It was Christmas Eve and Sophie, a beautiful long-haired black she-cat was quietly suckling three kits while her mate, Jasper, watched from afar. It was their first litter and, initially, five kits had been born. The two she-cats, though, both died from sickness and the remaining three were toms. Sophie turned to Jasper, her dark blue eyes staring deeply into Jaspers amber eyes.

"What shall we name them?" she mewed softly.

Jasper stood up and stretched, the muscles under his grey tabby pelt rippling. He walked slowly towards his family, stopping a fox-length away.

"Well that one there," here Jasper extended a paw towards the only tom that was solid white, "looks like my father. Perhaps we should name that one after him. So Baxter. And, um, you can choose the other two."

Sophie stared at Jasper, her bright blue eyes boring into his emerald green eyes. She couldn't understand why he was so awkward around his own kits. He was so wonderful around his niece. Sophie sighed and licked the newly named Baxter and then turned her attention to her two remaining kits.

"How about Malachi for this one," she said as she nuzzled a solid gray tom.

The solid gray tom, Malachi was the largest of the litter while the remaining tom, a brown tabby, was the runt. After a moment of thought, Sophie decided to name the smallest kit Louis, after her own father.