"This is not my Butler!" or you can call this "Beyond is one hell of a butler." :)

(This is following the manga and the anime. But mostly the anime since I don't have all the volumes. )




A short distance from London, just beyond the fog-cloaked forest, there stands a well-kept manor house. It's resident is the head of the Phantomhive family, a distinguished aristocrat. His Day... begins with a cup of early morning tea.

"Young Master..." a rather raspy voice whispered, "it is time to wake up."

The young boy laying on the bed could suddenly hear the sound of tea pouring on a porcelain tea cup just across from himself. Ciel yawned and sat up, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes.

"For today's breakfast, I have prepared poached salmon and mint salad." he said.

Ciel finally opened his eyes, only to stare at blood-red ones. This was not Sebastian. Sebastian's eyes were a darker shade of red. Who is this man?

"H-Hey!" Ciel shouted, "you are not my butler!" he scolded, "where is Sebastian?"

The man blinked, "Pardon?" he said, "Young master," he began, "I AM your butler." he said with no hint of surprise in his voice.

"Don't lie!" Ciel shouted, "you are not my butler. I am not an idiot." he shouted. This was just irritating him. Where is Sebastian?

"Bocchan!" the man raised his voice. "I am your butler" he repeated, he looked down at his gloved left hand and slowly reached for the index finger and silently slid the glove off, revealing the contract's mark.

Ciel's left eye twitched. This is absurd!

"Young master," he said, "It is I, Beyond."

Ciel sighed. "I do not believe you." he snarled.

The man known as Beyond stood up, "Bocc-"

"Stop calling me that when you are not my butler!" Ciel shouted, once again, "Where is Sebastian?"

Beyond sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Very well. I will not call you 'Young Master'." he began, "Then I guess I will have to call you Ciel." he said.

"I don't care. Just tell me whe-" Ciel stopped at mid sentence. "Wait..." He remembered the contract. (No, duh! xDD).

"Sebastian.." Ciel started, "come."



Beyond just stood there, tapping his shoes heel on the wooden floor.

"Young Ma- Ciel." Beyond said, "I am your butler. Meaning, I am the demon whom is helping you complete your revenge." Beyond said in an irritated manner.

Ciel gasped. Is this really happening? How? Why? Since when? Why can't he remember?

"U-Umm... Very well." Ciel whispered. "Since you have proved enough, for now, I suggest you continue what you have began... "

Beyond nodded, "As you wish."

Beyond walked towards the young earl and began undressing him off his sleeping garment and onto his day clothes.

Ciel blushed. This was awkward, for him. Feeling other hands touching him... It was... somewhat... weird... But Ciel couldn't help but think that it felt somewhat... nice.

Ciel shook that thought away and reached out for his warm tea and taking a sip.

"This Aroma, Ceylon tea, hm?" Ciel said.

"Yes, sir." Beyond whispered, "from Royal Doulton."

Ciel nodded slightly and looked down at Beyond whom was now working on his sock( or stockings) and shoes.

"Beyond, what is the schedule for today?" Ciel asked, placing the tea cup aside on the bed-stand and grabbing the eye patch.

Beyond stood up silently and helped Ciel tie the eye patch perfectly in place. Once satisfied, he went over and worked on Ciel's dark blue bow.

"Professor Hugues, an authority of king-craft, will arrive after breakfast, sir." Beyond said patiently, tightening the bow.

"And after lunch-"

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