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Chapter 19

Mushu and the others were trying to escape out of a magical circle that the evil doctor had made. Morph started to cry and chirping sadly. The black cat sensed great sadness in the air and said, "I can feel it. Someone is dying." Mushu asked worried, "Who? Who's dying?" Pascal cooed sadly and the black said sadly, "It's Jim Hawkins." The red dragon's face went into horror and said in fear, "No…"

Flynn transformed into his form and jumped on the three-headed dog. Stitch growled and punched the Cerberus left and right. Gurgi used Stitch's guns and blasted the evil guardian and said seriously, "Gurgi want to end fight. Gurgi worried about others." Booster used his cannon at the Cerberus and said seriously, "I know Gurgi, but, until we beat this mutt we're not getting out of here."

Astrid and the other Dragonriders were having trouble and Green Death was trying to grab a hold of the Dragonrider twins and Astrid said seriously to Fishlegs in her com-link, "Fish give me options." Fishlegs studied the massive dragon and said into his com-link, "Well, it may be tough to beat on the outside…" Astrid asked hopefully, "But?" Fishlegs said seriously, "If we could time it just right…one of us could shoot a fireball inside its mouth."

Astrid thought of the idea and said into her com-link, "Everyone, I need you to distract Green Death while I try to find right time to shoot." Ruffnut and Tuffnut said into their com-link, "Got it." Snotlout chuckled and said into his com-link, "Alright, you're the boss." The Dragonriders headed towards the monstrous dragon as Astrid sighed heavily and said sadly, "This maybe our last stand."

Shifu woke up to find that they were in the training grounds and saw the Furious Five down for the count. Tai Lung chuckled and said with a smirk on his face, "I'm surprised Hades forgot about us." Shifu said sternly, "The lord of the dead is losing his touch." Po came at the snow leopard and Tai Lung was countering his attacks and the panda counters his attacks.

Shifu joined in the fight and Tai lung jumped away from the two kung-fu fighters and asked with an evil smile, "Two to One? Seems unfair." Shifu said angrily, "Trust me it evens the odds." Po and Shifu jumped towards the snow leopard as their fight continued.

Cassim fell into the sand and said seriously as he got up, "I'm surprised we lasted this long." Aladdin said with a smirk as hid dodges Scroop's attacks, "Yeah, not to mention bright eyes giving us a run for our money." Tarzan said seriously as he fought Scroop, "Now, is not the time to joke." Mulan said as she threw her razor sharp fan, "Tarzan is right. The sooner we punish Scroop, the sooner we can help the others."

The fan nearly scraped the monster spider's face and a trickle of blood came down on his cheek. Scroop hissed and said angrily, "You'll pay for that." Aladdin asked jokingly, "Do you want that in scars or bruises?" Scroop hissed angrily and ran towards the Hunters and Cassim said under his breath, "I hope the others are alright."

Sinbad felt pain in his heart as he got on one knee and Sarah rushed towards her husband as she saw the pain her husband was in. Sarah asked worried, "Sinbad, what's wrong?" Sinbad said as he tried to grasp for air, "I don't know. I think Jim's in trouble." The Grand Council was giving all they've got and Proteus yelled as he threw a hyena off his back, "Grand Head Councilor, we need to find a way out of here."

Mickey said seriously, "I'm working on it." Tulio and Miguel fought off those hyenas like there was no tomorrow. Tulio said with a smirk, "I guess this might be it."Miguel chuckled said with a smile, "If this is truly is the end. Might I say you've been a good friend to me."

Hiccup and Toothless were fighting off Eric and Vanessa in their forms. Eric growled and said angrily, "Hold still, fly boy." Hiccup smirked and said as he and his dragon took flight, "Sorry, not gonna happen." Vanessa jumped on the Night Fury and tore the handmade tail fin. The evil vixen jumped off as the Dragonrider and his friend started to fall to their demise.

Hiccup said seriously as he tried not to panic, "Toothless, you know what to do." Toothless nodded his head and flapped his jet black wings to land safely. Hiccup said seriously, "Looks like will have to play to their advantage." Toothless growled and nodded in agreement as they positioned themselves. Eric said with an evil smile, "Now, you're gonna play on our terrain."

Zak and Audrey were worried and Aurora said worried, "I do hope everyone will be saved." Mr. Whitmore said with a smile, "Don't worry. I know that redhead girl has more spitfire then anyone I know."

Eris said with an evil smile, "Well done, doctor. You may go." Facilier made his leave by using his dark magic. Eris appeared at the redhead's side and asked evilly as she pulled off the bandana, "Any last request?" Ariel said in a shaky tone, "Let me be near him until he's…" Ariel could not bear to say the final word and at thought of her lion being gone for the rest of her life, was too much too bear.

Eris said annoyed as the goddess of chaos released the redhead princess from her chains, "Fine, but remember. You belong to me now." Ariel rushed over to Jim and said hurryingly as she spread her wings, "Listen, Jim I'll get you back on your feet."

Jim said painfully as his angel placed her hand on his right cheek, "No…Ariel…if…if you…" Ariel tried to hush her lion and Jim said as he looked into her light blue eyes and being pain, "Do this…you'll be bounded…to her…forever." Ariel whispered honestly with love in her eyes, "And I can't let you die." Jim protested painfully, "But, Ariel…" Ariel shushed her lion and whispered with a sad smile, "It's going to be alright."

Jim saw his blood coming down his lips and thought of an idea. Jim whispered painfully as he brought his angel to his face, "Ariel…wait…" Ariel closed her eyes and Jim bit her lip and kissed his angel with his blood, mixing it with Ariel's blood. Ariel said painfully as she broke the kiss, "Jim, what did you…?" The redhead touches her lips and saw the blood that was on her lips. Ariel's eyes widened and said confused, "Jim…"

Rapunzel saw what Jim had done and smiled. Coraline said with a grin, "Yes." Eris looked at the two princesses and did not understand until the goddess of chaos saw Jim's and Ariel's blood dripping from the redhead's lips. Eris yelled angrily, "NO!" The goddess charged towards the redhead and pinned Ariel on the marble wall. Eris yelled angrily, "HOW DARE YOU?"

Eris said angrily as she threw Ariel at the marble floor, "Everything was going perfectly and then your pathetic lion does this!" Ariel was confused and said, "Eris, I don't understand." Eris said with a scowl as she made herself enormous, "Don't play coy with me. You may think that your lover may save you by turning into a lioness." Eris then appeared in front of the redhead and said angrily with the scowl still on her face, "But your…lion…LOST!"

Ariel then figured it out and said, "Wait a minute…Jim didn't lose." The redhead started to smile and said, "He won. That's why you're angry because you hate to lose." Eris scoffed and knew that the redhead was right. Ariel then made a smirk and asked, "And wasn't a whole deal of a bound for all eternity?"

Eris's eyes widened in fear and the scar on her left shoulder started to spread through her body. Eris yelled frightened as she tried to stop the magic from spreading, No! No! NO! The goddess of chaos was covered in white light and screamed as her body exploded into little shards.

Flynn and his gang were surprised as they saw the Cerberus exploding in white light. Booster asked confused, "What happened?" Before Flynn could answer, his gang and himself were engulfed in white light and disappeared.

Tai Lung screamed out in pain as he exploded in white light and Po asked his master confused, "Master?" Shifu and his students were surrounded by white light and disappeared as well.

Scroop yelled in pain as his body was engulfed by white light and exploded, "No, it can't be!" Cassim said with a smile, "I think we won." The Hunters were engulfed by the same light and disappeared.

Green Death was choking on the white light and the Dragonriders were engulfed in the white light and disappeared to meet up with the others.

Sinbad and the others were engulfed by the white light as the hyenas retreated to the realm of darkness.

Mushu and the other pets were engulfed by the white light as well and disappeared from the magical circle that bonded them.

Eric felt that his mother was gone and yelled as he opened a portal of darkness, "Vanessa, let's go." Vanessa growled and said as she fled, "You'll regret this." Hiccup was confused and asked, "Why would they retreat?" Hiccup put it together and said worried, "Toothless, let's go." Toothless cooed in agreement and he and his rider raced towards the top.

(AN: If anyone has The Tear Heals, play it at 3:30.). Ariel turned around to Jim slowly breathing and ran towards to her fiancé. Rapunzel and Coraline got out of their chains and started to run towards their sister. Ariel could see that Jim's life was slipping and said frightened as she tried to get Jim to look at her, "Jim! Jim, look at me!" Jim tried to keep his eyes open and Ariel said as her voice was breaking out of fear and sadness, "I'm here, Jim. Don't leave me." Jim said weakly as he could barely see his angel and cupped her left cheek, "Ariel…I…love…you."

Ariel said sadly as she holds the tears in her eyes and holding the hand that was on her cheek, "I love you, too." Jim exhaled his last breath as his eyes closed and his hand slipped through his angel's hand and fell onto the floor.

Everyone was in the throne room and Sarah saw her youngest son pale and cold. Sarah only knew that could mean one thing and Sinbad grabbed his wife and pulled Sarah into an embraced as his wife cried in agony and wailed. Kayley covered her eyes and she held on to Cale as she thought of hoping this was just a nightmare. Everyone bowed their heads in and the thought of losing a friend and family member was too much for them too bear.

Ariel thought, 'Maybe if I…' Ariel started sing sadly and with her heart.

~Heal what has been hurt~

She thought of the memories of meeting Jim and his family for the first time.

~Change the Fate's design~

The redhead thought memory of Jim giving her the sapphire rose.

~Save what has been lost~

Ariel then thought of the memory of Jim proposing to her and how happy she was when she said yes.

~Bring back what once was mine~

All Ariel ever wanted was to bring back her lion.

~What once was mine~

The lights of the sprits appeared as if hearing Ariel's plea. Ariel looked up and said under her breath, "The Spirits…" Kenai, the creator of the Red Rose, came down from the lights and walked towards the redhead as her sisters saw the god and made a way for Kenai. Kenai looked at Ariel and then looked at Jim. The redhead looked at Kenai and pleaded as the tears rolled down on her cheeks, "Please…"

Kenai transformed as he roared and the magic of the Red Rose flowed into Jim's body. The lights of the spirits disappeared and Kenai vanished with the spirits. Ariel looked at Jim and the lion started to cough. Jim barely opened his eyes and asked weakly, "Ariel?" The redhead said with a smile, "Jim…" Everyone looked up to find Jim coming back into the world of the living.

Jim chuckled weakly and said with a smile, "You look very heavenly." Ariel laughed and embraced her lion as Jim embraced his angel. Ariel chuckled and pulled Jim in for a kiss and Jim was surprised at this but the lion returned the kiss.

(AN: Play the King of Priderock Broadway.). Everyone cheered for Jim's return and Clopin appeared in front of the Three Flowers and bowed in front of them. Ariel, Rapunzel, and Coraline turned around to find everyone bowing at them. Ariel looked at the Three Flowers symbols and knew what they must do.

Coraline went to her symbol as well as Rapunzel. Ariel was about to go to her symbol until she saw the Grand Head Councilor bowing before her. Ariel pulled the mouse for a hug and Mickey returned the hug. Mickey pulled from the hug and said with a smile, "It is time." Ariel went towards her sisters and all of the Three Flowers placed their hands on the sister started to glow one by one.

Coraline was engulfed by a blue light, Rapunzel was engulfed by a yellow light, and Ariel was surrounded by a red light. The three sisters spread the three lights and the kingdom of Atlantica was restored slowly. The kingdom was being restored as the crack and dark magic slowly disappeared and everything on Atlantica came back to life. The people of Atalntica rushed towards the kingdom and cheered for the three princesses that have returned.

Ariel saw Jack coming out of the statue and saw her real father coming behind the skeleton. Ariel, Rapunzel, and Coraline saw King Derek, who had a surprised face and started to smile as he run towards his girls. Coraline and Rapunzel ran towards their father and hugged their father as did Derek hugged his two daughters. Derek then looked at Ariel as he broke the hug with his two daughters and saw that she looked so much like Athena.

Ariel didn't know what to do and Derek said with a smile, "I knew you would save our kingdom, my daughter." Ariel smiled and said, "I've couldn't done it without the people I love." Derek looked at his daughters and said as he brought his daughters to the people of Atlantica, "My daughters have returned."

~Till we find our place~

Ariel looked at Jim and her lion walked towards the redhead's side.

~On the path unwinding~

Rapunzel looked to find Flynn at her side and she pulled her dog for a kiss and Flynn return the kiss happily for being reunited with his love.

~In the circle~

Coraline smiled as she saw the black cat climbed on her shoulder and purred.

~The circle of life~

Ariel then kissed her lion and Jim return the kiss with love and care.

~Circle of life~

(Flynn's POV)

I closed the book and said with a smile, "The end." The children in the library whined said, "Come on." One of the kids asked, "What happened to Jim and Ariel?" One of the little girls asked, "Did they ever get married?"

I chuckled and asked with a smirk, "You kids really want to know?" The kids yelled happily, "Yeah!" I laughed and said with a smile, "Alright, only because you asked." I opened the book and said as I was looking for where I left off, "Now, where was I…?" I finally found where I left off and said, "Ariel said as she broke the kiss…"

Ariel said as she broke the kiss, "I think it's time to go home." King Derek said sadly, "I will miss you." Ariel hugged her father and Rapunzel said sadly as she walked towards Flynn, "I have to go, too." Coraline said with a smile, "I'm staying here." Ariel was curious and asked, "Why?" Coraline said with a smile, "Someone has to stay and take dad's place one day." King Derek smiled and said, "Jack, Clopin if you would…" Jack and Clopin used their light magic and surrounded everyone in white light and everyone was gone.

One year later…

Tiana was cooking with Remy and Naveen was playing his ukulele in the restaurant as Linguini served food.

Kuzco and Charlotte were traveling around world and send every postcard to their friends where they have been.

Meg and Hercules decided to stay at Agrabah because of Hercules training for the tournament coming up.

Louis and Marina continued to their tour and Marina looked at the photo of her and Louis's graduation class. The brunette smiled as she remembered the memories of Ariel and her friends.

Flynn's gang or Eugene's gang broke up. Gurgi went to work for Tiana and is now a waiter and happily getting his payment in apples. Booster opened his own business and Zak and Audrey were willing to open Booster's Mechanical Shop. Stitch went to go into surfing and give lessons as well.

Hiccup sighed and Astrid said, "You know her wedding is tomorrow." Hiccup smiled and said, "Yeah, I know." Astrid said with honestly as she placed her hand on his shoulder, "You could love another." Hiccup asked sadly, "Then who can I love?" Astrid smiled and kissed Hiccup with love and care. Hiccup broke the kiss and said with a smile, "You know I can get used to this." Astrid laughed and smiled as she said, "Come on, we better go tell the others."

Cassim looked at the sky and looked down to see Tarzan training harder than ever. Mulan and Aladdin were enjoying their walk as they flirt and laughed along the way.

Jim was waiting for Ariel as the redhead packed her things and her father, Triton came into her room. Triton asked with a smile, "Are you ready?" Ariel smiled and nodded her head as she grabbed her suitcase. Ariel then nearly walked out the door and Triton started to sing.

~If only you could stay~

~And never say goodbye~

~If only if I could make time stop~

~Believe me I would try~

~But Fathers have to learn~

~That daughters have to grow~

~And if you truly love them~

~You must let them go~

Ariel smiled and started to sing as well.

~And oh, I love you so~

~If only you could know

Triton asked with a smile, "You love him very much don't you?" Ariel smiled and gave her father a hug and Triton said as he returned the hug, "I'll miss you." Ariel couldn't bear to say goodbye to her father and left her home and walked towards her soon-to-be husband. Triton said with a smile, "You belong to his world now."

The next day everyone was at the wedding and Ariel was walking down the aisle. Everyone started to sing what had happened.

~And now at last~

~Love has surpassed~

~Each tribulation~

~Angel and Lion~

Triton then handed his daughter to Jim and smiled.

~Finally can~

~Join and be one~

~Now they can smile~

~Walking the aisle~

~Here at their~

~Wedding Celebration~

Jim started to sing.

~Moving forward~

Ariel started to sing as well.

~Standing steady~

Both of them started to sing in harmony.

~Starting life~

~Completely ready~

Ariel threw her flowers and Jim pulled her in for a kiss.

~Now they can be who their meant to be~

Rapunzel caught the flowers and looked at Eugene. Eugene smiled and brought his girl closer to him.

~Now they can gaze on a new horizon~

Jim picked up his new wife bridal style and started to run towards the forest.

~You between darkness and light~

Jim transformed into his form and headed towards his truck to leave.

~Forever and on!~

Jim was puzzled when Ariel started to run towards her lion.

~Now they can walk~

Ariel then started to transform into her lioness form.

~Now they can run~

Jim started to smile as Ariel finally transformed into her lioness form.

~Now they can stay all day in the sun~

Jim started to sing again.

~Just you and me~

Ariel then started to sing in her lioness form.

~And I will be~

Ariel and Jim then embraced in their forms and transformed in their human forms. The two newlyweds then kissed with love and care.

~Part of your world!~

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