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My name is Katia, and my friend Cassi and I collaborated on this story. It comes from the freak-out that we had after watching the trailer "The Clone Wars: A New Time." We freaked when it looked like Ahsoka turned to the Dark Side, so we wrote a FanFic to ease our worry, and to save Ahsoka's life. Apparently, it worked.

Thank You Cassi! You are the BEST FRIEND EVER and an AWESOME writer!

Without any further ado, Chapter Seven, the Final Chapter!

Plo Koon leaned up against the hard transparisteel covering of Ahsoka's hyperbaric chamber, holding an old-fashioned photograph. All of the people Ahsoka had made friends with over the years had crowded into the one little hospital room in the medical wing of the Temple, and Plo looked around at them. He saw Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee, the elder Miralian trying to comfort the younger, Senator Riyo Chuchi of Pantora, Senator Amidala, who was trying to comfort Master Skywalker, who had a look on his face like someone had tried to strangle him, Master Kenobi, who was talking to a young woman in a hospital gown, who was glowing with a beautiful light. Even Master Yoda was there, trying in vain to make Skywalker talk again.

Suddenly, Master Vokara Che, the strict Temple Healer, walked in.

"All right, everyone who's not Skywalker, Senator Amidala, Master Kenobi, or Adeline, get out of my medical wing!"

They didn't need to be told twice. Most of them whispered something to Ahsoka before exiting, but Plo was the only one who tried to bargain with Master Vokara.

"Master Che, I mean no disrespect, but Padawan Tano is one of my oldest friends. It was I who brought her to the Temple when she was three years old."

Master Vokara turned to look at him. "She's going to die." The Healer said bluntly.

Plo staggered, falling onto the hyperbaric chamber.

"WHAT?" He yelled.

A moment later, he straightened up, looking disgusted and trying to wipe a blue smudge off his fingers.

"Blue lipstick?" He questioned, pointing to a blue lip print on the hyperbaric chamber. Adeline giggled from her bed, where she was having an animated discussion about lightsaber duels with Obi-Wan.

"It was Senator Chuchi," The Angel said. "She wears blue lipstick. After all, she is Pantoran."

Plo appeared to have won her over when Master Vokara explained Ahsoka's situation.

"You see, none have ever survived a return to the Light Side of the Force before, and it has happened so seldom anyway that one does return to the Light. It is very hard for one to survive who's Force signature has been broken and changed, then sewed back together, so to speak. You may stay, Master Koon."

Plo leaned up against the transparisteel covering again, and began to speak softly into a comlink that was attached to the side.

"Ta rual, Little 'Soka?" He asked her, letting the words flow through the Force. There was no response, but he felt as if she would have, and so he continued talking, leading up to where he was taking her.

"Remember the photograph I would have given you before the mission?" He asked her. "Well, I have it right here, and since you cannot see it, I will tell you about it. Well, there's a little Togruta girl, no more than three, and she's wearing a green dress, castanet stockings, and brown ballet flats, and she's holding on to a Kel Dor's finger, and watching him with curiosity. She's very small, and very cute. Do you know who she is? She's you, Little Ahsoka. She's you, on the day I first met you, when you were three years old. This picture is for you, but only if you wake up to take it."

Plo Koon watched her, and suddenly, Ahsoka's eyes flew open. She sat up in her hyperbaric chamber, saw the photograph through the transparisteel, and began to cry. Obi-Wan helped Adeline out of her bed and shooed the others out, following behind.


A week later, Ahsoka Tano was sitting up in her hospital bed, holding on to the photograph that Master Plo had given her. She had not been fully awake since her return to the living Force last week, and this was giving her time to talk to her friends, like Senator Chuchi, who she was teasing about the blue lipstick, Adeline, who was up and about now, Barriss, and Senator Amidala. The teenage Togruta appeared to be back to normal. She was wiser for her experience, and a little bit quieter, but what she had survived made it easy to realize why she was quiet. The burn marks were still there, and always would be, as Master Vokara had said, but Ahsoka still had one thing missing. Her Master had not come to see her. When Senator Amidala had asked her why he hadn't, she had replied,

"He's scared of me, Padmé. He knows what the meaning of 'Turning to the Dark Side of the Force' means now. And here he's driving me insane! I haven't had anyone call me 'Snips' in a week! And, I haven't had anyone to call 'Skyguy,' either." Ahsoka sighed. "Oh, by the way, Chuchi, Master Plo wants a sample of that lipstick of yours... to smear on his hands, of course!"

Senator Chuchi turned as pink as a Pantoran could. "Ohhh! Ahsoka!"

The young Togruta burst out laughing. "Sorry, Chuchi."

Suddenly, there was a knocking sound on Ahsoka's door, and Anakin Skywalker came through. "May I talk to my Padawan for a moment?" He asked. The girls in Ahsoka's room all nodded, getting up and leaving.

Anakin sat down by Ahsoka's bed. "Hey, Snips," He said. Ahsoka breathed a sigh of happiness at that, and Anakin looked confused.

"What'd I do?" He asked. She laughed nervously.

"Never mind, Skyguy." She said, making her Master groan.

"Hey, Ahsoka, I wanted to talk to you about the incident on Zigoola."

She stiffened. ""Um, Master? I think I have to go get a sandwich from Barriss's..." She trailed off as Barriss gave her the 'Lame' sign from the doorway, where she and everyone else were eavesdropping.

Anakin sighed. "Snips, I just want to talk."

Ahsoka said, "Hold on just a sec, Master..." She gave the eavesdroppers at the doorway a mean look, and they scattered. "All right, talk, if you must." She murmured.

"Ahsoka, look, I'm sorry."

Ahsoka stared at him, confused, "For what?"

"For ignoring you these past few days, and..." He trailed off.

"What?" She asked.

"For letting... what happened occur. It was all my fault, Ahsoka."

"How could it be your fault?"

"I was the one who got captured in the first place when I was stupid enough to walk up to a Sith Lord. If I hadn't done that, you wouldn't have been captured either."

Ahsoka smiled slightly, "It's all right, Skyguy."

"No, it's not. I won't fail you again, I promise."

They hugged and clapping and cheering came from the doorway. They turned around to see Barriss, Chuchi, Padmé, Adeline and Master Kenobi standing there. Ahsoka threw one of her boots at them. Senator Chuchi caught it and threw it back, hitting Ahsoka and making Adeline laugh even harder.

"Get outta here!" Ahsoka called playfully, making most of them laugh.

Suddenly, there came a familiar voice from the doorway.

"May I come in?" It was Master Plo.

Ahsoka grinned evilly, giving Chuchi the 'You-hit-me-with-my-boot,-you-pay-with-your-dignity' look.

"Hey, Master Plo," She said, snickering under her breath. "Could you show Chuchi your thumb?"

Plo Koon sighed. "If you really want me to, Little Ahsoka." He held up his thumb, and this time, Senator Chuchi really did turn red. His thumb was bright blue.

"It doesn't wash off very well," Senator Chuchi said meekly, making everyone laugh harder.

Rex had returned from Dathomir safely on a cargo cruiser, bringing with him his troops and the hero of the moment: Sadira. Everything was perfect. She laughed and threw the boot at Chuchi again. Ahsoka was happy. Life as a Jedi wasn't as hard as it once had been. As Ahsoka sat there, she realized that there was nowhere she would rather be; among her friends, laughing and talking.

THE END... or is it just the beginning?