Summary: When a vicious reptilian monster named Togera appears in Japan, the beast goes on a rampage through the city of Yokohama. At the same time, another more dangerous monster called Raptros wreaks havoc in Osaka. In the midst of the mayhem, Godzilla awakens from the ocean depths and begins his attack through Tokyo. When the three monsters eventually meet, it becomes a three way fight for survival. Who will be the true "King of the Monsters" in this epic monster showdown?

Disclaimer: All rights to Godzilla belong exclusively to the Toho company. Togera and Raptros belong to Sony.

Chapter 1

Deep in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, a japanese mini-sub was on an exploration assignment, searching for a sunken battleship that was destroyed by an unknown attacker. So far however, it's search was going nowhere. Suddenly the search came to an end when it came across what it was looking for. From what could be seen, the ship was broken in half slightly down the middle, the gun turrets were missing and the side of the ship had three massive scratch marks on it.

"This is unbelievable, what could have caused this?" wondered the pilot.

He soon heard a beeping sound coming from his radar, indicating they're was something coming his way. But what he saw on his screen was shocking.

"Oh my god, what the heck is that thing."

He didn't have time to act as a large monstrous hand reached out of nowhere and grabbed the sub. He found himself staring into the large red eye of a reptilian monster, glaring with hatred. The pilot ended up flashing his sub lights in the monster's eye, which angered the creature, making it roar with rage. Pretty soon, the monster instantly crushed the sub in it's grasp, killing the pilot inside.

Later on near the Port of Yokohama...

A local fisherman was on his way back to the shore spending 5 hours fishing out in the middle of the ocean. As he reached the port, he waved to one of his fellow fishermen out on the dock.

"Hello Ganachi, back from your fishing trip I see." greeted the other fisherman.

"Yes Tenaki, I caught a bunch of them and loaded them in the cooler. I'm gonna be cooking up some fish tonight." said Ganachi.

"There wasn't any trouble along the way was there?"

"Not at all."

"Of course, I figure that it would be like that, what's the worse that could happen."

Unaware to the two fishermen, a mysterious monster shaped shadow appeared beneath the surface of the water, heading towards the port. Suddenly, a massive green reptilian hand lunged out of the water and smashed Ganachi's fishing boat, breaking it to pieces before sinking back underwater.

"Wha-, what was that thing, it destroyed my boat." said a frightened Ganachi.

"Do you think it was Godzilla?" asked Tenaki.

"No it couldn't be Godzilla, he hasn't been seen in weeks or months. This must be something different."

"Wait, the water is bubbling, it's coming up."

They both watched as the water began to bubble rapidly. Then suddenly, the water erupted and a massive monster rose up from the water. The creature had green skin, a yellow belly, a horn on both sides of it's head, spikes on it's shoulders, legs and wrists, as well as a tail club with multiple spikes on it. The beast stared down at the two frightened fisherman. Without any mercy, the monster fired a green energy ball at them, killing them instantly. The monster began lumbering towards the shore, striking fear and panic in the other fishermen who were present at the location. Once it was on land, it began a rampage through the port, wreaking havoc across the land. It smashed up boats, crushed piers and stepped on cargos. It continued it's travel across the port, leaving death and destruction in it's path. It soon headed into the mainland, making it's way towards another destination.


"Captain Shangiko, we just recieved reports of a giant monster being spotted in the mainlands. It ravaged the Yokohama port and killed countless citizens." said a japanese soldier.

"Was it Godzilla?" asked the captain.

"No sir, this was a completely different monster."

"Let's look at the main screen."

"Yes sir."

The soldier, known as JSDF Lieutenant Famiki, turned on the screen and everyone in the base caught sight of the monster that attacked the Yokohama port.

"What the heck kind of monster is that, it doesn't look anything like Godzilla." said a fellow soldier.

"Wait a minute, I know that monster. I did research on that monster a few months back." said a scientist who just walked in the room.

"Dr. Kamatcho, to what do we owe this visit?" asked Famiki.

"I have information on the monster you see on the screen. He goes by the name of Togera."

"So Togera is it's name huh. Do you know where it's headed?"

"Judging by it's movements, it's heading towards Yokohama."

"That's one of the largest populated cities in Japan. If Togera reaches Yokohama, it could destroy the whole city block."

"We must stop it before it gets there. Send out our troops to stop that monster at all costs." commanded Shangiko.

2 hours later...

Togera had wandered deeper into the mainland and went through a open and mountainous area, making his way for Yokohama. But he looked up in the air and spotted a fleet of JSDF jet planes flying towards him overhead. The jets began shooting missiles at the monster, but the weapons proved useless against the Togera's tough skin. Togera retaliated with a powerful blast of green fire, blowing up most of the jets while the rest evaded the attack.

Suddenly, a group of Type 90 Tanks and MBT-92s arrived in the area, blocking Togera's path, but the monster continued his advance. The vehicles all opened fire on Togera, with the tanks letting loose with a powerful explosive shots while the MBT-92s began firing powerful blue colored rays. The force was able to hold back the advancing reptilian beast, but only temporarily, as their attacks only seemed to anger him. In response, Togera fired his flame breath at the vehicles, demolishing a multitude of them. He then continued on by stomping on the last remaining MBT-92s, despite their vain efforts to stop him with their attacks. Once they were all destroyed, Togera continued his way to Yokohama.

Meanwhile high in the skys above Osaka...

A Japanese Aircraft was on its way back to Osaka's International Airport. But suddenly out of nowhere, a giant shadow loomed over the plane from above and within minutes, a giant flying monster swooped down and attacked the plane, latching onto it and tearing into it. It then ripped off the wings, causing the plane to lose altitude and fall out of the sky, plummeting into the water of Osaka bay.

The monster was reptilian and dragon-like in appearance, it had red skin, small spines that ran down its back to its tail, which had a sharp bony blade at the end. It had two horns on its head, two smaller horns at the back of its lower jaw, and a small horn on its nose. It also had two large batlike wings that it used to fly. It also had glowing red eyes. Descending down onto Osaka, the massive monstrous dragon began rampaging down through the streets, toppling buildings one after another. It then soon let loose by shooting powerful fireballs at buildings, blowing them apart in seconds. As this went on, citizens ran in panic and fear, trying to seek shelter. The monster then unleashed a stream of powerful orange flames, burning the people to ashes as well as setting the buildings on fire. Spreading it's wings open, the creature took to the skys, continuing it's assault from midair. It ravaged the city with it's flames. As it attacked the city, it soon began heading for Osaka Castle. It then dove at it, and in a swift move, bashed right through it, reducing it to rubble.

The monster would continue to attack the city, causing as much destruction as possible.

Back with the Japanese Self Defense Force...

"Sir, there's another monster loose in Osaka. And this one isn't Godzilla either." said Famiki.

"View it on the main screen." said Shangiko

Famiki activated the main screen in order to get visual of the monster attacking Osaka.

"What is that monster, it looks like a giant dragon."

"That monster is known as Raptros. This type of monster is a flying and land type. It has high levels of aggression and lives mainly in the mountains." said Kamatcho

"First Togera, and now Raptros, what is this, a monster festival.

"More bad news sir, Togera's arrived at Yokohama." said Famiki.

"Send out the jets to deal with Raptros. And send out the missile tanks and MBT-92s to take care of Togera."

"But sir, the last fleet was unable to stop Togera, he completely demolished them."

"I don't care, do whatever it takes to stop those monsters, they've caused enough damage already."

"But what if Godzilla appears?"

"Forget about Godzilla now, we've got bigger threats on our hands."

That's it for Chapter 1.

Godzilla himself will appear in the next chapter.

It's rather ironic that the JSDF would blame Godzilla for these attacks, even though he hasn't appeared at all yet. At least not until later.

If you've watched Godzilla movies, you'd know that the they've gone up against Godzilla countless times, only to be destroyed each time.

Hope you'll be prepared for later chapters.

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