Chapter 3

Godzilla swam through the murky ocean depths, making his way towards Kyoto. As he went along, he caught sight of Togera swimming nearby in the distance. Acting on his instincts, Godzilla unleashed his radioactive heat ray. The monster evaded the blast and turned to face Godzilla. In retaliation, Togera unleashed his green flame breath, striking Godzilla in the side, causing him to fall to the ocean floor. Roaring with anger, Godzilla rose to his feet, fully prepared to face his opponent as Togera approached him. Togera attempted to ram into Godzilla, but the saurian moved out of the way, grabbing Togera by the tail, forcing him to fall over. Using his incredible strength, Godzilla lifted him up and slammed him down on the ocean floor. He repeated the attack several more times before throwing him into a wall of rocks. Recovering, Togera roared with rage. Picking up a nearby large boulder, Togera tossed it at Godzilla, who turned around and hit it back with his tail. Catching it, Togera threw the boulder again, only to get the same result as Godzilla once again sent it back at him.

In a rage, Togera swung his own tail, breaking the rock to pieces with his spiked tail club. Togera shot a green fire ball at Godzilla, hitting him in the chest. Enraged, Godzilla's spines began to glow with blue energy, and he soon let loose with a blast of his heat ray. The blast hit Togera with immense force, sending him falling onto the ocean floor. Godzilla slowly began to approach his fallen opponent. But just as he reached him, Togera lifted his head up and blasted him straight in the face with his green flames. Godzilla roared in pain as he stumbled backwards. Catching him off guard, Togera rose to his feet and rammed into him, following up by swinging his tail at his head, knocking him down. As Godzilla struggled to get up, Togera approached him and lifted him up over his head. He then threw him against the sea wall, causing tons of rocks to tumble down onto him, burying him. Togera let out a roar of victory which echoed throughout the ocean. But before he could swim off for Kyoto, he was hit in the back by a heat ray. Godzilla suddenly bursted from the rocks, his spines glowing with radiation. Godzilla shot him with another blast of his heat ray, causing him serious injury as result. Unable to sustain the damage, Togera collapsed onto the ocean floor, going unconcious. Godzilla let out a mighty roar of victory before swimming off once again, continuing his way for Kyoto, leaving a seemingly dead Togera laying at the bottom of the ocean depths.

Later on...

"Lieutenant Famiki, did you get any responses from the mini sub we sent out?" asked Shangiko.

"Not quite captain, but I'm keeping an eye out just incase." replied Famiki.

Suddenly, Famiki had picked up a radio signal.

"Wait, I'm getting something. It's from the mini sub pilot."

"Mini sub to base, come in ,do you read me?" asked the mini sub pilot.

"I'm here, did you find something?"

"Yeah. It looks like there was a fight down here not too long ago. I just found a dead monster laying on the sea floor."

"Switch the camera over to the main screen."

Once the footage was uploaded, Famiki and the other troops all looked at the screen, where they gazed upon the sight of Togera laying motionless on the sea floor, completely lifeless.

"This is a shock, whoever attacked him must have been really powerful. It had to be Godzilla."

But they suddenly got a real shock when Togera started moving. He soon caught sight of the mini sub.

"Wait, he's still alive. Oh no, he sees me." said the pilot.

"Get out of there, quickly. Hurry before he kills you."

But it was too late as Togera immediately destroyed the sub, causing the screen to go blank.

"Blasted beast." said an angry Shangiko.

"Sir, Togera's on the move again."

"Is he still heading for Kyoto?"

"No sir. Judging from the screen, he's changing direction."

"Where is he going?"

"To Fukuoka."

"Captain Shangiko, we've just recieved word that Raptros is now above the Kyoto skyline." said another trooper.

"What else could go wrong?"

"That's not all. Godzilla's arrived as well."

"If those two monsters fight , they could level the entire city."

Things are just getting more and more worse as they go along."

Sometime later...

Godzilla slowly approached the shore of Kyoto, but was met with resistance in the form of several battleships. The ships bombarded him with explosive cruise missiles, trying with all their might to hold him back. But Godzilla refused to back down, and retaliated by blowing up three battleships with his heat ray. He then proceeded to blow up the rest of them one by one. Once they were out of the way, Godzilla continued his advance towards the shore.

But just as he reached the land, he was halted by the sound of a high pitched roar coming from the sky. Godzilla looked up in the sky, searching for the source of the noise. On cue, Raptros came flying down from behind and slammed into Godzilla, knocking him over. Angry, Godzilla returned the favor by firing his heat ray, which Raptros effortlessly dodged. Godzilla rose to his feet, growling with anger as he followed Raptros into the city. Changing direction, Raptros made a rush for Godzilla once again. He dodged another blast of Godzilla's heat ray and retaliated with a fireball, only for Godzilla to duck out of the way. As Raptros got closer, Godzilla turned around and swung his powerful tail like a giant baseball bat, knocking Raptros out of the air. He ended up crashing into a building, getting buried in the rubble. Busting out from the wreckage, Raptros latched his jaws onto Godzilla's arm. Godzilla roared in pain as the dragon sank his teeth into his flesh. Enraged, Godzilla swung his arm, tossing Raptros aside like a rag doll, throwing him to the ground.

He began charging up energy in his spines, preparing to unleash his heat ray on Raptros. At the last second, Raptros spread his wings open and flew out of the way as Godzilla fired the blast. Godzilla continued firing at Raptros, who repeatedly evaded the blast at every turn. The blast destroyed several buildings in the process.

Raptros soon perched himself atop the Kyoto Tower, roaring at Godzilla from below. Charging up for a blast, Godzilla fired his heat ray once again. But Raptros flew off, letting the blast hit the tower instead, blowing it up. Raptros dove at him from the side and unleashed his flame breath, hitting Godzilla in the face. At the last second, right as he was closing in, Godzilla caught him and threw him into a building. Raptros tried to get up, but was knocked back down by Godzilla's tail. Raptros roared in agony as Godzilla slammed his tail on him repeatedly.

As a last resort, Raptros shot out a deadly fireball, striking Godzilla in the back. Using this as an opportunity, Raptros once again opened his wings and attempted to fly away. But Godzilla turned around and blasted him with his heat ray, forcing him to fall from the sky and crash near a building. After hitting him with another blast, Godzilla then aimed for a tall building, destroying the base of it. This caused the building to crumble down on top of the weakened Raptros, burying the monster entirely.

Godzilla released a roar of victory which echoed throughout the area. Satisfied with his achievement, Godzilla continued his way through the city, resuming his rampage.

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