So this is a story that I had the idea for a long time ago and decided maybe my writing is good enough to actually be on here. In this story there is all the original daybreakers plus some of my OCs I hope you enjoy my first story!

Ash and Quinn were playing video games as Thierry walked in, "Guys we have a meeting now!" Thierry told them.

"Hang on Thierry we just got to finish this round" Quinn starts shooting at Ash's character on the screen.

"I mean now, this is important" Thierry says sounding irritated.

Ash pauses the game and turns to him, "Fine" he sighs.

Ash and Quinn stand and follow him toward the main room were all the other daybreak members are sitting, Ash takes a spot next to Mary-Lynnete and Quinn next to Rashel and puts his arm around her.

Thierry starts pacing in front of them, "This is important" he says and they all watch him.

"Is this about the last wildpower, because I really hope that whoever it is isn't like Iliana" Jez groan and Delos gives her a highfive. (Yeah I don't like Iliana she is too nice, if you like her I apologize)

"No, this isn't about the last wildpower" Thierry sighs.

"Then what is this about that is so important?" David asks while playing with Gillians hair.

"The Night World councel just found a new prophice" (Yeah I am not a great speller) Thierry stopped pacing and took a seat next to Hannah who started rubbing his shoulders.

Everybody excluding Jez and Delos gasped, "What do you mean a new prophice?" Jez asked.

Thierry took a peice of paper out of his jean pockets and started to read... (I warn you now I am not great with poems)

"Seven who have all met up over the years

Seven who need no fears

Stronger than all they see

Strong enough to set any one free

Six boys and one girl

Who can stop the end with all they know"

"What does it mean?" Thea asks looking around at all the questioning faces.

"It means there are seven people out there stronger than the rest of us, who could even be stronger than the wildpowers and we need to find them" Thierry says resting his head in his hand.

"Stronger than Jez and I, yeah right" Delos laughed and Maggie hit his shoulder.

"Yeah no one can be stronger than us" Jez agrees.

"Yeah well we still have to find these seven they could help us a lot" Hannah says.

"But where can we find them, we don't have a clue where to look. And are they humans or part of the night world?" Keller questions.

"Well I can talk to the night world councel and see if they know where to find them" Thierry suggests.

"I hope none of them are Redferns we don't need no more of them" Poppy says quietly and all the Redferns give her a glare.

"I acctually agree with her" Quinn agrees and the redferns turn there glares to him.

Quinn just ignores them.

Jez stand up, "I can already tell I am not going to like them" She strorms out the room.

"Me either" Delos follows after Jez.

"I'll go talk to him" Maggie says and follows aswell.

"Well now that is sorted, Quinn and I have a game to finish" Ash says and walks to the game room dragging Quinn behind him.

One by one everyone files out the room and Thierry sighs, "This should be fun"

Sorry it was short but I really just wanted to know what you think, this is my first story and I know I am not that good so please leave me a review to tell me if I should continue and what you thought.

-Bianca :)