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Chapter 20 Recap: Wolverine wakes up from his coma and breaks Rogue out of her containment cell at the Mansion. They flee into the state forest surrounding Xavier's property and find a cave to hole up in and make love.

Chapter 21



Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

What the fuck happened? What the fuck did I do?

I wake up this morning – naked – holding onto a naked Marie, in a freaking cave, and for a millisecond...it was the best, most amazing, relaxing, comforting feeling I've felt in my entire Goddamn life. Of course like two seconds later my flight reflex kicks in and I start panicking. I threw on the only clothes I could find, a pair of sweatpants with stupid little 'X's sewn on 'em, and bolted. Now I'm running through some forest like I'm being chased by Magneto and for some damn reason I can't seem to make my legs stop even though I know it's not safe to leave Marie alone wherever the fuck we are!

What the fuck did I do last night? What the hell happened?

Waking up bare-assed and all tangled up with Marie was somehow both the worst and best moment of my life. I couldn't believe I was actually touching my girl, skin to skin! How was that possible?

But then I freaked. Why the hell were we naked? Not to mention in a fucking cave. Where were we? How'd we get there?

I couldn't remember anything between stabbing her, then touching her (was that last night, or longer ago now?), to waking up on a bed made of pine needles.

A million damn questions and scenarios were running through my mind all at the same fucking time. Did we runaway from the Mansion? Was Marie OK? Did she heal up alright inside? How was her head gonna be after absorbing so much of me? How was I able to touch her? And where the hell did we pick up a straight jacket?

If we were naked... Did we...have sex? Did we-did we have consensual sex?

Oh, fuck. I'm gonna be sick...

OK, OK, calm down. The Wolverine must've got loose while I was knocked out from Marie's mutation. She said, she said that she put that little wanna-be rapist Cody into a coma for three weeks when her skin kicked on the first time. Maybe the animal side of me was in control when I woke up. It's happened before. Right after I got outta the labs he was in control for a long while. Happened again when I got jumped by a bunch of sore losers from the fight circuit, maybe five, six years back. I don't remember shit while he's in control either, not unless he wants me to, which he pretty much never does. It's all a blank 'til he gives the reins back.

If Wolverine woke up in Jeannie's little lab, he probably freaked the fuck out. First thing, he would've hunted down Marie if she wasn't with us. And somehow I doubt Jealous Jeannie would've let my girl stay at my bedside. She'd been real flirty the last couple weeks, despite my growls and glares.

Was that where we got the straight jacket, though? Was Marie wearing it when Wolverine found her? It was too small for me, but probably would fit someone about my girl's size. Damn it, if they put that thing on her I'll gut those fuckers! Since I had to hold onto her for so long, she was probably acting a lot like me, or maybe my beast. Probably scared them to see quiet, sweet Marie snapping and baring her teeth like a wild animal. Bet the X-Geeks threw my Mate right back into one of those 'containment units' that they kept her in after the thing with Sabertooth.

Wolverine probably tracked her down after he woke up, got her the hell outta there and found this cave. We have to be in the state forest surrounding Chuck's property, would've been real appealing to my feral side. Huh, looks like my legs have decided to listen to me again: I finally stopped running. No humans around, not that I can scent. Only got a bunch of trees and a few critters for an audience while I figure this shit out.

Alright, Logan, try to remember.

How'd we get outta the Mansion? Did we run into any trouble? With two telepaths in the house you'd think one of them might've noticed us 'escaping'... Wait. Someone did! Chuck talked to me! Dammit, that's right! Got inside my head right after I woke up and tried 'reasoning' with the Wolverine. Ha! Fat lot of good I bet that did.

OK, what else? Think. What happened next?

I found her. I tracked her scent and Scooter was talking to her and I had to wait 'til he left. They had her in some kind of weird, tiny cell with clear walls. Different than the padded one my girl told me they had her in before. But I'd lay my bottom dollar that Jeannie put her in this one, too. Same with the damn straight jacket. It was that damn Doc. We're gonna have some words when me and Marie get back...

Alright, so I woke up, Wheels tried talking with me, I saw One-Eye, broke Marie out, then...we ran into the forest. Yeah. I had to carry her after a while, but we finally found the cave, maybe five miles from the Mansion. I know I'm missing shit, forgetting stuff, but I think those are the most important parts. It's all pretty damn hazy.

After we started running, I can't remember much. Not the, ah, important part. The naked part. The Wolverine doesn't seem much willing to share. I can feel him getting surly about it. Asshole.

Fuck, Logan, remember! I gotta know! I gotta know if I raped my own girl, Goddammit!


Shit, didn't mean to cut down the damn tree... Just taking some adamantium-lined anger out on it.

I wouldn't have raped her.

He wouldn't have raped her.

NO. Not rape. Never.


Claimed Mate.


Well, I guess that settles that. Straight from the Wolverine's mouth. At least the fucker's willing to share that much. Dammit, I'm walking in fucking circles here. Stop it! Stand still! But...how is she gonna feel about it when she wakes up?


When she wakes up, she'll wake up alone. Shit. It was her first time too. God, I'm such an bastard! I gotta get back! Run. I have to get back before she wakes up! Shit, how long did I run for? How far am I from the cave? What will she do if she wakes up alone? I am such a dick! Will she regret it? Regret us? Oh God, will she think I've abandoned her? Will she try to leave? Make her way back to the Mansion? She'll get lost if she wanders off on her own... Shit! Please, let me get back before she wakes up. Please. Before she feels any fear or pain. Please, please, please... Go faster, Logan, run!

I can't be far now, I gotta be getting close!

What if she's already awake? Awake and confused and doubting us? Thinking I used her? Fucked her and just took off, left her alone without giving a shit. What if she thinks I took advantage of her? Maybe I did kind of take advantage of her. She's pretty young, only 19, and God knows how old I am. Really, only God knows, if he even exists. I look at least 15 years older than her, more like 20 according to Scooter. And I got a Hell of a lot of, ahem, experience under my belt, so to speak, too. Been with so many women I lost track. None of them mattered, no need to keep count. But Marie matters. She's the first one to matter. And I was Marie's first. That's special. Means something, especially for a girl. She trusted me enough to give that to me. To give herself to me, and I practically spit in her face by running off like I did. Dammit! Pick your heels up, Logan!

I really wanted to be her first. Her last, too... Basically, her only. But is that fair? To her? Doesn't she deserve some time to experiment? Experience life like any young woman her age should? Most girls would be going off to college and dating frat boys or some shit. Sure her skin gives her some limitations, but there must be some guys closer to her age, without all my baggage, who'd be interested in her. See how absolutely amazing and beautiful and smart she is. Ones smart enough to recognize that her mutation is a small price to pay to be with a girl as incredible as her. Nobody at the Mansion, of course. All the boys there are still pretty nervous around The Rogue. Better than before, but still jumpy. Not to mention none of 'em are nearly good enough for her. And the adults, well...

Chuck's too old and plus that'd just be weird.

Scooter's too much of a pansy to protect her right, take proper care of her. Not to mention he's got Jeannie, even though I bet that would've changed if my girl had ever shown any interest.

And sure Marie might've had a crush on Hank when she first got to the Mansion, but now the two of 'em are like family. They can joke together like brother and sister, but he's as proud of her as any dad.

OK, so maybe there's not a lot of options for her right now, but if she leaves the Mansion, goes off to college or some shit then she could meet a lot more people...




Ah, hell. Who am I kidding? I could never give Marie up. Not now that I've woken up to her in my arms – felt her warm skin against mine. 'Course that's just another reason why I'd never be able to leave her. That last absorption must've done the trick. I gotta be immune now. All that 'accidental' touching during training finally paid off. I can touch her now. Anytime I want to. Without having to worry about hurting her. And I'm the only one, the only person in the entire world, who can. If that's not a sign or whatever, then I don't know what is.

There it is! There's the cave! Thank God. Just please let her still be asleep! Only a 100 more feet and I'll-

What's that? A scent on the wind... Can't tell who it is yet, maybe one of the X-Men...? Shit! It's Sabertooth! He's here! FUCK! Run faster! Gotta get to Marie! Just 20 feet from the cave!


SHIT! I can't move! Something's holding me in place, keeping me frozen! Dammit, Magneto's here! Can tell from the way my bones are vibrating. Even my damn jaw feels like it's wired shut!

There! There they are! I see 'em! Mags and 'Tooth and Mystique, too. Fuckers! I'll KILL 'EM! They're walking outta the trees now, the three of them looking smug as hell. If I could talk there'd be some choice threats coming their way right about now... Got to get free. Got to keep them away from Marie. Can't let 'em have her... Let them be after me. Please, let it be me. Not my girl. Not Marie. Please, God...

"Ah, Wolverine. How good of you to join us. We were just about to collect Rogue but it is always a pleasure to see you."

NO! They can't have her! They can't take her! She's mine! How the hell did they find us? Where the fuck are the X-Men?

Chuck? Can you hear me? Wheels? Shit! Can he even pick me up from this distance? If he's not 'listening' for me on that brain phone of his?

"You know, you really are quite lucky. If I hadn't made a bargain, I would let Sabertooth here have his fun with you. Perhaps I might have even relieved you of that adamantium burden you carry around. Such a heavy weight, is it not? But alas, a gentleman never breaks a promise to a lady."

What the fuck? What the hell is he talking about? What bargain? What promise? Who did he promise? Man, I can't see how Chuck was ever friends with this guy, he's like a bad Bond villain...

"Now, unfortunately we really must be going. Mystique, would you be so kind as to retrieve Rogue? Thank you, my dear... Oh, I'm sorry, did you wish to say something, Wolverine? What's that? I can't quite make it out... Ah well, perhaps I was mistaken. Now, we really must be going, though I do hate to leave you so abruptly. Regretfully nonetheless, we are on a schedule. Have a good sleep, Wolverine."

What the fuck is he talking about? Put me down you bast-*SLAM!*


There was only blackness after that for Logan.

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