A/N: The way of the world can only be described in so many ways from music to natural world but in this story not one of these will be mentioned cause nobody really cares about those( except maybe music may I recommend green day)so just sit back and relax and read. I do NOT own a child called it or really want to for that fact.

In the daylight of the world a boy is heard screaming.

But as I was locked in the confinements of my own basement I could do nothing, just sit and listen to what I thought was either my brothers, or my father, as I was awaited for my death.

As always I would be last, to have to suffer the most. Mother never did like me and today I must have just pushed her too far. With me tied to the chair I was sitting on, I was given no fair chance to live. I would lose like every other fight but this time I would lose more than a little blood. This time I would lose my life and that was what I know now.

As the last wail of my brother shattered my heart into a million, bloody pieces and I now know that he has left this world. Now as Mother runs down the stairs I know that it is over, after my father, and then my brother, I knew that I would soon die. With the loud creak of the door she appears.

A Hipeople27 production