So think real slow
Don't forget that yes is yes and no is no
About the way you want to go
Because I may forget the way to get back home
This is the end if you want it
This if the end if you want it
This is the end
- Relient K

So by now you've all probably figured out that this story was heartlessly abandoned by me some time ago. I really am sorry, I swear. I would've gone back to it, but it doesn't even really feel like mine. I can't remember exactly where I was going with it. I remember the jist of it so here's how YGA would've gone:

There was going to be a major misunderstanding between Jace and Clary after several years, leading to an almost permanent separation. Clary, upset by what happened, has been spending time with Magnus - her favorite glittery bar tender. She has a talk with him where he alludes to Jace also (unintentionally) breaking Alec's heart and Magnus putting it back together again. Anyway, Jace and Clary were gonna work out their difficulties and live happily ever after. AKA: The most cliche storyline I could think of! =P

I want to thank you all for the reviews and the views for this story and I want to apologize again for not seeing it through. However, this isn't really the end, it's more like the beginning of a new (and improved) chapter.

Drum roll, please!

Your Guardian Angel is NOT over! Officially. It has a new home, a new author, and a new title! Sooooooo if you want to continue Jace and Clary's story (it won't have the same plot as outlined above, I don't know what will happen! I'm excited!) then I suggest following Rebel Love Song by SilverPenguin87.

All right, that's all for now, I think!