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Bell was lost in a dark void. The darkness was scary, Bell was never afraid of the dark because she knew there was always some sort of light. This was pitch blackness and it scared her.

There was something pulling her trying to drag her closer trying to connect her to it.


It was like her mind had a blast go through it, it hurt and bell fell to her knees in pain.


It felt like a fire inside running through her vains giving her more power. It faded away after a few moments and the pain was gone but there was something different.

Seven destined to the save the world. Six boys and one girl.

It was the phrase that kept comeing back and she already knew who it was mean't for.

"Bell come back" A voice, it was familiar but she couldn't remember who it belonged to.

"Bell" Another voice much stronger and closer than the first.

The darkness started retreating and light started to come back to her and she felt a tug, tugging her backwards and she let it pull her. Then she felt like herself again...

Bell POV

My eyes opened and above me I saw a bright light, "She's ok" A voice said and she rubbed her eyes and was able to see around her.

Most of the daybreakers where looking at her along with the rest of the Secret Seven.

"What happened?" I asked confused about what had happened.

"Well you fainted from some sort of pain" Ash said and looked at me closely

"Oh yeah" I sighed and looked around at all the faces stareing at me and making me uncomfortable, "Will you all please stop staring at me"

They looked away except for Tyler, "lets not its all to fun to annoy her" he said, it was his voice but his mouth didn't move. I was starting to hear things now.

Eventually after a few more questions most of them left except for Hannah and Thierry. I could still hear the other Secret Seven voices in my head, "Whats with this pixie" Thorne.

"vampire, witch, shapeshifter..." Matt.

I tryed to block out there voices from my mind knowing that they were not real, I couldn't possibly hear them.

I looked at Thierry who looked concerned, Ask him a voice not anyone else's said in my head, "Thierry do you know anything about hearing peoples voices in your mind?" I asked and he met my eyes.

"Well soulmates can hear eachothers mind and strong telepathic vampires can to, why?" He asked raising a eyebrow.

"I can hear the others thoughts I think, but I'm not a vampire" I said and he looked at me a moment before walking away.

Looks like I wasn't getting a answer.

Thierry POV

She could hear there minds. This wasn't normal and I didn't have a answer to explain it. It could just be one of there powers. I had no explaination but I guess we would just have to find one.

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