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Spoilers: Up thru tears (S02 E22)
Setting: After Tears

Cara's eyes fluttered open sleepily. Her eyes adjusted to the daylight as she looked around her. She was in a room, and in a bed. That would have been a nice change to the cold, hard ground she was used to sleeping on, aside from the fact that she didn't remember going to sleep on it. She turned over to get a look at the other side of the room, and froze when she saw someone else in the bed with her. He had medium shaggy brown hair, and a well-defined muscular back. She stood up and crept out of bed and around to the other side so she could see her face. "Richard?" She whispered incredulously.

Then Cara looked down. What in the underworld am I wearing? She noticed just then that she was wearing a silky light blue nightdress. It fit her somewhat loosely, but for the most part it was like it had been made for her. Cara shook her head. This is unreal. And then she heard it. Laughter was coming through the closed door, from somewhere outside of the room. Her hands went to her upper calves instinctively, but her agiels were not there. She searched around for them, but it was to no avail. They weren't here. Finally, she settled for the door handle, and made her way through the dimly lit hallway.

The floor creaked under her foot as she entered the room that appeared to be the kitchen. She cursed silently as three head whipped around at her.

"Cara?" Asked a familiar voice. "Are you alright?"

She looked around for the source of the voice. "Zedd?" She sighed. "This just keeps getting stranger and stranger." She whispered softly. "Where are we?"

Zedd's brow furrowed as he studied her. "You really don't know, do you child?" He asked. Zedd walked over and put his hand on Cara's shoulder carefully. "Why don't you sit down." He suggested as he guided her to a vacant chair, taking the door handle from her. The other two, a man and a woman, bade Zedd good-bye and left the two of them alone.

"Cara? Zedd where's Cara?" Came a frantic Richard's voice from the bedroom down the hallway before Zedd had a chance to explain anything to Cara.

"She's right here, my boy." He said as Richard tore into the room. Richard sighed with relief and smiled as he moved to stand directly in front of her. "But she's a little bit –" Zedd began.

"Not now Zedd." He interrupted, and turned back to Cara. "I'm so glad you're alright." He emphasized, planting a kiss on her forehead. "I was so worried." He mumbled as his lips brushed hers and he stroked her cheek with his finger gently.

Cara stood abruptly and backed away. "What in the spirits are you doing?" She exclaimed her eyes wide.

Richard walked closer. "Cara…? What do you mean?" He asked confoundedly.

Zedd cleared his throat. "I tried to warn you. Cara's a little… disconcerted and unsettled." He objected.

Cara looked from Zedd to Richard. I am not disconcerted. She closed her eyes and tried to remember where they had been before she woke up. She couldn't remember anything. Maybe Kahlan would know. Kahlan! "Where's Kahlan?" She asked.

Richard was taken aback by the question. "She's in Aydindryl…where else would she be? Are you alright?"

Cara nodded, trying to absorb that piece of information. "I'm fine…I…Why am I wearing this anyway?" She asked.

"Wearing what?" Richard asked, trying to figure out what she was talking about. "Your nightdress?"

Cara blinked. "My Nightdress? Since when do I wear a nightdress? And where are we?"

Richard's face wrinkled with worry. "You've worn a nightdress every night…well, most nights, since last winter." He reminded her. "Cara, what's wrong?"

Zedd put his hand on Richard's shoulder to stop his grandson's questions, and smiled warmly at Cara. "Before this morning, can you tell me the last thing that you remember?" He asked her gently, the way one would speak to a child.

Cara closed her eyes and thought. "The stone of tears." She said triumphantly. "We sealed the veil and…we were going to…Aydindryl." She paused trying to remember more. "We were attacked….we were losing. Richard yelled to retreat." She paused again. "Nicci! Nicci got Kahlan. I ran to save her. We were fighting, Nicci and I. I was going to kill her but….but she….she begged for her life. I think I backed off, just a little."

Richard stared intently at Cara, waiting for her to continue. "Then what?" He prompted, curious to find out.

"I-I don't know. The next thing I remember is waking up in that room." She said.

Zedd smiled. "It's just as I thought." He informed them.

Cara rolled her eyes. "Does it have something to do with very powerful magic?" She jeered, mimicking the wizard's usual explanation.

Zedd laughed. "No. It's amnesia, mixed with some type of hallucination. You had the flu child. You gave us quite a scare, being that sick. Your memories will come back eventually." He explained

Cara looked at him quizzically. "Mixed with a hallucination…like a dream? So what really happened?"

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