"This is not my Butler!" or you can call this "Beyond is one hell of a butler." :)

(This is following the manga and the anime. But mostly the anime since I don't have all the volumes. )

Chapter III




The beginning of the day have gone pretty well... So it seemed.

They have gone to retrieve Ciel's walking stick in early morning, ignoring the fact that the employee was pretty much implying that Ciel Phantomhive was, in fact, short. Which, Ciel reacted to immediately.

So there they were, riding back to the mansion inside the carriage in silence.

The silence was uncomfortable, due to the fact that Ciel was alone in front of the man that just appeared not just 24 hours ago... So it's pretty creepy.

"Young Master," Beyond said, breaking the silence, "we have arrived." he stated. That was when Ciel had taken note that he was already holding the door open for him. Oh, he's been spacing out again. What a shame.

Ciel nodded and stepped out, accidentally slipping on the edge and falling onto Beyond's chest.

Beyond grunted as he catched the young Earl.

"Are you okay, Sir?" he asked.

Ciel blushed slightly and immediatley broke away from his "butler"'s embrace.

Ciel sighed and continued walking towards the large doors with Beyond walking just beside him.

Once the doors opened, Ciel couldn't help but gasp.

The entire room was decorated in pink d├ęcor. Pink ribbons here. White bunnies here and there, flowers scattered there, etc...


Both Ciel and Beyond turned to face three servants running towards them.

Beyond sighed, "What happened?" he asked.

"Ask that crazy girl!" Bard said, tugging at the pink bunny apron he was wearing in frustration.

Ciel glanced to his side, "what crazy girl?" he asked.

"Kyaaah! It's so Kawaii!" a cheery voice shouted out from the top of the stairs.

Beyond glanced up, staring up at Lady Elizabeth, whom was currently fixing a blonde wig that sat on top of Tanaka's head.

Elizabeth smiled cheerfully and looked down, spying Ciel and cheering before she ran down the stairs and glomped him. No, literally. GLOMPED HIM.

"Cieeeel! I missed you! :D" She said, hugging the young Earl tightly.

Ciel took a step back, trying to keep from falling backwards.


"No! I always told you to call me Lizzie!" She scolded, hugging him tighter. "You are so CUUUTEEE!"

Now it was Beyond's turn to interrupt.

"Ahem. Miss Elizabeth..." he started, bowing. "It has been quite a long time since your last visit."

Elizabeth giggled, "Wait! I have a present just for you, too!" she stated, taking out a random pink hat(Don't know how you call them) out of nowhere and jumping on top of Beyond and forcefully placing the pink hat-thing on his head. "Ta-da~!"

Beyond tilted his head to the side and pinched the bridge of his nose, but still managed a smile appear in his face.

'He seems rather... irritated...' Ciel took note. Sebastian never looked nor seemed irritated whenever they had guests. There was something off...

"Kyaa, so cute!" Elizabeth squealed, "Since you are always wearing black, I thought some color would be of some help to you!"

"I am exceedingly... grateful... for your kindness towards someone such as myself." he said, placing his right hand on his chest.

"Anyways..." Ciel interrupted, "Lizzy... What is your main purpose here? Where is your mother?" he asked.

"I just wanted to come and visit!" she said, "I came without telling her!"


Beyond bit on his bottom lip and gabbed Bard by his arm and dragged him towards the large kitchen.

"Bard." He sneered, "How long has she been here?" he asked, a hint of anger in his voice.

"I-I Umm... About.. Umm... A-and hour or so...?" The cook stammered, "Mind if I ask why?"

Beyond's grip on Bard's arm tightened, forcing the cook to wince and groan in pain.

"Don't ask too much questions." he growled. "I have an important task for you. And I expect you to do it correctly. Do you understand?"

Bard nodded, he began shivering once Beyond whispered the mission into his ear.

Bard's eyes widened and his cigarette slipped from his lips once the last word escaped Beyond's mouth in a low sneer.

Beyond pulled away and let go of his arm, eying the other male as he shook violently.

"If you tell anyone anything on what I had just said, there will be many consequences. You will not like that." He warned, turning and walking out the door and back towards the two young ones.

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