the ground. The two super beings then charged at each other and lunged striking each other in midair at the exact same time as they both went flying in opposite directions.

Gudis then exhibited a new ability as he literally began to drain the power from the entire city as the lights and everything else imaginable began to fail and shut down from the drain. All the while a ball of energy began forming between Gudis' hands as he suddenly launched it at Owen who pushed against it with more psionic energy bringing it to a stop right in front of himself. This however was exactly what Gudis wanted as he then detonated the ball causing it to explode right in Owen's face. Stunned by the blast but still exerting his psionic power Owen briefly lost control as he suddenly pulled part of a building itself down as it ripped free from its foundation. Gudis looked up just in time to have it come crashing down on top of him! Gudis then erupted forth from the rubble heaving a massive hunk of debris over his head and hurling it at Owen who stopped it in midair as well only to have Gudis steamroll through it. Owen then used his psionic powers to rip up two buildings as they smashed together on Gudis sandwiching him in between them. But a moment later he exploded out of them as he kept coming. This time Owen used his telekinesis in a different manner as he stopped Gudis dead in his tracks and proceeded to crush his very body as it began implode on itself. Gudis bellowed in pain and anger as his bones were pulverized and his organs crushed into jelly, but the epitome of evil was far from finished as he summoned another powerful shockwave that broke Owen's hold and sent him crashing to the street below.

Gudis follwed through quickly darting right up to him as he drilled once punch after another into him. Owen looked back from one of the punches only to have a truck smashed on top of him followed by a double arm beam blast. Owen was dizzy but still standing as Gudis slammed into him hard and flew with him strait into the base of the building formerly known as the Sears Tower. Once inside the edifice Gudis flew strait upward smashing Owen up through every floor of the 110 story structure and eventually out through the top, but undaunted Owen took control of their flight trajectory and then shot out into deep space at almost the speed of light as entire galaxies passed by in milliseconds.

"No matter how much power you possess you still do not have the strength to slay me!" Gudis bragged.

"You're right, which is why I have something different in mind. If you desire power so much than see if you can take mine!" Owen challenged as he suddenly became the epicenter of a cosmic explosion powerful enough to shatter a hundred planets. As a result a tear was ripped in the fabric of space and time itself that collapsed into a small black hole that proceeded to pull and rip at Gudis.

"No! No! I shall not be locked away again! This is my time, my destiny, my existence! Noooooo!" He screamed as he fought futilely against the tear that overwhelmed him as it finally pulled him in. It then slammed shut with a crack of thunder that was lost to the vacuum of space.

Owen then reappeared on Earth back in Chicago as all of the heroes began to regain consciousness. Finally it was over, Gudis…had been defeated.

But that didn't mean that Owen was done. With another powerful blast of energy the remaining monsters that served Gudis' will were disintegrated. He then decided to address a different matter.

"Crowley!" He clamored as his voice reverberated throughout the city.

Instantly Crowley materialized before them as much to his own surprise as everyone else's. As he gazed upon the omnipotent being that had forcibly summoned him only one word escaped his lips.


As Owen closed his fist the demon hit the ground in pain and lie their screaming for several moments before he finally stopped.

"The souls of the children have been returned, along with yours as well." Owen explained looking over at Buffy and Constantine.

Crowley awkwardly and painfully got back up as Owen turned back to him.

"I should smite you where you stand."

"Well, lets not be hasty-"

"But I don't need to." He cut the demon off.

"Alrighty then, sherry and giggles all around." Crowley said with great relief.

"I can see your future."

"And what does that mean?" The demon asked with a look of concern.

"Now now, that would be telling." Owen replied with a knowing smile, "Be gone." He spoke as he waved his hand sending Crowley back from whence he came.

He then turned back around to face the heroes who had gathered behind him as Castiel stepped forward.

"Abby must be saved…use the sword." Owen said as with a soft glow he transformed back into a 12 year old boy.

He proceeded to fall into a deep sleep as Cass caught his body to prevent him from falling over. Excalibur reappeared and floated down into Castiel's hand. Cass then transported himself back to Owen's house as he gently lie the child down upon his bed. He then gently touched Excalibur to Abby's body healing her instantly as her eyes slowly fluttered open.

"What happened?" She asked.

"The threat is over. You're both going to be fine." Cass told her.

"Thank you." She said.

"Don't thank me, thank him." He started to tell her, "He saved us all."

After departing Owen's home Castiel picked up on a powerful life force that he could sense was drifting near Earth. He teleported finding Clark there before returning him to Smallville.

"An angel? Seriously? Well, anyway thanks for the save who ever you are. The whole being the only Kryptonian who can't fly bit is really starting to get old. But I suppose that isn't a problem for you if you are what you say you are." He said.

"You are welcome."

"Was that thing stopped? I saw it and something else come shooting out of orbit while I was drifting."

"Yes, Gudis has been dealt with." Cass told him as he began to stare intently at Clark.

"What?" the last son of Krypton asked as Cass did something that he very rarely did if ever…he smiled.

"What is it?" Clark asked again.

"There's something about your aura. Something that tells me that you are going to be someone very important someday." Cass informed him.

"Oddly enough that isn't the first time I've heard that."

"Stay true to your path Kal El and you will see it for yourself." Cass told him as he started to turn away but then stopped.



"There is no need to envy my abilities as an angel. For there will come a day when you will not need wings to fly." The angel assured him as he disappeared from sight.


Back in Chicago the Ghost Rider finally returned after Gudis had sent him flying. As he walked up he revealed his human form as Hit-Girl's jaw dropped.

"Daddy?" She finally muttered as Damon Macready stepped off the bike.

"Hello baby girl." He said with a half smile as she rushed up and embraced him.

For an interminable amount of time she just stood there and hugged her father tightly as all of the heroes looked on, but finally she spoke.

"How is this possible? You're supposed to be dead." She spoke with tears in her eyes.

"I am. And apparently so are you." He said as his own supernatural senses detected the vampire infection within her.

"It was this or become a crazed flesh eating zombie."

"Do you fully realize what you've done? What kind of life that you are in for?"

"Truth is I didn't expect to survive this. I just wanted to be around long enough to put my foot up Gudis' ass."

"The best laid plans of mice and men…" Her father started to say.

"And monkeys with head injuries." She finished with a smile.

There was a moment of silence before Hit-Girl started speaking again.

"Who woulda thunk that we would both still be walking around after we were dead?"

"It's a strange new world we live in honey bunch."

"Tell me what happened Daddy."

"When I died Mindy I went before the heavenly host and was judged. This is my penance."

"I don't understand."

"Perhaps I can explain." Castiel said as he appeared next to them, "I was present for this man's arraignment in Heaven."

"There are trials in Heaven?" Sam asked.

"On rare occasions yes. When someone's judgment is not what you would call clear cut. Damon Macready lead a life of righteous integrity when he was a cop. But then descended into a cold and calculated madness that led him down a dark path of vengeance after his imprisonment and death of his wife. As a result during the course of his life he perpetrated acts that on one hand lifted him to the heights of salvation but then also committed sins that condemned him to the depths of Hell. This was the sentence handed down by the court."

"Our family was torn apart because of a drug lord scumbag and God punishes my father?" Hit-Girl hissed angrily.

"If it is of any condolence to you Frank D'Amico is currently festering in one Hell's foulest pits, alongside men like Adolf Hitler and Jack The Ripper."

"It's alright Mindy." Her father told her, "I have accepted their judgment, and now understand that what I did was wrong."

"Wrong? Our family was destroyed and they just walked away! You going to try and tell me that was right? Where was justice for us?" Mindy seethed.

"You're looking at it. That's why I'm here, not in Hell."

"The verdict was deemed fair and generous by my peers, the number of individuals who have gotten the kind of second chance your father has can be counted on one hand. God does care Mindy." Castiel tried to explain.

"Bullshit! Screw you and your God!" Mindy spat as Cass let out a disappointed sigh.

"Mindy, he's right. Another angel appeared before me and told me of what was coming and where this battle was going to happen, and that if I didn't get there in time you would die. Otherwise I wouldn't even be here right now…and neither would you."

With this affirmation Mindy finally simmered down.

"This second chance has also made me realize that what I did to you was wrong too. Marcus was right, the childhood you had shouldn't have been how it was."

"Maybe not, but that doesn't mean I regret it." She admitted.

"That's my girl. You were always strong. Even stronger than me."

"So what do you have to do now?" She asked.

"Hunt down souls that have escaped heaven's judgment."

"For how long?"

"I don't know honestly."

"Will I ever see you again?"

"I'm not sure. But know this, even if you never see me again. I will always be with you my child." He told her as he pulled her in for another embrace, "I love you Mindy." He finished as he kissed her on her forehead.

"And I love you Daddy." She responded as her father pulled away and got back on his cycle.

He smiled at her one last time before revving it up and taking off, his skull bursting into flame as he rode off into the night. Hit-Girl then noticed Castiel watching her curiously.


"You willingly allowed Abby to turn you into a vampire in an attempt to stave off the zombie infection?" Cass realized scrutinizing her closely.

"Yeah I know, crazy huh?"

"Considering that your only other options were becoming a zombie or being exterminated yourself, your solution to the problem was nothing if not unique. How did you know it would work?"

"I didn't. It was Abby's idea."

"How will you deal with the bloodlust?"

"Still working on that, and I'm sorry about what I said before." She admitted.

"No apology is necessary. For someone so young you have endured much pain and hardship. Your anger was justified. As higher powers we tend to forget sometimes just how much humankind suffers down here. It's something that I plan to pay closer attention to in the future."

Just a short distance away the hunters were enjoying beers from a stash that Bobby had thrown in Rufus' truck on the off chance that they didn't die. All accept for Rufus himself, who had a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky in hand. He stopped for a moment and snatched up an apple from an overturned fruit cart. As he got out his ginsu knife and started to peel it Michael walked up to him.

"See, still sharp." He smiled as Michael started to laugh.

Meanwhile Dean felt the need to comment on Caboose's performance in battle.

"Dude, I take back everything I said. The maximum strength crazy you pulled off out there, awesome! Just plain awesome!"

"What? What did I do? Whatever I did, it wasn't my fault! I swear!" Caboose spouted in a hyperactive fashion.

Dean stared at him blankly for a few more moments before turning away shaking his head.

Nearby Saya was staring at Caboose as a grin started to tug at her lips. Truth was, it was all she could do to keep from busting out in laughter at his antics.

"My God you're actually smiling." Seline noticed, "Guess we need to mark this down on a calendar." She joked.

It was then that Buffy and Xena approached Cass.

"Where's Blade and Constantine? They were both here a minute ago." Buffy said.

"Gone. Blade departed with Constantine following after him. It would seem that John refuses to let his personal vendetta against Blade go." Cass informed, "I don't understand it. They worked together to help stop the greatest evil ever known but were ready to kill each other once again when it was over."

"Being crazy and unpredictable is part of what makes us human." Xena explained.

"Hey that sounds familiar.", Buffy joked, "All's well that ends well?" Buffy commented turning to Castiel.

"So it would seem." Cass replied as Ash walked over to him.

"Gotta admit you handled yourself pretty well for a fairy." He said.

"I'm not a fairy."

"Whatever. Hey you two ladies wouldn't be interested in a little three's company action would ya?" Ash smiled with a perverted leer.

"No thanks." Xena smirked.

"Eh, your loss."

"I'm sure." Buffy retorted.

"Would you like me to return you to your place of business?" Cass asked.

"No way, Dean told me what happened the last time you did that to him. I'll take a bus, later screwheads." He countered as he started to walk away grumbling to himself about how he was going to explain the store damages to the insurance company.

"Truly a class act." Buffy offered sarcastically.

"Did someone mention me?" Tony said abruptly hovering down next to them as his helmet opened up.

"Nice entrance." Xena said.

"It's what I do." Tony responded.

"You don't have those in a girl's size do you?" Buffy asked checking out the armor.

"No, not yet. But if you wouldn't mind coming back with me to my place I'm sure we could work something out." He grinned mischievously.

"God is every man here hopelessly horny or what? I still keep catching Dean staring at my ass! Anyhoo I don't think Pepper would like that very much." She grinned back.

"Just kiddin. I'm still allowed to flirt aren't I?"

"Well wings I guess you were right about me." Hellboy confessed joining them.

"I'm glad you made the choice you did." Cass said.

"Yeah you really saved our asses out there." Xena told him.

"Me and the big G, can't forget the big guns." He reminded them as they all turned to see Godzilla and the other kaiju walking off in the distance.

Just then S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Coulson walked up.

"Should've known you'd be in the middle of this mess." He said to Tony.

"Of course, just think how boring your life would be without me."

"I'd like to find out."

"Oh c'mon you know you love me, you'd be a mess without me."

"Speaking of a mess that wasn't you that hacked our database last week by any chance would it?"

"Who me? Of course not, ridiculous. Had to be some one else."

"Someone else with an I.Q. in excess of 200 with a quantum computer capable of hacking the most advanced firewall on the planet?"

"Almost the most advanced." Tony reminded him with a sly smile.

"Well I'm pretty sure it wasn't Marilyn Vos Savant or Kim Ung-Yong who breached our cyber-defenses so I'm going to have to ask you to come with-"

"Hey I'm hungry, who wants donuts? I want donuts, I think we should have donuts." Tony blurted out cutting Coulson off.

"Can we have jelly filled?" Buffy asked.

"Jelly filled? Don't want ruin that figure do ya?" Xena asked.

"Hey I just helped save the world…again. I deserve a treat."

"Mmmmm donuts." Hellboy drooled.

"Hey did someone say donuts? Can we have pie too?" Dean asked rushing up to the group with Sam following behind shaking his head with a laugh.

"Let me get Seline and the others." Buffy suggested as she went after them.

"C'mon Captain deadpan, you too." Tony said to Castiel.

"That isn't my name." He replied in his usual monotone fashion.

"So you ever been to a Krispy Kreme?" Tony asked throwing an arm over Cass' back as the angel looked at the hand that now rested on his shoulder and then slowly back over at Tony as if unsure how to react.

"I have no idea what that is."


"Yeah he don't get out much. He's still a virgin too. Tried to get him laid once but it didn't go so well. Well, actually it didn't end well for him, I thought it was hilarious." Dean laughed.

"This isn't funny Dean. And I need to return to Heaven I don't have time for-"

"Nonsense, all work no play? Unacceptable, your coming with us grumpy." Tony interrupted as the group of heroes walked off together.


Sometime later.

Washington D.C.

"Well it appears that the zombie infection went bye bye when Gudis did." Hodgins explained as he examined a sample of Hit-Girl's blood under a microscope.

Hit-Girl sat nearby on an examination table, with her were Sam and Dean.

"Why do I get the impression that there's a but coming." Hit-Girl asked.

"Cause I'm afraid there is one. Without having the two virus' jocking for position in your bloodstream the vampirism is spreading fast now. It will probably only be a matter of hours before you start getting a case of the munchies for human candy."

"What about the cure we administered?" Sam asked.

"It didn't work, perhaps her taking a bite out of Gudis negated the no feeding rule for the cure? Or maybe it's just because it's a different strain of vampirism than the kind you guys are used to dealing with? It's anybody's guess really."

"Has anyone ever resisted the hunger?" She asked turning to Sam and Dean.

"Well, we encountered a group of vamps once that fed on animal blood, but I'd say it's still one Hell of a gamble." Dean told her.

"So more than likely I'm fucked." She stated bluntly.

After a long pause Dean finally spoke up.

"Yeah…for what it's worth we're sorry kid."

"Guess that leaves only one option." She declared hopping off the table, "You know what to do."

"You realize what you're asking us to do right? You don't really want to die do you?" Sam questioned.

"No." She began to say as tears started to roll out of the corners of her eyes, "But I don't want to be a monster either. I have no intention of waiting to see if I have enough willpower to keep myself from ripping out some poor bastard's throat." She proclaimed as she sucked it up wiping the tears from her eyes.

Eventually they headed outside finding a secluded alley where they wouldn't be seen. Dean pulled out his machete but didn't do anything else right away.

"What's wrong?" Hit-Girl asked.

"Having a hard time doing this."

"You guys have killed vamps before haven't you?"

"Yeah but they weren't kids, and they were heartless bloodthirsty parasites." Sam told her.

"And you know that's what I will become if you don't do this." She reminded them.

After several more moments Dean finally stepped up lifting his machete up in the air as Hit-Girl closed her eyes.

"I am so sorry." Dean spouted remorsefully, "I wish we didn't have to do this." He confessed.

"Then don't." A voice suddenly said behind them as they all turned to see Blade who abruptly walked up and stabbed Mindy in the arm with something as she let out a slight yelp.

"What are you doing?" Dean asked in shock.

"It's the serum I use to fend off the thirst, this should take care of her for a while, especially considering that by vampire standards she's still a newborn. As time passes though the thirst will get stronger requiring higher doses of the serum, I can hook you up." He explained looking back down at her.

"Why are you helping me? I thought your vampire policy was kill first ask questions later." She asked.

"There are times that I've regretted that choice. No, not everyone can be saved. But there have been ones that could've been. This is my way of making up for that."

"Constantine said you were a murdering monster, that you don't care." She said.

"There was a time when I didn't. What happened with his friend was…a mistake." Blade admitted forlornly.

"Is he still chasing you?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, but I lost him in Virginia. He'll catch up though, he always does."

"Will a time come when the serum won't work anymore?" Mindy asked.

"Possibly, even now I'm having a hard time with it."

"What happens then?" Dean asked.

"That's where I come in." Booth said entering the alley with them.

"Who are you?" Mindy asked.

"Someone who used to be what you are."

"Are you saying you found a cure?" Sam queried.

"No, it was magic, a spell. A powerful one."

"Well then get your magic doc on the phone!" Dean exclaimed.

"Not that simple. The shaman who did this to me did it so it would be easier to kill me and he's dead now anyway."

"Then what are you suggesting?" Mindy jumped back in.

"I still have supernatural connections. I promise you I will find a way to cure you. For over 250 years I dealt with the hunger, and I promise you that you will not go through what I did. I will find a cure…I promise.

"Thank you." She said stopping for a moment, "I just have one other question."

"What is it?" Booth asked.

"Can I still eat hot fudge sundaes?"

"Well, that was crazy wasn't it?' Sam asked as he and Dean drove down the road.

"Wouldn't have believed it myself if we weren't there."

"A whole slew of heroes, vigilantes, hunters, slayers, monsters etc. All banding together to fight the greatest evil the world has ever known."

"Yeah I know, sounds like a real crappy fan fic don't it?"

"Well, it can't be worse than some of the stuff that's been written about us."

"I swear to God if you start talking about that Wincest crap again I am so going to kick your ass."

"I know, I'm just sayin."

"I know what you're sayin, now stop sayin it!"

"Homophobe." Sam muttered under his breath.



"No that wasn't nothing that was something."

"Meh, it's just your hearing going bad, must be getting old."

"Your mouth is getting old."

"See your even starting to nag like an old man."

"Oh that's it I'm pulling the car over."