Sly (Fairytale Romance)


While watching the royal wedding, my Mom noted how the reporter called the dress sexy. But it wasn't; it was classy. And why must it be sexy? When did being classy, elegant and appropriate become meaningless? It was a wedding gown fit for a princess, and it looked beautiful on her.

Bonus Challenge: The Royal Wedding

"But really, why must the dress be 'sexy'? She looks elegant, regal."

"Mm," Dean said, not listening.

"It's the royal wedding, not the red carpet!"

They watched silently as Kate walked down the aisle. It was Sam's idea to watch the wedding, waking Dean up at an ungodly hour to do it.

He was feigning irritation, but as the bride came up beside her prince, their love was clear. Dean smiled.

Then something moved in the background.

He shot upright, staring. "Sam!"

"I saw it!"

Werewolves. In London. …Cool.

Dean turned to Sam, a sly grin forming.

"So… England?"


Sly (Dean Loves Pie)


Because I also wanted to write a drabble about pie.

"Dean!" Sam shouted, annoyed. Across the table, Dean was unrepentant.

"Gotta be quicker than that, Sam." He said smugly, taking a big bite of Sam's pie.

Sam took his pie back. Dean frowned.

"Focus, Dean."

"Pie first."






Dean scowled. "You promised me pie, you know."

"You had pie. You had three slices of pie. This is my pie."

"You haven't even touched it."

"Because you keep stealing it!"

"Just trying to keep you sharp, Sam. Your reflexes are getting kinda slow."

"They are n– Dean!"

Dean grinned slyly around a mouthful of pie. "See? Slow."