Chapter 1


I had been at Chuck's place for maybe two weeks when I first saw her. It was probably three in the morning and I'd gone down to the kitchen for another six pack to help drink the memories away for a little while. I'd never seen her before, not in any of the classrooms I'd walked past during school hours or at the few X-Men meetings I'd been to so far. She wasn't in my self defense class either, the one Scooter put me in charge of to 'earn my keep' while Xavier looked into my past.

At first glance she looked like a student, probably close to graduating, but still a teenager. Something about her caught my attention though, made me take notice. Maybe it was because she smelled so good, kind of sweet and clean and fresh all at the same time. Maybe it was because of how she was standing, sort of drawn into herself, hiding almost. Maybe it was because I'd never seen a woman wearing gloves like those before. Hers were long and black and soft looking. In the back of my head, a little voice said it was actually pretty damn sexy.

Hell, maybe it was because I'd seen nuns less covered up than she was. Not only was she wearing the gloves, she also had this scarf wrapped around her neck and up and over her hair like some kind of hood. The only skin she did have showing was a little bit of her throat and her face. What I could see was beautiful, though. Real pale and smooth and perfect looking. I finally got what people meant when they said women could glow. She was like one of those marble statues in museums, luminescent is the word I think.

She didn't see me right off, just kept making herself a sandwich. I couldn't tell her eye color or hair color yet and for some reason that pissed me off. I felt like I was being cheated out of something, like she was keeping something important from me that I had every right to see. So I blurted out, "Hey."

She practically jumped outta her boots when she heard me. Took me a second to recognize the fear in her scent, I was too caught up in how goddamn gorgeous she was. She had this innocent, doe eyed look about her, but at the same time I realized I'd been way off on her age, this was no high school kid. Her big brown eyes were way too old for her young face, and they were swimming with ghosts, decades worth probably. She had these two white streaks in her dark curling hair and randomly, I wondered if she'd bleached them to clue in the folks who were too stupid to recognize her real age when they looked her in the eye. The ones too clueless to realize that even though her body was of a young girl's, inside lived a mature adult.

She didn't say anything, just stared at me for a couple seconds like she half expected me to eat her for breakfast. Not a bad idea, but I'd prefer to know her name first. I noticed she was gripping the knife she'd been cutting her sandwich with pretty hard, holding it close to her like for protection or something. Damn, I didn't mean to scare her...

"I'm uh, I'm Logan." Maybe that'll calm her down, burglars and kidnappers don't normally stop and take the time to introduce themselves. But she was stayed frozen, standing stock still like a rabbit trying to decide whether to run or not.

"Uh, what's your name?" Nothing. "You a student? Teacher?" OK, maybe a little humor would help her relax. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" I tried to smile in like, a nice way, so as not to freak her out, I wanted her to see I was just teasing a little.

Instead she turned as white as a sheet and dropped the knife. She had this expression, like I'd just slapped her right across the face or something. Then she bolted out of the kitchen like a bat out of hell.



I spent the next few days trying to discreetly find out who the girl with gloves was. I didn't really think about why I wanted to know about her, my mystery girl, I just kept asking questions.

She was 19 and graduated the year before along with some of the kids in my class like Iceboy, Half Pint, Yellow and the Firebug. Yellow was especially useful in extracting information, all I had to do was drop a real casual hint about seeing some girl with gloves and the little firecracker didn't shut up until I thought my ears would fall off.

Her mutation was her skin, it was poisonous somehow so I shouldn't get too close to her. She liked to read. She was shy. She wasn't a teacher but did filing for Hank. She kept to herself, (no attached-at-the-hip friends like most of the girls I'd seen in this place), no friends at all really.

And she doesn't talk.


Hell if I didn't feel like a prize asshole for asking her if a cat got her tongue that night in the kitchen. No wonder she bolted, she's mute for gods sakes.

None of the kids knew why, if she couldn't or just wouldn't, but Jubilee was pretty sure whatever turned her mute happened right before she came to the mansion. The team brought her back here in real bad shape the same night Magneto tried to mutate the world's leaders and no one saw hide or hair of her for months. The word at the time was she was somehow involved with the incident on Liberty Island.

The student rumor mill went wild.

She was Magneto's daughter. Mystique's protege. Sabertooth's lover. An innocent bystander. A loyal Brotherhood member. A kidnap victim. A dangerous spy. A crazy girl. A poisonous mute. A freak among freaks.

Feared. Hated. Pitied.

She was The Rogue.


It was late at night the second time I saw her, going into my fourth week at Chuck's digs. She was walking in the garden while I out on the back terrace smoking my cigar, only maybe 10 feet away. This time she was wearing white gloves, a long, flowing blue dress and walked barefoot. Her scarf only covered her shoulders and her hair was down in a kind of loose braid, the white and brown blending perfectly.

The sight of her actually made my chest tighten. She looked so damn beautiful. I was just quietly watching her when I noticed something shiny around her neck. Not like a necklace, though. It was a scar... A fucking scar. Someone had tried to cut her throat. Her fucking throat!

Of course it was right then she glanced straight at me. I must of looked all kinds of pissed off and scary because she gave this terrified little gasp and turned tail and ran from me. Again.



I figured out from talking with Jubes a couple more times that Chuck and the X-Geeks don't help Rogue out much when it comes to the rumors. When she first got here, none of the adults had ever come out and explained to the kids exactly who Rogue was, how they'd come across her or what her past was. They'd just said she was a new student and to avoid her skin. The lack of information and Rogue's own silence provided the perfect breeding ground for outrageous rumors.

Of course, the geeks were probably keeping quiet because of some bullshit doctor-patient confidentiality or trying to respect her privacy if she really was involved somehow with the Statue of Liberty thing. But hell, they could have at least said something to kill the worst gossip for Christ's sakes. Shit, with two of the world's most powerful telepaths in residence, they must of heard a few of the stories...

It doesn't make sense. I mean, I know Jubilee said Jeannie doesn't like Rogue for some reason, but damn, I just can't see Red knowingly ignoring the story about Rogue being the Brotherhood's whore out of spite. And Chuck, he's pretty busy but seems like an okay guy, like he'd care about what the kids were saying about Rogue if he knew. One-Eye's a real boyscout too, he'd probably love to give a lecture about the evils of bullying. And Storm doesn't seem like the type to put up with petty shit like this either.

Maybe it's willful ignorance or denial or something. Maybe the kids are real sneaky when they talk. I don't know. And I don't know why it bothers me. Why I keep thinking about this girl with gloves. This Rogue.


The third time I saw her, The Rogue, was in the garden again. And again, late at night. It'd been a week or so since the last time, but I'd gotten into the habit of smoking every night out on the same terrace where she'd walked by before. This time she saw me right away and just stood there, half in the shadows, staring at me. Probably waiting for me to make the first move.

"Uh, hi." Damn, she's pretty. Wearing that long blue dress again. Her neck's covered up good this time though. "I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Logan."

She's not doing anything, still just looking at me. Maybe trying to figure me out? She smells a little curious but wary. Very wary. "I live here at the mansion now. Teachin' the kids self defense and uh, goin' out with the team."

She just sort of blinked at that. Probably wondering why the hell I'm telling her all this. Just as I'm about to saying something else – hell if I know what it was gonna to be – Jeannie pops up from behind me.

Shit, let myself get distracted by some young girl, didn't even smell the Doc walking up.

"Hello Logan, can't sleep?"

"Just havin' a smoke, Red."

"Those things will kill you, you know."

Now, normally I'd take this prime opportunity and flirt shamelessly with Scooter's girl, but right now I just ain't interested in her hot and cold games. I'm more interested in a different girl, a certain girl with gloves.

"Good thing I got that healin' factor then, huh, Jeannie? Shouldn't you be tuckin' One-Eye into bed right about now?"

Yeah, thought that would work. She high tailed it right out of here right quick in a nice little snit.

Shit, Rogue's gone. I turn away for 10 goddamn seconds and she disappears!



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