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Song: Where Dreams Go to Die - The Downtown Fiction

They'll try to convince you and tell you that they're right

And they'll break you and beat you, and steal away your light.

They tell you that you're nothing and you'll never get it right

Well high school's the place where dreams go to die.

I was touring my brand new prison, erm I mean school, the day before I started. Already I hated it. The echoes of my and the guidance counselor's footsteps were ominous. I wasn't a fan.

I'm sure I was being enlightened on the colorful history of the school but I honestly didn't care. My mind was stuck on the fact that this was the rejects school. Here was the place where all the kids within fifty miles transferred to when they got kicked out of decent and respectable public education institutes. This was the place I would be spending my last two years of high school. Oh, joy.

The tour ended at my assigned locker and I threw my bag inside and automatically reached for the lockā€¦ which wasn't there.

"These lockers were all donated," the counselor explained, "and here at St. Jude's we have a very trusting atmosphere amongst the student body. Locking lockers has never been an issue." Her warm smile obviously was meant to calm me. Guess who would be keeping their stuff locked in the trunk of their car?

"You really don't have issues with stealing?" I asked incredulously.

Her answering smile was just the tiniest bit late. "You'll soon settle in here, Clare. I know it."

"It's Clary. Rhymes with Mary but starts with a Cl."

"I'm sorry Clary, forgive me."

Heck no.

"Well I guess this takes care of everything then. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!"

I mimicked her fake smile as I stalked away. Kill. Me. Now.

The next day I wore mourning clothes to school.

Well, not exactly mourning clothes, but I did wear almost all black for several reasons. The first, because I was in mourning for my past life. Second, because when I wear black it annoys my mother who had been more than a bit annoyingly optimistic about this new school. And third, because I didn't bother to take the time to find anything else.

As I ran out the front door, I caught a glimpse of my own reflection in the hall mirror. My hair looked especially fiery against my black v-neck sweater which also caused my skin to look paler and my eyes greener. I quickly checked to make sure my skinny jeans were settled correctly over my Vans before dashing to my car.

I drove carefully, doing my best to see the faces of other drivers on their way to school. I guess I was attempting to prepare myself for whatever I would find.

The student parking lot was half way full by the time I got there. I pulled into a stall, turned off the engine, and sat there collecting myself for a few moments. You can do this, Clary Fray, I told myself. Quickly, so as not to have a chance to change my mind, I clambered gracelessly out of my tin can, locked the doors, and headed briskly towards the desolate building. Around me kids were calling to each other, talking and laughing. Surrounded by people, I had never felt so alone.

I let the tide sweep me to my defenseless locker where I immediately began rummaging through my bag just so I didn't look/feel so awkward. First lesson on the first day of school: Show up just before the bell rings. Otherwise the fact that you're friendless becomes extremely apparent.

Mercifully, the bell rang shortly after I had organized my books for first hour class, chemistry. Holding my schedule in front of my nose like the new kid I was, I navigated the sea of bodies until I found my prison cell. On the board was posted a seating arrangement and I was quick to find my name. One glance around the room, however, showed me that my seat was already occupied by someone. A couple of someones actually. A blonde couple was openly groping each other. Ew.

"Um, excuse me? This is my seat." I tried not to sound bitchy but I think I failed.

They both turned to glare at me.

"Does it have your name on it?" the boy asked.

I glared at him, hating him all the more for his arrogance because of his looks. Tall, built, gold eyes. Damn handsomeness. "Actually, it does."


"Dude, seriously, just get out of my seat. I don't want to deal with this crap today."

With a smirk he and his girlfriend stood up. "There you go, short stuff."

I glared up at him for a second and then sat down, determined to ignore him for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, he was assigned the seat next to mine. So much for my plans.

"Does everyone have their summer projects finished?" the teacher called. "Everyone who does not have their summer assignment done, stand up." A couple kids in the back got to their feet, I perched awkwardly at the edge of my seat, not sure what to do. "Anyone who does not know what I am talking about, leave the room. Now. I don't have time to teach idiots."

Cautiously I raised my hand.

"What?" was the response I got.

"I wasn't informed what the summer project was."

"Leave. Did I not make myself clear? If you don't have the ability or desire to listen, you may as well leave the class now. You're going to fail."


"I'm new," I continued.

"Does it look like I care? You don't have the assignment done, no excuses."

"I didn't even go here!" I cried.

The room grew deadly silent.

"That is enough of your attitude. I suggest you remove yourself from the class now," he threatened.

I stared at him in disbelief. "How is this an attitude issue?"

"Do you want a detention?" he hissed at me.

"Why would I get a detention for this? I'm a new student at this school. I was not supplied with any information on summer projects."

His expression was a mask mocking concern. "I don't see how that's my problem, Miss Fray. But I will be seeing you after school today for detention."

"You're kidding."

"Office! Now!"

I grabbed my things and tried my hardest not to stomp to the door. I could sense someone was staring at me and I had the oddest feeling that it was Mr. PDA-gold eyes.

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