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Chapter 18

Eris sat on Athena's throne and saw the hyenas getting restless. Eris yelled out to the audience, "Everyone I'm please to say that there will be a show to watch." The hyenas laughed and the cages were raised as everyone got out of their cages. Jim thought, 'What's going on?' Jim looked up to see his uncle bloody and beaten like a wild dog. Jim yelled out of concern, "Uncle!" Sinbad turned to see his brother in that horrible state. Sinbad yelled out of anger, "Eris, what did you do to him?"

Eris said evilly, "I just gave him a warm welcome." Kayley saw her uncle and her eyes were welling up in tears and said under her breath, "Uncle…" Dimitri saw his family looking up at him and he made a weak smile. Dimitri then started to laugh to his heart's content. Eris asked annoyed and angry, "Why are you laughing?" Dimitri calmed himself down and said with his weak smile, "I never thought I would die here."

Jim yelled as tears started to weld up in his eyes, "Stop! You're gonna live." Dimitri looked at his nephew and said with a sad smile, "Goodbye, Jim." Eris made her nails as sharp as a sword and yelled, "Die!" Dimitri closed his eyes and welcomed death.

There was a sound of flesh cutting through but Dimitri did not feel any pain. (AN: If anyone has The Bridge of Khazad Dum played it at 4:42.). Dimitri opened his eyes and his face went into horror as he saw the old turtle blocking his path. Oogway fell on his knees as the staff fell from his hands. Po, Shifu, and the Furious Five were in both shock and fear. Po said under his breath, "No…"

Grand Head Councilor Mickey started to run towards the old turtle as Oogway started to fall into the dark abyss. Oogway looked at his old student and mouthed words that Shifu would understood. Shifu yelled as he ran towards his master, "Master! You can't leave me!" Shifu started to have flashbacks of when Oogway first taught him kung-fu and how Oogway's wisdom helped him to become a master himself. Oogway sadly smiled and he disappeared as the peach blossoms engulfed the old turtle. Everyone was in shock and horror as they knew what was happening to him.

Shifu got on his knees and started to cry. For the first time, Shifu had cried out of agony and yelled at the sky, "Master!"

Ariel saw what had happened and saw the blossoms blew in front of her face and started to cry. Rapunzel held the tears in her eyes as Coraline whimpered and cried for the old turtle. Mushu and the others turn to look away from what had happened. Cheshire said sadly as he saw peach blossoms float into the sky, "Oogway…"

Clopin said angrily under his breath as he saw the devastating incident, "First Jack and now Oogway…Will this never end?"

Jim looked at the goddess of chaos with anger and a scowl on the youngest Hawkins. Eris smiled evilly and thought, 'All according to plan…' Eris looked up to find the Three Flowers Stars were in aliment. Eris said as she started to leave, "Kill them." Eris then disappeared and Hades thought of an evil idea. The lord of the dead then snapped his fingers and his dark magic made everyone disappear except Hiccup, Toothless, and Jim. Jim asked angrily, "What did you do?"

Hades explained with an evil smile, "I just made four matches to see who would win." Hiccup asked angrily, "Then how come were the only three here?" Hades explained as he pointed at the three stars, "You three are on a timeline and only one of you can save Princess Arielna." He looked at the three and said with an evil smile, "I'd hurry if I were you." Hades then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Jim said as he transformed, "I got Ariel's scent and we can make it as long as we don't have anyone in our way." Hiccup hopped on Toothless and said as he hooked himself to his loyal dragon, "You better be right." Jim ran ahead and Hiccup and Toothless took flight.

Sinbad and the others find themselves on a rough terrain and Sinbad said weird himself out, "I'm officially creped out." Sarah said as she transformed, "Hyenas!" The Grand Council were giving all they've got and Phoebus yelled as he pushed off a hyena, "Sinbad!" Madellaine transformed into her wolf form and the hyena pinned her down. Then a shot of ice magic hit the hyena and the short haired blonde looked to see Garrett with a smirk on his face.

A hyena was about to pounce on the blind magician but his old teacher saved him by using a vine spell. Merlin said with a smile, "Ah, just like old times."

Cassim and the other Hunters found themselves on a dessert. Cassim warned, "Something's wrong." Then the Hunters heard a hissing voice, "You have no idea." Cassim and the other looked up and saw Scroop falling down in front of them. Scroop said with a twisted smile, "I'm back, Cassim." Cassim pulled out his sword and said seriously, "You will not live." Aladdin pulled out two swords and said seriously, "You must pay for your crimes." Tarzan pulled out his spear and said sternly, "It is the way of the Hunter." Mulan pulled out her fan and dagger, "For who betrays the Hunters, the punishment is death."

Astrid and the other Dragonriders were in the sky but the sky was red and the clouds were black. Fishlegs asked worried, "What is this place?" Snotlout said under his breath, "Something's not right." Ruffnut and Tuffnut said at the same time, "Not good." Astrid saw a shadow and yelled, "Spread out!" The Dragonriders did as they were told and a dragon, that was enormous, roared out of anger. Astrid yelled, "It's Green Death. Everyone don't let it get near you."

Flynn and his gang woke up to find themselves on mountains. Booster asked confused, "How did we get here?" Gurgi said as he went on the red alien's shoulder, "Gurgi think it was dead lord." Stitch nodded in agreement and suddenly growled as he heard an animal falling. Flynn saw the animal fall and it was a three-headed dog. The dog's eyes were red and his fur was jet black. Flynn said with a smirk, "If it isn't Cerberus, the guardian of the lord of the dead."

Hiccup, Toothless, and Jim were going up the stairs and Jim yelled, "We're almost there." The trio halted in their tracks and two people were standing in their way. Eric said with a smile, "We were hoping you would come." Toothless growled as did Jim glaring at the wolf. Vanessa said with an evil smile, "It seems your rescue was all for nothing. Soon Eris will be immortal and neither you nor your friends will stop her."

Jim growled and Hiccup said seriously, "Go." Jim was surprised to hear this and asked, "Are you right in the head or something?" Hiccup chuckled and said with a smirk, "This is a tempory truce and once this is over I will win Astrid over." Jim chuckled and said with a smirk, "Don't you mean my fiancée?" Hiccup blushed furiously and said stubbornly, "You know what I mean." Jim chuckled and jumped over the two evil couple. Vanessa said angrily as she and Eric started to run after Jim, "You can't just…"

Hiccup and Toothless stopped the two in their tracks and said with a smirk, "Let's see how good you are up against a Dragonrider."

Jim finally reached to the top and said with a smile as he transformed into his human form, "Ariel…" But the smile faded away when he saw his angel in some sort of magic circle and Ariel having a bandana over her mouth with chains around her wrists. Ariel muffled as she panicked trying to warn Jim. Jim then felt a stab in the back and Dr. Facilier came out of the shadows with a dagger, covered in blood as Jim fell down in pain.

Facilier said with an evil smile as he looked at the redhead, "Now look what you did, Ariel."

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